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18 January 2021 • High Performance

2021 IAU 24H World Championships Postponed

The IAU has announced that the 2021 24H IAU World Championship has been postponed to Saturday 2 October 2021.

“The decision to delay the event has been made with the safety of the spectators in mind as well as to make sure that the participants from all regions have a fair change to take part in the World Championship.”

In the announcement, the IAU also state that the LOC is considering changing the venue of the Championship to Bucharest. Click here to read more.

The Athletics NZ selection policy for the 2021 24H IAU World Championship is now null and void until an amended policy is published with updated details this week which will include an extended application closing date. Keep an eye out for updated information on the 2021 24H IAU World Championships on the Upcoming Competitions page.