Over the years Athletics New Zealand has worked with various members developing many resources to assist with Officiating. These range from basic level guidelines to the details forms required to run an efficient meeting.

We thank the many contributors and hope you will find these beneficial.


Introduction to Officiate        
Basic Officiating  Click                NZCAA Colgate Guidelines  Click  
WA Rule Book 2020 Click      
WA Technical Rules Click   WA Competition Rules Click
IAAF Rule Changes March 2019 Click   IAAF Rule changes October 2019 Click
World Athletics (Old to New Numbers)
Technical Rules 
Click   World Athletics (Old to New Numbers)
Competition Rules
Change to Shoes Rule TR 5.2 Click      
WA Summary of Disqualifications Click      
WPA Rules 2020 2021 Click   WPA Records & Application forms Click 
WPA Rule Amendments 2020 2021 Click      
General Resources        
Accident report Click   Jury of Appeal form Click
Incident report Click   Verbal Protest form Click
Referees Incident Notes Click   Protest to Referee & Appeal to the Jury Guidelines Click
T&F Scratching form Click   T&F Amendment form Click
T&F Relay Sheet Click   T&F Medal Presentation Click
Clashing events form Click      
Radio List (Suggested) Click   Officials Protocols Click
Seven Qualities of a Good Official Click    Practical Experience Card Click
Notes for Guidance Champs T&F Click   Notes for Guidance Non Stadia Click
Track Umpires (Team) Click   Track Umpires (Positions) Click
Track Umpire infringement reports Click   Track Infringements Reports WPA
Relay Infringement report Click   Relay infringement WPA Click
2000m Outside Steeple Lap Scoring Click   2000m Inside Steeple Lap Scoring Click
3000m Lap Scoring sheet Click   3000m Steeple Lap Scoring Click
5000m Lap Scoring Sheet Click    Steeple Chase information Click
10,000m Lap Scoring Sheet Click   Multiple Lap Scoring Sheet Click
Chief Timekeepers Record Click   4 x 400m Relay Tracking Form 01/20 Click
4 x 100 Relay Guidelines Click   4 x 400 Relay Guidelines Click 
Race Walking        
Race Walking Judges Card Click   Race Walking Judges Summary (A3) Click
Race Walking Judges Red Card Click   Race Walking Judges Summary (Excel)  Click
10Km Race Walk Lap scoring sheet Click 
20Km Race Walk Lap scoring Sheet Click
50Km Race walk Lap scoring sheet Click  

Field Events        
Chief Judges Procedures Click   Resolving Ties Click
Chief Judges Briefing High Jump Click   Chief Judges Briefing Pole Vault Click
Chiefs Judges Briefing Horizontial Jumps Click   Chief Judges Briefing Throws Click
Vertical Jumps Recording Sheet Click 
Field Recording Sheets Click
Discus Team of Officials Click    Hammer Team of Officials Click
High Jump Team of Officials Click   Javelin Team of Officials Click
Long Jump Team of Officials Click   Pole Vault Team of Officials Click
Triple Jump Team of Officials Click    Field Recording Tips Click
Children's Hurdles, Implements Click   Equipment specifications Click
NI & SI Schools Hurdles & Implements Specifications Click    NI & SI Schools Para Implements  Click
NZSSAA Hurdles & Implements Specifications Click   NZSSAA Para Implement Specifications Click
Non Stadia Equipment check list Click    Technical Implement Check Form Click
Call Room        
Athlete only sign Click    Banned items sign Click
Bay signs Click   Call Room receipts Click
Entering Field of Play Click    
Racing Chair Check Click   Throwing Frame Check Click
Race Running Frame Check Click      
Para Wheelchair Check Summary Click   Para Throwing Frame Check Summary Click
2020 Track &Field Champs
Officials Click   Protocols 01 2020 Click
Health & Safety Click   NPW Venue Map Click




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