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Throws camp 2019 schedule

Athletics in New Zealand
has a proud heritage in Throws events, with a respected reputation worldwide. 

As the priority event group for our High Performance program;
we’re looking to build on our current position to ensure that throws in New Zealand
continues to thrive from grassroots to podium

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2019 annual anz-hp throws camp

Following the incredible success of the first annual ANZ-HP Throws Camp, the next edition is set to be held in Christchurch from 5- 12 January 2019. 
This camp will become an annual staple in the preparations of New Zealand throwers, with the purpose to provide an invigorating, shared training experience which will be fully supported for carded, PPS, and P2P throwers.

Athletes outside of these programmes are eligible and encouraged to attend, however at their own cost. 
Member Coaches of Carded and PPS athletes may be supported to attend, with Coaches outside of these programmes encouraged to attend, however this will be at their own cost. 

There will be 2 competition opportunities, with a week of training between. 
Registrations are now open and can be done via this link 

To follow up, please contact Amanda Murphy 

2020 Annual anz-hp throws camp

Put this in your diaries!
The dates for the 2020 Annual throws camp will be January 4-12, 2020 in Christchurch.

Further details will be released over 2019

regional throws coach development

A series of regional development workshops will be held to upskill development and community level coaches, teachers and athletes. The first of this series is coming up in Southland and Otago in Setpember / October.  

Saturday 15 September Dunedin
Sunday 23 September Invercargill
Friday 12 October Wanaka

To register for these free clinics please do so here;

throws event group development

The Throws Event Group will continue to support domestic development opportunities such as;

  1.  Assisting with travel and collaboration for coaches and athletes to work with others around New Zealand.
    Eg. Potential contribution towards an identified young Javelin thrower (and/or their coach) to work with Debbie Strange.
  2. Supporting community events to build the spirit of the event group

These will occur on an as-needs and individual basis. 

facility development

A significant focus for the Throws event group is the establishment of the Performance training environments in Christchurch, at the Nga Puna Wai facility, and South Auckland, at Pullman Park. 

These will remain a significant focus over 2018-19. 

contact details

Dale Stevenson - Throws event group lead - Christchurch

Amanda Murphy - Throws Coach - Christchurch

Kirsten Hellier - HP Throws Coach - Auckland / South Auckland

Debbie Strange - HP Throws Coach (Javelin) - Hamilton 

John Eden - HP Throws Coach (Para) - Auckland / South Auckland 

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