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5 Dec 2016

2017 Nitro Series Details

2017 Nitro Series Details

Dates 4-11 February 2017
Venue Melbourne, Australia

The traditional rivalry between New Zealand and Australia is set to flare up once again at the inaugural Nitro Athletics Melbourne, where the New Zealand Nitro Athletics Team will look to challenge Australia’s traditional dominance and take the battle to teams from England, China, Japan and the Bolt All Stars for three nights in February.

The Nitro Athletics competition will be held across two rounds and a Grand Final over 8 days. Competition days are Saturday 4th, Thursday 9th and Saturday 11th of February 2017.


Teams: Six international teams - Australia, New Zealand, Bolt All Stars, China, England and Japan. Each of the Nitro Athletics teams will have a captain and be made up of 24 athletes (12 women and 12 men). Athletes sit as a team in the team bunker on the infield when not competing.

Events: Twelve events each night based on the athletics principles of power, endurance, technique and teamwork.

Point score: Team performance rather than individual performance is rewarded, with some events featuring individual results, but many focused on combined placings and performances to reach the final event score. Points will range from 100pts for 1st to 40pts for 6th place in each event. 

Strategy and Tactics: Each team will have two opportunities to level the playing field by using one Nitro Power Play and one Nitro Steal. Power Plays and Steals will be drawn by random lot by each team captain at an event on Thursday 2nd February.

Nitro Power Play: Double points for one selected event per team nominated by the team captain. These selections will be made in advance and drawn by lot – team by team

Nitro Steal: Steal 50% of another teams points from a particular event – with those points added to the total of the stealing team. These selections will be made in advance and drawn by lot – team by team.

Nitro Turbo Charge: Applying only in the long jump - nominating one jump where the athlete will attempt to clear a declared distance i.e. 8m for men / 6.60m for women. The Turbo Charge is declared on the runway before a jump

False Starts: Point penalties apply – 50pts first false start / 100pts second false start.

To see the event grid please click here


We welcome applications from athletes for selection in the Nitro Athletics New Zealand Team. The selectors will apply their discretion to select athletes based on the available events and how New Zealand can best score points.

To be eligible to submit a nomination for the Nitro Series New Zealand team, athletes must consider and meet the following requirements;

  • You must be a current financial member of Athletics New Zealand
  • You must be 18 years or older from 1st January 2017
  • You must hold a current New Zealand passport
  • You must be eligible and free to compete without any suspension or current investigation from DFSNZ or WADA.
  • You can commit to competing in February 2017 and can travel and stay in Melbourne, from 2nd February, 2017, until 12th February, 2017
  • You will actively and positively promote Nitro Athletics Melbourne as and when required.
  • You can compete in a minimum of one track and/or field event each night of the three events of Nitro Athletics Melbourne and would be willing and able to compete in additional events including relays and other like events as reasonably determined by the Team New Zealand management
  • You can attend and are willing to actively participate in a number of promotional event before, during and after Nitro Athletics Melbourne
  • You will agree to enter into an agreement with Athletics New Zealand and/or its nominees setting the terms of your engagement in Nitro Athletics Melbourne
  • You can provide approval to Nitro Athletics Melbourne to use your image and likeness in any and or all promotional material including, but not limited to, print, online and digital and you grant a licence to Nitro Athletics Melbourne and Athletics Australia to do so

Nitro Series will cover all flights from New Zealand (possibly only from Auckland), ground transfers and accommodation for each New Zealand athlete. A per diem of $75 AUS per day for a maximum of 10 days will also be allocated per athlete.

Competition uniform and other pieces of team kit will be provided to you.


We are seeking nominations from athletes in the following event categories: 

  • Sprints and Hurdles (100, 200m, 400m, 100mH, 110mH)
  • Middle Distance (800m, mile, 1500m)
  • Throws (javelin)
  • Jumps (long jump, pole vault)
  • Para-Athletics Track (ambulant, wheelchair)

EOI deadline is Wednesday 14 December 2016.

We apologise for the quick turn around on this. We were only given the information a short time ago and due to the Christmas break being in the middle of it all we need to progress the EOI’s asap.

Athletes who wish to be considered for selection need to send the following details to

  • First Name
  • Last name
  • DOB
  • Event/s you usually compete in
  • Email address
  • Cell phone number
  • Singlet size
  • Crop top size
  • Short size – stipulate which type you prefer to compete in

We aim to announce the selected athletes by the 23rd of December.

Please note: The team will all depart New Zealand for Melbourne on Thursday 2nd February and return on Sunday 12th February. Auckland may be the only city the team is able to depart from and if that's the case, athletes will be required to get themselves to Auckland at their own cost.  We are working with the organisers to see if we can have three main city's as departure points to assist with these costs.

For any New Zealand athletes that are based in Australia who are selected, the expectation is that you will arrive and depart on the same date as the New Zealand team. These Australian based athletes will have their flights covered in and out of Melbourne if they are selected. 

Unfortunately any New Zealand athletes that are outside of New Zealand or Australia that wish to be considered will need to get themselves to Australia at their own cost. An equivalent return airfare from Auckland to Melbourne will be gifted to these athletes.

All travel insurance is covered by Athletics NZ.

Selected athletes will be required to sign an athlete agreement that involves social media, commercial and community engagement requirements with Nitro for your time in Melbourne. Athletes will be required to stay with the team at all times and fulfill these requirements unless the Team leader releases them.

Athletes will also be required to attend any official functions for Nitro as well as television interviews and promotional appearances.

Team management will be appointed shortly. No expressions of interests will be required for team management. They will be appointed at the discretion of the Athletics NZ High Performance Director.

We look forward to receiving your nomination.

For any further information please contact or view the Nitro Athletics page on Athletics Australia website. 


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