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New Zealand has a rapidly growing interest in Pole Vault, with a system capable of developing World Class Pole Vaulter's and a Vision of becoming World Leading in this field.
After the most recent success of World Junior and Olympic Games, the Pole Vault event group is looking to build from this and ensure that Pole Vault in New Zealand continues to grow and develop from Club level to International Podium.

Pole vault event group development

The pole Vault Event Group will support domestic development opportunities such as;

  1.  Assisting with travel and collaboration for coaches and athletes to work with others around New Zealand. 
    Eg. Potential contribution towards an identified young Pole Vaulter (and/or their coach) to work with Jeremy in Auckland.
  2. Supporting community events to build the spirit of the event group (such as the Christchurch camp in October

    Further detail around these will be released over the coming months.

2019 Performance Pole Vault Camp

To be held in Hastings from 21-27 January 2019, this invitation only Pole Vault Performance camp will be the opportunity for NZ's best and emerging Vaulters to train and compete together, culminating in the Potts Classic.

For further information please contact 

2017-18 pole vault event group plan

contact details

Jeremy McColl - Pole Vault event group lead

Brent Booker - Assistance Coach

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