If you are an athlete travelling internationally with Athletics NZ and are required to carry one or more oversizes implements, there are policies in place to make sure the process of booking and executing the travel goes as smoothly as possible.

If you are travelling internationally with Athletics NZ for one of the following:

  • An Athletics NZ team
  • An Australia-based Competition
  • An Athletics NZ campaign (eg. Carded, PPS and P2P athletes)

And are required to take one or more of the following oversized implements:

  • Pole vault poles
  • Javelin poles
  • Wheelchair frames (incl. day frames, racing frames, throwing frames)

You need to download and read the relevant Athletics NZ cheat sheet and follow the outlined processes:

Pole Vault Poles Travel Cheat Sheet

Javelin Poles Travel Cheat Sheet

Wheelchair Frames Travel Cheat Sheet

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