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2019-2020 Hurdles Event Group Plan

To view official 2019-2020 Hurdles Event Group Plan click here: 2020 Hurdles Event Group Plan.pdf

"How We Operate"

We are a community that strive to become the very best we can be. 

Trust – our community has been built on a high level of trust. This trust encourages members to collaborate. Trust is a value that the Hurdles Community rates highly and strives to uphold

Respect – all coaches and athletes respect one another despite differences in experience, knowledge, and ability

Choice – while we will encourage involvement in community activities, everyone has a choice to be, or not be, involved. 

athlete & coach support

Athletics NZ Hurdles Facebook Group
The NZ Hurdles Facebook Group will be used to advertise upcoming events.  In addition, we will use Facebook to post videos and articles about hurdling

A Rankings Competition for all NZ Senior Hurdlers
Provide a rankings competition that will put all senior, male and female, sprint hurdlers and long hurdles against each other

Race Analyses
To provide quantitative feedback to coaches via race analyses at Porritt Classic, NZ Nationals, and possibly one or two other targeted competitions

Competition Development

To encourage our best hurdlers to compete against each other at self-selected competitions by providing a communication platform for coaches and athletes. This will be achieved predominantly via email and Facebook communications.

Possible coach visits by Lead Coach 

Visits to selected carded, P2P, PPS athletes and their coaches to provide an informal coach education opportunity and the opportunity to build or reinforce relationships

For further information around any of these opportunities, please contact 

workshops - athletes & coaches

Practical Workshop for Hurdlers and Coaches – Masterton (TBC) 

Athletics NZ Hurdles lead Joe Hunter will take a workshop for athletes and coaches in Masterton. Details to be decided.

hurdles festivals

Hurdles Festival – South Island

A Hurdles Festival is planned in conjunction with a South Island competition (details to be decided).  It will target athletes and coaches who normally do not travel to the annual Hurdles Festival in Hamilton.  

  • Aim: To provide a structured coach and/or athlete education opportunity, in     addition to a competition.
  • Snap-shot: The athletes will compete on Saturday and an educational session will be held on the Sunday for athletes and/or coaches. The educational session may include practical and theoretical components and will be based on need at the time.

NZ Hurdles Festival, Hamilton (weekend of Porritt Classic)

The annual NZ Hurdles Festival, which has been held for the past eight years, will again be held in conjunction with the Porritt Classic.

  • Aim: To provide a targeted competition to bring together the entire NZ hurdles community for competition and structured educational opportunities.
  • Snap-shot: The athletes will compete on Saturday and educational sessions may also be held on the Sunday for athletes and/or coaches.  The educational session may include practical and theoretical components and will be based on need at the time. 

hurdles advisory group

The NZ Hurdles Advisory Panel was established in 2011 and has been functioning effectively
Athletics NZ Hurdles Lead, Joe Hunter leads the facilitation of the Panel.  
Current members of the panel include:

  • Joe Hunter (Auckland)
  • Brent Ward (Dunedin)
  • Brent Booker (Auckland)
  • Jill Morrison (Christchurch)
  • Criss Strange (Hamilton)
  • Other coaches, parents, and athletes may also be consulted from time to time 

The purpose of the NZ Hurdles Advisory Panel is to address topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Enhancing the harmony and effectiveness of relationships among the Athletics NZ Hurdles community
  • Strengthen performance opportunities and pathways for developing hurdlers, while maintaining a focus on targeted outcomes at the 2020 Olympic Games
  • Providing advice and direction to the ANZ-HP Lead Coach for Hurdles
  • Shaping the direction of hurdling in NZ
  • Encouraging and promoting collaboration and professional development of the hurdling community
  • Developing and implementing Event Group Plans

contact details

Joe Hunter - Hurdles event group lead


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