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coach accreditation

To continue to meet the needs of participants within our sport, Athletics New Zealand is introducing a level of quality assurance into our coaching framework, via the establishment of the “Athletics NZ Accredited Coach”.
This replaces our former Coach Membership and introducing this is another step towards realising our ambition to professionalise coaching. 
It is our long term vision that ALL coaches who coach in our sport be accredited coaches with Athletics NZ.

As the first step in introducing this new framework, we wish to acknowledge the many coaches in our sport and their ability, learnings and experiences first and foremost. The process for accreditation is via recognition of prior learning, prior experience and current competency. By successfully meeting the requirements outlined in this pack, a coach will become an Athletics NZ Accredited Coach.

professional coaching

application & information

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supporting documentation

Download and complete your supporting documentation here

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sport nz coaching safety net

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contact us

For any questions, or to submit your completed application, please email 

or mail your completed application to 

Coaching@ Athletics NZ
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