11 Mar 2018

Walsh wins ninth title and Kerr soars on final day of champs

Walsh wins ninth title and Kerr soars on final day of champs

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Above: Hamish Kerr cleared 2.21m at the New Zealand Championships on Sunday. Photo by Michael Dawson / Temposhot.

Tom Walsh won his ninth senior NZ shot put title in Hamilton on day 3 of the Jennian Homes NZ Track and Field Championships, while Hamish Kerr high jumped 2.21m to become the second highest ever at a national championships.

Walsh, still suffering the effects of travel after winning the world indoor title just seven days earlier, accepted that he was a little below par, but happy that he is on track to satisfy one of his major goals, winning a Commonwealth Games gold medal.

His winning distance of 21.58m on Sunday, while below the 22.31m he threw in Birmingham a week ago, still would have won him the World Indoor title and it was further than any of his previous eight national champs victories.

The good news for the future is that the two athletes behind him, Ryan Ballantyne (19) and Nick Palmer (18) both hit personal best marks with their 17.03m and 16.49m throws respectively.

Hamish Kerr scaled 2.21m to win the men’s high jump, becoming the second highest jumper in national championships history behind the national record of 2.30m held by Glenn Howard.

The men’s pole vault went to Nick Southgate with 5.20m, preparing him for a first tilt at the Commonwealth Games. Meanwhile, the men’s javelin was won by Ben Langton Burnell, also on target for the Games.

Gold Coast-bound Cameron French won the men’s 400m hurdles title with ease and Portia Bing (Auckland) did likewise in the women’s race.

The women’s pole vault lost favourite Olivia McTaggart when she sprained her ankle in the warm-up, opening the door to Imogen Ayris to win the senior title at the championships in a new personal best of 4.15m.

The early talk in the women’s 200m centred on title-holder Zoe Hobbs and the in-form Olivia Eaton, but it was Lucy Sheat who won the final with a blistering run from lane six, claiming her maiden senior title.

The men’s 200m championship was won by Waikato BoP’s Joseph Millar for the fifth time. The 25 year old now has a total of ten NZ sprint titles. Only Morrie Rae has more with six 100yd and five 220yd titles to his name from the 1950's.

Angie Petty had already finished first in the 800m and third in the 400m finals when the 1500m competitors toed the start line. She showed a clean pair of heels to the field, winning easily in 4:18.94.

Alana Barber showed her form is good heading into the Commonwealth Games, taking out the women’s 20km race walk.

Hamish Carson (Wellington) went into the men’s 1500m final having won five of the last eight championship titles, so it was no surprise when he emerged with another gold in the 2018 championship race ahead of young teammate James Preston and Matthew Taylor (Hawkes Bay Gisborne).

The men’s under 20 1500m race lived up to its promise in a tactical race. Last year’s title holder Theo Quax ran a canny race and seemed to be heading for a victory over two athletes who have produced World Under 20 Champs selection standards, but Sam Tanner managed to squeeze past Quax in the last 20 metres and Isaiah Priddey filled third place.

The most prolific athlete at the championships was Waikato BoP’s Kayla Goodwin with a hall of four individual golds in under 20 and under 18 events, along with a silver and bronze, as well as two relay minor medals for a total haul from the championships of eight medals.

Liam Back from Whanganui was one of the young stars of the championships winning an impressive three golds in distance races in the under 18 grade. His 1500m, 3000m and 2000m steeplechase wins indicate an exciting future for the 16 year old.

Nicholas Kini from Northland went home with four medals (2 of them gold) in the under 20 and 18 throws, while Genna Maples won two golds and a silver in the under 18 100m, 200m and long jump.

Jennian Homes New Zealand Track and Field Championships
Day 3
200m: Joseph Millar (WaikBoP) 21.31s 1, Harry Symes (HBG) 21.82s 2, Alex Haye (Wgtn) 22.02s 3.
1500m: Hamish Carson (Wgtn) 3m 52.32s 1, James Preston (Wgtn) 3m 53.03s 2, Matthew Taylor (HBG) 3m 53.55s 3.
400m hurdles: Cameron French (WaikBoP) 51.84s 1, Campbell Wu (Akld) 55.05s 2, Justin Menezes (NHB) 64.28s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Jake Jackson-Grammer (Otago) 9m 56.92s 1, Mathew Rogers (L/Hutt) 10m 7.44s 2, Liam Woolford (Manwtu/Wang) 10m 23.66s 3.
20km race walk: Damian Blocki (Poland) 1h 34m 23s 1, Lyndon Hohaia (Akld) 1h 59m 47s 2, Eric Kemsley (Tar) 2h 1m 38s 3, Joseph Antcliff (Wgtn) 2h 26m 17s 4.
Shot put: Tom Walsh (Cant) 21.58m 1, Ryan Ballantyne (Cant) 17.03m 2, Nick Palmer (HBG) 16.49m 3.
Javelin throw: Ben Langton Burnell (Manwtu/Wang) 73.18m 1, Stuart Farquhar (WaikBoP) 66.92m 2, Cam Robinson (Wgtn) 65.12m 3.
Triple jump: Ebuka Okpala (Akld) 15.53m 1, Scott Thomson (Wgtn) 14.83m 2, David Van Den Bogaard (Akld) 14.07m 3.
High jump: Hamish Kerr (Manwtu/Wang) 2.21m 1, William Crayford (Wgtn) 2.06m 2, Marcus Wolton (Cant) 1.97m 3.
Pole vault: Nicholas Southgate (Akld) 5.20m 1, Ettiene Du Preez (Akld) 4.65m 2, James Steyn (Akld) 4.45m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Michael Goldie, Cameron French, Theunis Pieters, Joseph Millar) 3m 18.51s 1, Canterbury 3m 18.60s 2, Manawatu Wanganui 3m 20.16s 3.

Under 20:
200m: Cody Wilson (Wgtn) 22.31s 1, Ethan Holman (WaikBoP) 22.36s 2, Max Brooke-Cowden (Akld) 22.38s 3.
1500m: Samuel Tanner (WaikBoP) 4m 02,54s 1, Theo Quax (Akld) 4m 02.69s 2, Isaiah Priddey (WaikBoP) 4m 03.79s 3.
400m hurdles: Oliver Parkinson (Akld) 55.22s 1, Louis Andrews (Cant) 55.52s 2.
3000m steeplechase: Sam Cadwallader (Akld) 9m 48.96s 1, Buddy Small (Sthld) 10m 15.33s 2.
10km race walk: Alexander Brown (Otago) 53m 51s 1, Bradyn Popow (Manwtu/Wang) 1h 01m 32s 2, Daniel Du Toit (Wgtn) 1h 53m 58s 3.
Discus throw: Connor Bell (Akld) 56.84m 1, Nikolas Kini (Nthld) 47.51m 2, Jared Neighbours (Cant) 40.38m 3.
Triple jump: Matt Walsh (Cant) 13.89m 1, Andrew Allan (Sthld) 13.39m 2, Teaue Teihotaata (Tahiti) 13.14m 3, Tom Hall-Taylor (Akld) 11.39m 4.
4 x 400m relay: Wellington (Rowan Blaikie, Mikael Starzynski, Max Spencer, Josh Nairne) 3m 23.11s 1, Otago 3m 24.71s 2, Waikato Bay of Plenty 3m 26.74s 3.

Under 18:
200m: Tyron Hilton (WaikBoP) 22.67s 1, Mattheus Pio (WaikBoP) 22.75s 2, Isaac Oliver (Wgtn) 22.89s 3.
1500m: Liam Back (Manwtu/Wang) 4m 10.27s 1, Fletcher Pickworth (Tas) 4m 10.73s 2, Benjamin Wall (Manwtu/Wang) 4m 10.75s 3.
300m hurdles: Pio 38.43s 1, Daniel Parkes (Akld) 38.57s 2, Joseph Sinclair (WaikBoP) 41.66s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Back 6m 11.94s 1, George Guerin (Cant) 6m 25.07s 2, George Lambert (Manwtu/Wang) 6m 44.04s 3.
Shot put: Kini 16.56m 1, Zion Trigger-Faitele (Wgtn) 16.34m 2, Hamish Mears (Otago) 14.83m 3.
Hammer throw: Kini 47.83m 1, Isaac Vaeau-Mulitalo (Akld) 46.92m 2, Jordyn Hetaraka (Nthld) 45.12m 3.
Javelin throw: Jayden Gozdz (WaikBoP) 52.29m 1, Tim Robinson (Wgtn) 51.58m 2, Ben Henderson (Sthld) 43.29m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Trent Campbell, Taylor Smith, Joseph Sinclair, Tyron Hilton) 3m 23.50s 1, Manawatu Wanganui 3m 26.58s 2, Auckland 3m 29.13s 3.

200m: Lucy Sheat (Tas) 24.19s 1, Olivia Eaton (Tar) 24.32s 2, Zoe Hobbs (Akld) 24.33s 3.
1500m: Angie Petty (Cant) 4m 18.94s 1, Esther Keown (Akld) 4m 25.60s 2, Maiya Christini (Akld) 4m 33.08s 3.
400m hurdles: Portia Bing (Akld) 57.86s 1, Anna Percy (Cant) 61.76s 2, Celine Pearn (Akld) 61.89s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Kelsey Forman (Wgtn) 10m 46.97s 1, Amanda Holyer (Akld) 11m 18.64s 2.
20km race walk: Alana Barber (Akld) 1h 35m 26s 1, Rozie Robinson (Cant) 1h 55m 31s 2, Corinne Smith (Nthld) 1h 59m 50s 3.
Triple jump: Anna Thomson (Wgtn) 12.69m 1, Liana Wesselingh (Australia) 12.00m 2, Diana Ismagilova (Akld) 11.80m 3, Bridgette Petrie (HBG) 10.95m 4.
Pole vault: Imogen Ayris (Akld) 4.15m 1, Alana Doust (NHB) 3.35m 2, Isabella Murrell (NHB) 3.35m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Auckland (Brooke Cull, Esther Keown, Celine Pearn, Symone Tafuna’i) 3m 49.04s 1, Canterbury 3m 52.77s, Tasman 3m 53.42s

Under 20:
200m: Anna Hayward (Cant) 24.70s 1, Brianna Stephenson (HBG) 25.04s 2, Leah Belfield (WaikBoP) 25.24s 3.
1500m: Hannah O’Connor (Tar) 4m 37.02s 1, Harriet Bush (Cant) 4m 48.77s 2, Navajo Prentice (Cant) 4m 50.64s 3.
400m hurdles: Alessandra Macdonald (WaikBoP) 63.32s 1, Ruby Hansen (HBG) 65.31s 2, Ellie Duncan (Otago) 65.87s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Prentice 10m 51.82s 1, Tessa Webb (Manwtu/Wang) 10m 57.41s 2, Liky Trotter (Cant) 11m 27.76s 3.
10km race walk: Alice Ritchie (Cant) 1h 01.32s 1.
Discus throw: Tatiana Kaumoana (WaikBoP) 44.59m 1, Caitlin Bonne (Cant) 40.72m 2, Jessica Senior (Sthld) 37.18m 3.
High jump: Imogen Skelton (Wgtn) 1.74m 1, Lea Muetzel (Manwtu/Wang) 1.65m 2, Katie-Lee Roper (WaikBoP) 1.61m 3.
4 x 400m relay: Canterbury (Anna Hayward, Sophie Glover, Harriet Bush, Jordyn Blake) 3m 59.41s 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 4m 00.86s 2, Otago 4m 02.07s 3.

Under 18:
200m: Genna Maples (Manwtu/Wang) 25.42s 1, Maia Broughton (Cant) 25.94s 2, Tayla Brunger (Manwtu/Wang) 26.00s 3.
1500m: Aimee Ferguson (WaikBoP) 4m 37.38s 1, Kirstie Rae (Wgtn) 4m 39.92s 2, Tillie Hollyer (Cant) 4m 42.25s 3.
300m hurdles: Tara McNally (Otago) 44.98s 1, Kayla Goodwin (WaikBoP) 45.31s 2, Olivia Burnham (Cant) 45.31s 3.
2000m steeplechase: Charli Miller (WaikBoP) 6m 59.94s 1, Liliana Braun (Cant) 7m 03.68s 2, Samantha Corbett (WaikBoP) 7m 06.49s 3.
Hammer throw: Savannah Scheen (Akld) 45.27m 1, Aimee-Leigh Scott (Nthld) 44.64m 2, Nicole Bennett (Tar) 42.92m 3.
Triple jump: Goodwin 12.19m 1, Emma McKay (Otago) 11.38m 2,
4 x 400m relay: Manawatu Wanganui 3m 56.64s 1, Canterbury 3m 56.73s 2, Auckland 3m 56.96s 3.

200m: Ethan Rangi (Akld) 25.62s 1, Keegan Pitcher (Akld) 26.13s 2, William Stedman (Cant) 26.61m 3.
1500m: Sunil Fernandez-Ritchie (WaikBoP) 5m 03.83s 1, Guy Harrison (HBG) 6m 05.12s 2.
Shot put: Jack Lewer (Manwtu/Wang) 10.51m (record) 1, Ben Tuimaseve (Akld) 9.52m 2, Aodhan Hamilton (WaikBoP) 9.34m 3.
200m: Danielle Aitchison (WaikBoP) 31.31s 1, Anna Steven (Akld) 32.26s 2, Libby Leikis (Wgtn) 32.26s 3.
Discus throw: Lisa Adams (WaikBoP) 17.89m 1, Amy Dunn (WaikBoP) 10.87m 2.

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