Pathway to Podium (P2P)

Pathway to Podium (P2P)

Pathway to Podium (P2P) is a nationwide educational and support programme designed to help prepare emerging athletes and their coaches for high performance by creating an understanding of how to develop and achieve high performance success in the long run. This is done through:

    1. Sport specific development at NSO development camps
    2. Education about the requirements/demands of high performance sport in cross sport HPSNZ workshops
    3. A blend of education and support in key areas of athlete performance support in collaboration with HPSNZ

Athletes may be invited to apply for P2P if they are demonstrating the qualities of wanting to learn, develop their skills and abilities and that display a high level physical potential. An athlete’s background, training history and environment are also considerations for selection. Invitations and selections occur post the domestic season with the programme starting post 1 May and concluding 30 April the following year.

The programme is preferably a 2 year commitment to progress learning however with limited positions available (~26 athletes and their coach), if an athlete and coach do not commit to the programme their membership may not be continued.

The programme will consist of two Athletics NZ run HPAD camps; one regional multisport workshops run by HPSNZ; Athlete life and Strength & Conditioning support in the regional centres; ongoing planning support and specific Athletics NZ event group opportunities.


List of 2019 P2P members:


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