9 Oct 2018

Weekly Round Up 8 October 2018

Weekly Round Up 8 October 2018

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Welcome to this week's round up of national and international results including the New Zealand Road Relay Championships and the New Zealand24 Hour Championship.

In this issue..

  • NZ Road Relay Championships, Sign of the Takahe to Akaroa
  • NZ 24 Hour Championship, Auckland
  • Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships, Cardiff
  • UniSport Australia, Gold Coast
  • Round Rarotonga 31km Road Race
  • Track andField meetings, Road and Trail races, New Zealand
  • Obituary - Doug Monds

New Zealand Road Relay Championships, Sign of the Takahe to Akaroa – 6 October 2018
Wellington Scottish defied all odds running out senior men’s champions for the fourth year in a row. The eight lap race across the Port Hills and down to Akaroa was a three way battle between Hill City University, Scottish and University of Canterbury. Jared Monk led Hill City into Allandale by 13 seconds over Scottish’s Malcolm Hodge with a minute back to Brett Tingay for University. Caden Shields maintained the lead for HCU through Teddington and across to Gebbies Valley with Oska Baynes bringing UC into second. Jacob Priddey extended the HCU lead out to over a minute ahead of UC on the third lap to Kaituna. Scottish then came into their own with Kristian Day giving them a two second lead over HCU on the run through to Lake Forsyth. Nick Horspool for Scottish and Oli Chignell for HCU matched strides over the longest leg in the relay of 10.7km to Cooptown. The teams were level pegging heading into the 6.8km climb to Hilltop. Harry Burnard scorched up the hill in 27:54 to hand over to Evan Cooper half a minute ahead of UC’s Sam Petty. Cooper was down into Duvauchelle covering the 9.5km in 29:07, passing the baton to Daniel Jones who had a minute buffer going into the final 9.9km. Jones crossed the finish at Akaroa Domain in 4:10:58, Andy Good was next for UC in 4:11:42 with HCU third in 4:17:14.

North Harbour Bays had a brief spell in the lead in the senior women’s relay after Margie Campbell raced over the first lap of 9.6km in 35:33. National 800m and 1500m champion Angie Petty wasted no time giving her University of Canterbury team the winning edge on lap two with a run of 39:15 for the 10.4km, a time only bettered by Maiya Christini for Wellington Harrier and Andrea Hewitt who recorded 37:51 for New Brighton Olympic masters. The University team led for the rest of the relay Fiona Crombie anchoring them home at Akaroa in 5:05:27, three minutes ahead of North Harbour Bays.

Scottish won the master men for the second year in a row, after a close battle with New Brighton Olympic who had all but won it up to lap seven ahead of Wellington Harrier. Scottish also won the master men over 50 after leading the whole way and the senior men C grade after a good run by Geoff Ferry on lap seven. Wellington Harrier won the master women for the first time and made it title number six in the junior women. North Harbour Bays won the senior B grade and collected the junior men’s title by less than a minute over Scottish. Athletics Nelson won the master men over 60 for the sixth time in the seven years it has been contested.

Scottish took out the top Club honours, the twelfth time since 2001. Scottish scored 54 points, North Harbour Bays 52 and Wellington Harrier 50.
Scottish Club stalwart Todd Stevens said the Club always targets the national road relay championships.

“It is a very special event and for the Club it is a great occasion and there is an expectation that members will make themselves available and that gives us a bit of depth across most grades.
“It’s all about having eight good runners and the senior men stepped up after losing Hamish Carson to sickness. It was good to see our junior men back in the medals which adds to the breadth of the Club,” said Stevens.
He was also pleased with the victory in the master men of which he was a member of the team running lap four.


Lap records were set by Peter Stevens (Scottish) MM50 lap 1 9.6km 34:29, Andrea Hewitt (NB Oly) MW lap 10.4km 37:51, Margaret Flanagan (NB Oly) MW60 lap 4 9.4km 47:52, Andrew Baker (Nelson) MM60 lap 4.6km 18:29 and Margie Peat (ACA) MW60 lap 2 6.1km 27:44.



Senior 76.4km.-

Men: Wellington Scottish (Malcolm Hodge, Niam Macdonald, Rowan Hooper, Kristian Day, Nick Horspool, Harry Burnard, Evan Cooper, Daniel Jones) 4h 10m 58s 1, University of Canterbury 4h 11m 42s 2, Hill City University 4h 17m 14s 3.

Masters men: Scottish (Andrew Wharton, Paul Barwick, Andrew Kerr, Todd Stevens, Levente Timar, Dave Parsons, Simon Keller, Stephen Day) 4h 37m 37s 1, New Brighton Olympic 4h 39m 8s 2, Wellington Harrier 4h 39m 47s 3.

Masters men over 50: Scottish (Peter Stevens, Grant McLean, Jim Jones, Phil Sadgrove, William Twiss, Dave Kettles, James Turner, Michael Wray) 4h 56m 39s 1, Hamilton City Hawks 5h 7m 56s 2, Lake City Rotorua 5h 12m 36s 3.
Women: University of Canterbury (Nynke Mulholland, Angie Petty, Ariana Harper, Flora Brocherie, Katherine Camp, Jess Kikstra, Alex Williams, Fiona Crombie) 5h 5m 27s 1, North Harbour Bays 5h 8m 21s 2, Wellington Scottish 5h 12m 58s 3.

Masters women: Wellington Harrier (Onur Oktem, Sophie Lee, Sarah Bonoma, Gabrielle O’Rourke, Dorata Stazak, Vickie Humphries, Carlene Thomas, Natalie Hardaker) 5h 50m 22s 1, New Brighton Olympic 5h 59m 8s 2, Olympic 6h 3m 54s 3.

Junior 40.7km.-
Men: North Harbour Bays (Jude Darby, Blair Hill, David Moore, Joseph Clark, Sam Cadwallader, Matthew Gould) 2h 20m 56s 1, Scottish 2h 21m 38s 2, Wellington Harrier 2h 22m 23s 3.

Women: Wellington Harrier (Anna Bassett, Saskia Cosgrove Drayton, Maali Kyle-Ford, Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan, Phoebe McKnight, Edie Kozyniak) 2h 47m 6s 1, North Harbour Bays 2h 53m 0s 2, Auckland City Athletic 2h 55m 38s 3.

Masters men over 60 40.7km: Athletics Nelson (Andrew Barker, Bill Revell, Graeme Lear, Murray Hart, Ian Carter, Derek Shaw) 2h 51m 56s 1, Auckland University 2h 57m 18s 2, Athletics Nelson 2 3h 1m 5s 3.

Top Club: Wellington Scottish 54 points, North Harbour Bays 52, Wellington Harrier 50, University of Canterbury 42, New Brighton Olympic 40, Athletics Nelson 38, Olympic Wellington 28, Auckland City Athletics 26, Hamilton City Hawks 24, Christchurch Avon 18.


New Zealand 24 Hour Championship, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 6/7 October 2018

Greg Yee of Dunedin won the 24 hour event covering 187.6km from Croydon Paton, also Dunedin 182.4km and Aaron Heather from New Plymouth 175.6km. Kim Allan from Tuakau won the women’s championship with a distance of 166.8m, from Joanne Aitken 161.6km and Jade Vanzuita 124.8km both from Wellington.
12 hour result; Wayne Botha (Takapuna) 116.8km, Rodrigo Aller (Argentina) 100.4km, Grant Conway (Auckland) 91.2km. Alice Adiwinata (Auckland) 102.4km, Niribili File (Auckland) 61.6km, Marianna Nagy Schwendtner (Auckland) 54.4km. 6 hour; Keith Burrows (Auckland) 71.2km. Shannon-Leigh Litt (Christchurch) 62.8km.



Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships, Cardiff – 7 October 2018
New Zealand representatives Daniel Wallis 1:06:19 (25) (5km 15:02, 10km 30:25 PB, 15km 46:17, 20km 1:02:50), Cameron Graves 1:06:59 PB (31) (15:10, 30:55, 46:55, 1:03:30), Rochelle Sceats 1:15:45 PB by over four minutes (17) 18:18, 36:24, 54:25 PB, 1:12:03), Esther Keown 1:20:11 PB (27) (18:30, 37:13, 56:09, 1:16:01).
Jack Rayner of Australia won in 1:01:01 and Juliet Chekwel of Uganda was the first woman in 1:09:45 with Celia Sullohern of Australia second in 1:11:04.

UniSport Australia
, Griffith University Gold Coast, 27 September: Katrina Anderson 800m 2:12.03 (1).

Round Rarotonga 31km road race, 22 September: Gene Rand 1:59:31, Lisa Cross 1:59:48.

Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 7 October 2918

Kaia Tupu-South 3kg SP 15.38m, DT 44.35m PB. Caroline Kolver 3kg SP 11.95m.

Athletics Wellington Meeting, Newtown Park Stadium – 6 October 2018

Saravee Sos 100m 11.27 (-0.8), 200m 22.73 (+1.1). Daniel Du Toit 3000m race walk 14:56.02 PB. Mikael Starzynski 400m 50.38. Anna Thomson TJ 12.23 (0.0). Nathaniel Sulupo 7.26kg SP 14.79m, DT 45.43m. Amania Mafi 3kg SP 13.45m, DT 32.74m. Finlay Seeds M15 800m 2:01.2, 3000m 10:07.15.

Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 6 October 2018

Felix McDonald 60m 7.36 (-1.1), 100m 11.41 (-1.7), LJ 7.19m (+1.2). Timothy Horton 60m 7.21 (-1.1), 100m 11.43 (-1.7). Tara McNally U/18 100m H 15.85 (-2.4). Cameron Miller LJ 6.54m (+2.4) also 6.22m (+0.8). Sarah Langsbury LJ 5.16m (+2.7). Zharna Beattie 3kg SP 11.00m, DT 36.43m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates DT 34.08m, 4kg HT 43.43m. Gemma Millar 4kg HT 33.59m.



Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 6 October 2018

Season opener was greeted with Southland’s normal spring winds,that hampering distance performances and made the jumps and sprints well and truly wind assisted.Buddy Small (StP, U20) won the 3000m in 9:41.35 from triathlete Jaxon Taylor (StP, U18) and masters Scott Underhay who is in final preparation for the Southland Marathon a week later.Brianna Miller (Gore, U20) was first woman, heading in Kennedy Taylor, 11:16.46, to 11:19.02, It was an impressive performance from Taylor for a 13 year old.Sam Colyer (StP, U18) was best sprinter with 11.58 (Wind 3.6) and impressed with a 6.95m wind assisted long jump. Quinn Hartley (Inv, M18) aided by a 7m/s tailwind recorded 6.60m in the long jump.Hartley also had the best high jump with 1.75m.Top throws performance came from Jessica Senior (Winton, W18,) throwing the senior NZSS javelin weight of 600gm32.86m.


Doug Monds a national junior hammer throw champion in the 1940’s died in Vancouver on 27 September 2018 aged 89. Monds of Auckland won the New Zealand junior title in 1947 in Wellington and 1948 in Auckland. He had a best hammer throw of 42.60m on 10 April 1950.



Whangarei parkrun 5km, 6 October: Jeremy Waldegrave 19:14, Dennis Langford 19:27, Samuel Noall 19:28.


Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 1 October: Sam White 20:47, Michelle Lyons 20:59.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 2 October: Marcus Robertson 18:03, Gene Rand 18:11, Keith Burrows 18:12. Christine Adamson 20:56, Jane Nalder 21:32, Lisa Kavanagh 21:42.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 3 October: Warwick Creasy 18:42, Andrew Hatherly 19:12, Greg Pearson 19:54.
YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 4 October: Isozaki Kotaro 37:11, Gene Rand 37:23, Tony Warren 39:16.

Barry Curtis parkrun 5km, 6 October: Jack Ryan 18:20, Shaun Ryan 18:25, David Brown 18:44. Kate Borton 21:56.
Cornwall Park parkrun 5km, 6 October: Will Laery 18:12, Sam Turner 18:30, Mark Stewart 18:44.
Millwater parkrun 5km, 6 October: Gene Rand 18:07, Troy Harold 18:07, Zach Ford 19:39.
Western Springs parkrun 5km, 6 October: Oscar Mahy 18:23, Adam Holt 19:05, Jack Snedden 20:18. Angela Hawkes 21:32.
Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf, 6 October: Marathon; Kit Edwards 2:56:58. Nikki Dukes 3:46:40. Half marathon; Tim Lindsay 1:57:19. Wendy Baverstock 2:04:10.

Lake parkrun 5km, 6 October: Zorgnotti Benjamin 18:09, Michael Robinson 18:29, Benjamin Moody 18:55. Charli Miller 19:58, Tanja Miller 19:58, Ellen Broad 21:58.

Bay Run 5km, 4 October: Sam Clark 17:16, Chris Wotton 18:54, Stewart Simpson 18:58. Sarah Gardner 18:30.

Kopurererua Valley Reserve parkrun 5km, 6 October: Shaun Brailey 19:18, Sophie Robb 19:49, Steven Nadollek 19:52, Gavin Smith 20:52.


Avantidrome parkrun 5km, 6 October: Hugh Allison 18:33, Patrick Gallagher 20:16.


Puarenga parkrun 5km, 6 October: Darren Ashmore 19:01, Fred Shilton 20:04, Michael Lee 20:19.

Waikanae Beach parkrun 5km, 6 October: Ty Houthuijzen 20:11, Le’sham Anderson 20:43, Kelda MacDougall 20:59. Myah Houthuijzen 21:04.


Two Mile Bay Reserve parkrun 5km, 6 October: Richard McLellan 18:31, Ivan Abele 19:13, Andrew Hilton 21:07.



Anderson parkrun 5km, 6 October: Oscar Brousse 17:29, Mark Bouwman 18:59, Noah Growcott 19:22. Sophie Hogan 20:15.


Spring 5km, Sylvan Road, 2 October: Kane Elms-Fellingham 17:30, Cameron Potts 19:30, Adam Engelke 19:46.


New Plymouth
East End parkrun, 6 October: Rhys Dawson 18:36, Russell Dalton 18:43, Dougal Morris 19:10. Alice Caskey 19:39.
Taranaki Daily News Half Marathon, Pukekura Raceway, 7 October:

Taranaki Daily News Half Marathon, Pukekura Raceway, 7 October: Kyle Bridgeman 1:18:10, Hayden Shearman 1:18:15, Tony Brownrigg 1:19:30. Nina Lupton 1:34:21. 10km; Cory Helms 31:40, Mike O’Sullivan 38:39. 5km; Rory Bevins 17:45, Mark Carryer 19:01.

Palmerston North

Victoria Esplanade parkrun 5km, 6 October: AJ Cornwall 17:43, Dave Scott 18:55, Rudy Baptist 19:00. Stacey Hendriks 21:48.


Waterfront 5km, 2 October: Liam Back 15:3, Daniel Jones 15:46, Lucas Duross 15:59. Lesa Davidson 20:11, Brooke Thomas 20:18, Christina Totina 21:03. 5km walk; Daniel du Toit 24:12.

Kapiti Coast parkrun 5km, 6 October: Tom Bland 17:52, Mancamp Kapiti 18:16, Leon Goodwin 19:57. Cath Braddock 21:22, Carolyn Marshall 21:25.
Lower Hutt parkrun 5km, 6 October: Walter Somerville 17:16, Joshua Jordan 17:34, Andrew Rutherdale 17:40. Jayme Maxwell 19:36, Hannah Gordon 20:14.
Porirua parkrun 5km, 6 October: Wiremu Wineera 18:15, Henry Greaves 19:21, Gene McNaught 19:22. Charlotte Greaves 21:10, Mikayla Joyce 21:14, Greta Abbott 21:32.


Hagley parkrun 5km, 6 October: Henry Beliveau 17:40, Dan Bennetts 17:51, Justin Torby 18:10. Charlotte Skelton 20:30, Amy Blair 21:30.

Pegasus parkrun 5km, 6 October: Samuel Keenan 18:53, Mike Laird 19:06, Joseph Matthews 19:24.

Mt Cook
Aoraki Mt Cook Marathon, 6 October: Jeremy Trevathan 2:56:55, Gareth Jones 3:02:02. Cath Cheatley 3:23:26. Half marathon; Nic Kittelty 1:22:22, Timothy Martin 1:23:04, Peter Cook 1:23:23. Frances Wardle 1:32:04, Samantha Owles 1:32:46. 10km; Allen Dennis 34:55, James Pascoe 39:23. Zoe Manning 42:32. 5km; Mitchell Kane 20:28.



Wanaka Station Park parkrun 5km, 6 October: Julius Staufenberg 17:02, Leo Staufenberg 17:52, Stephen Brown 19:26. Jacqueline Manson 21:05.


Queenstown Gardens parkrun 5km, 6 October: Lachlan Scott 16:30, Benje Patterson 17:21, Benjamin Britton 17:35. Caitlin Adams 17:41, Nicola Bowen 20:54, Carly Smith 22:15.

Botanic Garden parkrun 5km, 6 October: Pyper Dixon 19!9, Casey Pearce 19:28, Luke Anderson 20:53. Lucia Vincent 21:45.


Naish Park parkrun 5km, 6 October: Brad Clark 21:54.


Queens Park parkrun 5km, 6 October: Brennan Rhodes 18:30, Billy Carter 18:53.

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