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12 Nov 2018

Weekly Round up 12 November 2018

Weekly Round up 12 November 2018

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Welcome to this week's round up of national and international results.

In this issue..
  • New Zealand Track and Field meetings
  • 43rd Annual 3TV Phoenix AZ 10km (USA) & Mainova Frankfurt Marathon (Germany)
  • Road and Trail races, New Zealand



Dick Quax Memorial Distance Championships, Yvette Williams Track, Lloyd Elsmore Park Pakuranga – 10 November 2018
Andrew Catley 5000m Auckland championship 15:27.56, David Scanlon 15:55.52. Amanda  Holyer 18:49.41. David Moore 3000m 9:14.64, Jahko Tohaia 9:15.81. Luke Clements B14 3000m 9:27.34, Mathijs Wetzels 9:30.35. Krystal Clark 10:27.17 PB, Catrin Dawson 10:27.66, Joanna Poland 10:38.87 PB. Sprinters were aided by a strong tail wind, Hamish Gill 100m 10.45, LJ 6.59m (-2.8). Dominic Overend 100m 10.48, Mogammad Smith 100m 10.83. Sam Potter 400m 50.64 PB, Matthew Eady 51.11 PB. Jayden Williamson HJ 1.96m. Nikolas Kini 1.5kg DT 54.84m PB. Natasha Eady 100m 11.91. Charlotte Holland 400m 57.58. Amy Robertson 100m H 14.81. Alice Shannon HJ 1.65m PB, Evie Maclennan HJ 1.65m PB. Greer Noble-Tawhai LJ 5.50m (-2.9). Kaia Tupu-South DT 42.73m.

Auckland City Athletics Meeting, Mt Smart Stadium, 6 November: Liam Wong 60m 7.42 (-0.6), 100m 11.63 (_0.9). George Koslov 100m 11.36 (-0.9). Gabby Hayton 100m 12.97 (+0.1). Charlotte Holland 200m 26.97 (-0.1) mx. Arabella White 800m 2:26.70. Isabella Richardson 1500m 4:45.60 mx. Andrew Mulqueen 3000m 10:17.50.

Putatruru Bell Meeting and North Island Combined Events Championships
, Porritt Stadium – 10/11 November 2018
Leah Belfield 100m 12.16 (+1.4) PB, 200m 25.35 (+1.1). Hinewai Knowles 12.46 (+1.2), 100m H 762mm 14.31 (+1.6) PB. Krystie Solomon 400m 59.97. Charli Miller 800m 2:18.99. Aimee Ferguson 800m 2:19.00, 3000m 10:11.57. Samantha Corbett 1500m 4:50.79. Kayla Goodwin 100m H 14.28 (+1.6), LJ 5.47m (+3.0). Ashleigh Sando HJ 1.60m, TJ 10.67m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 3kg HT 46.57m PB. Taylor Smith 400m 51.27. Tom Moloney HJ 1.90m. Henry Marr TJ 12.90m. Rizvan Caukwell 6kg HT 46.62m. Dave Couper 800g JT 43.19m. Holly Barry 500g JT 39.10m PB.
Matthew Aucamp SM decathlon 6252 (11.80 -1.0, 6.28m +1.4, 11.52m 1.71m, 52.37, 15.69 +1.0, 38.14m PB, 3.90m, 43.48m PB, 4:53.59). Natalie Booth SW heptathlon 4171 (15.29 +1.7, 1.38m, 9.27m, 27.48 -0.9, 4.75m 0.0, 35.23m, 2:33.13). Alessand Macdonald U/20 heptathlon 4673 (14.49 +1.7, 1.56m, 8.27m, 25.89 -0.9, 5.11m 0.0, 26.88m, 2:18.58 PB). Josie Taylor U/18 heptathlon 4020. Stephen Te Whaiti MM decathlon 6677. Liam McKee U/16 octathlon 3370.

Interclub Meeting
, TET Stadium, 10 November: Ashleigh Bennett LJ 6.02m (+0.9) PB.

Athletics Wellington Meeting
, Newtown Park Stadium – 10 November 2018

Five athletes earned their qualification time to be considered for the New Zealand team to go to the World Cross Country Championships in Finland next year. Billed as a New Zealand equivalent to the Highgate Night of 10000m PBs, the Agency Group 10,000m event in Wellington on Saturday featured 89 starters across three races, and dozens of people running personal best times.

In the second race of the night, Lisa Cross immediately went ahead of the 35-minute pace team that she needed to beat to get the qualification time she was seeking.  She continued to push throughout the race, reeling in several other runners and finishing in second place in the mixed field in 34:23.51 PB. Also in the mixed field Nicole Mitchell 36:50.35 PB, Mel Aitken 36:56.85 PB and Lindsay Barwick 37:47.71 PB.
In the last race of the night, two pace groups quickly set into their work.

Hamish Carson led a lead group on sub-30-minute pace. After a first lap of 68, he ticked off a long string of perfect 72-second laps. Nick Horspool, and Niam Macdonald tucked tidily in his wake for the journey. When he stepped off at 8.4 kilometres Nick, right on his heels, was still full of running, and picked up speed over the last mile to win in 29:50.71. Meanwhile, Niam Macdonald surprised many with a huge personal best in second of 30:06.94 just outside the qualification standard. Chris Dryden ran a wily race to finish third, also with a personal best of 30:38.46 passing several of the runners who had tried to go with Hamish's pace early. Before tonight no one had run under 30 minutes at Newtown Park since Paul Smith at the National Champs in 1993, where he ran 28:43.63.

Further back Keiron Sexton, Craig Kirkwood and Evan Cooper paced a large group including several juniors who were all seeking the World Cross Country qualifying time of 32.05. When Evan stepped off the track at 8km the pack was still together and also picked up speed. Sam Tanner of Tauranga went to the front of the pack and strung it out. He was the fastest junior, and fifth overall in 31:26.86, but closely followed by Auckland City's Alexander Hull in 31:34.02 and Wellington Olympic's Toby Gualter in 31:41.25. All three now have the qualification standard to be considered for the World Cross Country team.  

Jacob Matson 100m 11.22 (+0.4). Saravee Sos 200m 22.22 (-1.5). Sean Lake 3000m RW 16:54.52. Emma Douglass 400m 59.20. Harry Sellwood 400m 52.96. Sean Pay HJ 1.92m. Scott Thomson TJ 14.56m (NWI). Anna Thomson TJ 12.53m (NWI). Lucy Hegan 800m 2:13.17 mx PB.

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting
, Saxton Field Athletics Track – 2 November 2018
Camryn Smart 100m 12.98 (+0.9), 200m 26.57 (0.0). Alex Dawson 100m 11.23 (+1.4). Bailey Cotton 100m 11.47 (+1.4), 200m 23.28 (+0.2). Lucy Harman 800m 2:20.50 mx. Joe Ford 1.5kg DT 42.36m. Emily Bryan 500g JT 34.21m. Luke Hassan 700g JT 34.82m.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting
, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 10 November 2018
Kelsey Berryman 60m 7.73 (+2.5), 100m 12.3h (+1.9), TJ 10.25m (-2.0), SP 8.47m. Maia Broughton 200m 25.49 (+0.1). Rebecca Joubert 200m 27.15 (+0.2), 400m 59.17. Ariana Harper 1500m 4:35.67, Tillie Hollyer 1500m 4:36.17. Sophie White 300m H 48.65. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 47.95m. Kate Davies HJ 1.65m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.05m. Alexandra Richard TJ 10.19m (+0.9). Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 13.62m. Violette Perry DT 34.15m, 500g JT 40.24m. Alice Ritchie 2000m RW 11:07.15. Luke Mercieca 100m 11.33 (+1.0), 400m 50.01. Max Attwell PV 4.25m, LJ 6.47m (-2.1), JT 41.54m. Zinan Bennett 300m H 42.51. Joshua Bull 1.5kg DT 41.63m. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 49.07m. Katherine Camp 1500m 4:32.49 mx. Matt Dryden 3000m 8:51.78. Hannah Oldroyd 3000m 10:09.60 mx.

Athletics Otago Meeting
, Caledonian Ground – 10 November 2018
Schuyler Orr 60m 7.39 (-3.4), 100m 11.72 (-3.0), 200m 23.59 (-1.9). Fiona Centers 60m 8.19 mx, 100m 12.72 (-1.5) mx, 200m 25.36 mx. Felix McDonald 100m 11.67, 200m 22.89. Liam Wilson T37 200m 27.7 (-1.3), LJ 4.45m (+2.4) also 4.41m (+1.7) NZ Para records M17 and M19. Aaron Anderson 3000m 9:34.37. Rebekah Greene 3000m 9:44.16 mx. Christina Ashton 100m H 15.69 (-1.7). Tara McNally 300m H 45.29. Cameron Moffitt 300m H 40.20. Buddy Small 2000m St 6:39.79. Emily Hay 2000m St 7:56.61. Quinn Hartley LJ 6.51m (+2.6) and 6.27m (+0.2). Emma McKay LJ 5.14m (+2.0), 3kg SP 10.43m. Jade Zaia 1.75g DT 46.56m. Hamish Mears 1.5kg DT 45.23m. Teagan Ashley 3kg HT 42.36m PB. Taylor Thorne HJ 1.65m PB.


43rd Annual 3TV Phoenix AZ 10km, 4 November: Theo Quax 29:59 (1).

Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, 27 October: Tony Payne (now Thailand) 2:16:56 (22) PB by nearly 3 minutes (half way 1:08:06 PB), David Ridley 2:23:16 (38) (half way 1:08:25). Josh Maisey paced through the half way in 1:08:23 PB. Rochelle Sceats-Basil 2:39:15 (24) PB by over 12 minutes.



Whangarei parkrun 5km, 10 November: Tim Goodwin 17:22, Sam Rout 18:41, Jeremy Browne 19:46. Debbie Monaghan 21:35.

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 5 November: David Lee 17:32.
O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 6 November: Mitchell Carlyle 17:12, Josh Lokes 17:13, David Blacktop 17:27. Hannah Oldroyd 17:23, Nicola Bowen 19:15, Teneale Hatton 19:53.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 7 November: Rob Creasy 19:06, Daniel Playne 20:56, Flynn Green 21:00. Emma Hatherley 20:40.
Owairaka 5km, Mt Roskill, 7 November: Nick Moore 18:34, Hamish Gunns 18:54, Simon Aspden 19:07. Yoko Miya 21:44.
YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 8 November: Gene Rand 36:58, Isozaki Kotaro 37:11, Tony Warren 39:16. 5km; Daniel Smith 18:49, Keith Burrows 19:15, Matt bailey 20:15.
Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 10 November: Shawn O’Leary 18:18, Shaun Ryan 18:28, David Bown 18:50. Catherine Delaporte 20:19.
Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 10 November: Will Laery 17:56, Vinay Chichestee 18:24, Sam Turner 18:27.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 10 November: Gene Rand 17:24, Brad Luiten 7:33, Alex De Beer 18:11. Kellie Barnard 20:51. 
Western Springs parkrun 5km, 10 November: Oscar Mahy 18:40, Henry Taylor 18:52, Chris Bothma 19:41. Laura-Jayne Mackay 20:40.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 6 November: Simon Cochrane 17:18, John Bowe 18:00, Mace Nesdale 18:47. Helen Gavin 21:25, Gemma Horan 21:38.
Lake parkrun 5km, 10 November: Jake Lane 16:49, Kalib Guy 18:01, Steve Darby 18:19. Charli Miller 20:01, Tanja Miller 20:31, Merel Hoskens 20:57.

Bay Run 5km, 8 November: Nick Wotton 17:40, Sarah Gardner 18:07, Dave Parsons 18:41, Chris Wotton 19:04. 2.5km; Harrison Tisch 9:31.
Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, 10 November: Mike Casey 20:38, Justin Copeland 20:52.
Puarenga parkrun 5km, 10 November: Shane Jordan 17:46, Bryn Parry 17:56, Leigh Reynolds 18:32.

Waikanae Beach parkrun 5km, 10 November: Ty Houthuijzen 20:54. Katie Kirkpatrick 22:22.

Two Mile Bay Reserve parkrun 5km, 10 November: Jeremy Raikes 20:19, Tony More 20:39. 

Anderson parkrun 5km, 10 November: Oscar Brousse 17:45, Brad Lawson 20:19, Noah Abbott 20:42. Stacey Hendriks 21:12.

New Plymouth 
East End parkrun, 10 November: Greg Clark 19:00, Thomas Hadley 19:46, Paul Nicholson 20:04.

Palmerston North
Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 10 November: Edward Currie 17:41, Nathaniel Manning 18:4, Steffan Wang 18:56. Melissa Denman 21:49. 

Woodside 5km Trail Run, 10 November: Walter Somerville 17:40, Jack Hunter 18:31, Mark Bouwman 19:05.

Waterfront 5km, 6 November: Levente Timar 15:47, Daniel Jones 15:47, Paul Barwick 16:51. Natalie Hardaker 19:19, Kate Slater 19:41, Emma Bassett 20:52. Walk; Sean Lake 30:02, Clive McGovern 30:12, Joseph Antcliff 31:41. Jacqueline Wilson 31:39.
Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 10 November: Marcelo Amaya 19:12, Danial Bremner 19:12.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 10 November: Andrew Rutherdale 17:37, Ed Newbould 18:32, Andrew Crosland 18:54. Jayme Maxwell 19:48, Clare Martin 20:27. 
Porirua parkrun 5km, 10 November: Wiremu Wineera 18:21, Warwick Smith 19:39, Steven Julian 20:02. Bridgette Dalgliesh 20:58. 

Lochmara Lodge Half Marathon, 10 November: Tom Francis 1:29:41, Samuel Hansby 1:30:54, Philip Taylor 1:30:58. Megan Craig 1:42:22, Paula Ollive 1:45:36, Emily Marfell 1:52:58.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 5 November: Josh Barber 19:02, Chris Sharland 19:05, Nova Sutherland 19:38. Katie Malthus 20:08.

Hagley parkrun 5km, 10 November: Hayden Zervos 16:31, Simon Kerr 16:52, Thomas Anderson 17:31. Agneha Korevaar 20:15.
Pegasus parkrun 5km, 10 November: Dave Collie 18:40, Kurt Haldane 18:57, Mark Sissons 20:23.
Foster parkrun, Rolleston, 10 November: Hannah Oldroyd 17:48, Luke Greenlees 18:11, Nizar Ali Gilani 19:31, David Sewell 19:38.

Wanaka Station Park parkrun 5km, 10 November: Gareth Jones 18:54, Tim David 19:41, Marcus Dunnett 20:22. Jessica Zeestraten 21:13.

Queenstown Gardens parkrun 5km, 10 November: Aleks Cheifetz 17:47, David O’Neill 19:10, Michael Robinson 19:36.

Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 10 November: Oliver O’Sullivan 19:16, Elliot O’Sullivan 19:41, Leon Miyahara 19:57.

Naish Park parkrun 5km, 10 November: Jason Palmer 18:03.

Queens Park parkrun 5km, 10 November: Brennan Rhodes 18:29, Billy Carter 19:42.

Murray McKinnon
Athletics New Zealand Correspondent
0274 806086




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