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Anit-doping Organisation

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the world body for anti-doping. They promote, coordinate and monitor at the international level the fight against doping in sport worldwide. They are responsible for the World Anti-Doping Code which is the framework for rules, regulations and policies for sporting organisations and the Banned Substance list which identifies substances and methods that are prohibited in and out of competition in various sports.

Drug Free Sport NZ
is the New Zealand agency for anti-doping. They are dedicated to providing a sporting environment that is free of banned doping methods for New Zealand sport and athletes. They work with New Zealand National Sporting Organisations to deter the use of banned substances and procedures through effectual testing, educational and research programmes.

Banned Substances

The WADA list can be downloaded from this link


If an athlete is taking medication for a related illness that is on the prohibited substance list it is a requirement that they apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). This must be applied for through Drug Free Sport NZ.

International level athletes should also lodge their TUE with the IAAF.

Register Testingg Pool

National level athletes will usually be required to be on the Register Testing Pool (RTP). All athletes on this register will be subject to drug testing in and out of competition.

Athletes are also required to inform Drug Free Sport NZ of their whereabouts at all times including training details. If athletes are away from their normal place of residence for more than three days Drug Free Sport need to be advised.

To get removed from the list, Athletics New Zealand must be informed of your retirement from the sport. Athletes must remain on the list should their aim be to represent New Zealand at any future stage. There are limitations involved with competing and retirements so these need to be understood before being removed from the RTP.

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Athletics New Zealand has adopted the Sports Anti-Doping Rules which are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code. Athletics New Zealand strongly recommends that all High Performance athletes become familiar with their rights and responsibilities in relation to anti-doping programmes and act according.

Athletics New Zealand condemns the use of banned substances and unethical methods to improve the performance of athletes in sport. We support a fair and equitable competition environment and doping does not promote the good health and safe welfare of athletes.

We believe that any illegal substances and methods are against the spirit of sport and will bring the Sport of Athletics into disrepute and accordingly have zero tolerance for such practices.


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