HP Programme Support

Athletes and their coaches receive a combination of direct Athletics NZ High Performance (HP) support, Athlete Performance Support as well as funding, grants and scholarships.


Athletics NZ High Performance (HP) Support

To maximise athlete and coach performance, Athletics NZ HP and High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD) programmes provide:

  • Stage appropriate and event specific development or performance advice and support throughout planning stages (debrief, monitoring, planning, review)
  • Programme and event group camps and opportunities
  • Management of programme funding and support services

Athlete Performance Support (APS)

Athlete Performance Support is available for programme supported athletes and may include injury and illness prevention and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, nutrition, athlete life advice, performance and technique analysis, physiology, psychology and performance planning.

Our Athlete Performance Support philosophy is to have:

  • A world class Performance Services support system
  • Quality individual performance plans with targeted resourcing
  • Effective international team and competition medical support
  • Integrated injury prevention and management programme
  • Innovation technology and research

High Performance Funding

High Performance (HP) funding may be allocated based on submission of plans and identified needs. Athlete grants and scholarships may also be available.

HP funding can be used for items which have a direct impact on athlete development or performance including:

  • Travel and accommodation for the athlete and coach to competitions
  • Equipment for training/competition (e.g. shot puts, javelins; only if pre-approved)
  • Supplements approved by the Athletics NZ HP/HPSNZ Nutritionist

HP funding cannot be used on anything which does not have a direct impact on athlete performance including but not limited to:

  • Athlete representatives or managers
  • Music players or laptop computers
  • Clothing
  • Funding support for family members (ie. Travel, accommodation, food)
  • Any services provided through the HPSNZ Athlete Performance Support Programme (e.g. medical, physio, nutrition etc)
  • Travel and accommodation to the New Zealand Track and Field Championships (it is an expectation that athletes attend this competition if relevant to their event)