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12 April 2022 • High Performance

2022 Oceania Area Championships - Team Management Applications Open

Athletics NZ are looking for coaches to register their interest and availability for one or both of options for the Pre Oceania Area Tour (pre-OAC) 26 May – 3/4 June, and/or the Oceania Area Championships (OAC) 4-12 June 2022.

These coaching opportunities are only available Athletics New Zealand accredited coaches. Please click here to complete your application, noting that applications which will automatically close at 5pm Wednesday 20 April 2022.


Pre Oceania Area Championships (pre-OAC) Tour: 26 May – 3/4 June 2022

The Pre Oceania Area Championships (pre-OAC) Tour is being offered to athletes so that they have an opportunity to experience what it is like to travel, live, train and prepare with a team leading into a pinnacle event. This tour will be a 10 day pre camp, on the Gold Coast, leading into the Oceania Area Championships in Mackay. The tour will include a competition on the 28th of May on the Gold Coast and for those also heading to Mackay, a second competition will be held in Mackay on the 4th of June.

The tour is also designed to expose coaches to a tour/team environment to gain an understanding of the logistics and challenges involved with supporting athletes preparing for a pinnacle event. Coaches will need to communicate with athletes on the tour and the individual coaches of athletes as needed. To further enhance your involvement on this this tour, we will also have the opportunity for some workshops.

Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for coaches that are accepted on to this tour, however as the tour is mainly self-catered, coaches will need to cover the cost of the majority of their own meals.


Oceania Area Championships (OAC): Mackay, Australia 4-12 June 2022

 The 2022 Oceania Area Championships (OAC) is an Athletics New Zealand “White Singlet” competition. This event offers an international competition opportunity to compete for New Zealand for the following purposes:

  1. Under 18: To provide an international competition opportunity for U18 (Youth) athletes to represent New Zealand.
  2. Under 20: To provide an international competition opportunity for U20 (Junior) athletes to represent New Zealand.
  3. Senior Representation: To provide an on-going opportunity for athletes to represent New Zealand as a senior athlete.
  4. Para-Athlete Representation: To provide an international competition opportunity for Para-Athletes to represent New Zealand.

Athletics NZ is also using the OAC as an opportunity for identified athletes to qualify for the 2023 World Athletics Championships along with enabling medallists from the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics Games athletes to compete in able bodied fields of their targeted events.

Supporting athletes across age groups and abilities attending the OAC is a primary focus for Athletics NZ. While some athletes will be supported by their individual coaches, we will require additional coaching expertise to support team numbers for the duration of the OAC.


Athletics NZ is now seeking expressions of interest for this exciting team coach opportunity – please click here to submit your application. Selected coaches will work alongside Athletics NZ coaching staff and in some instances be allocated age group leadership roles. There is no cost involved for coaches selected to join the Athletics NZ coaching team for the duration of this competition.

If you have any questions or would like further information about the pre-OAC tour or the OAC, please contact Kirsten Hellier or Tim Driesen.

Mobile: +64 21 826 233

Mobile: +64 21 724 088