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Constitution and Regulations

Constitution & Regulations

The current constitution was adopted at the Athletics New Zealand AGM on 4th August 2018.

By-Laws have been renamed Regulations and have undergone major changes.

Athletics New Zealand Constitution  
(Updated August 2018)

Athletics New Zealand Regulations - Administration

(Updated September 2018)

Athletics New Zealand Regulations - Competition

(Updated September 2018)

Athletics New Zealand Regulations - Integrity

(Updated September 2018)

(Updated September 2018)

(Updated September 2018)

(Updated September 2018)

Changes to the Constitution are made via remits that are voted on at the AGM, while Regulation changes are made by the Board according to a Regulation change protocol.  This process includes a 50 day Regulation change notification, and such notifications are notified to clubs and posted on the Athletics New Zealand website. 

Protocol on Amendments and Alterations All properly constituted new and altered Rules and Regulations are shown by a double line (11/2 pt) in the left margin. 
Such markings will remain in place until at least the next Annual Meeting of Athletics New Zealand. 
The date of such alterations are also shown.These dates will remain in place until further alterations occur. 
Such changes will also be listed at the back of the document concerned and will remain listed for at least five years.
Minor editorial corrections may not be highlighted or listed in such manner.


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