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21 May 2020 • General

Lockdown Lowdown with Brooke Somerfield

The 23 year old national senior women’s 100m bronze medallist and Athletics Tauranga athlete offers a window into her world through the COVID-19 pandemic.

How have you coped with the challenge of being in lockdown?
Initially, I was disappointed that the track season ended so abruptly because I was in the best form I’ve ever been in, but there really was no alternative. I’ve used this time to reflect on the past few months and refocus on my goals ahead. With any challenge, there’s an opportunity to improve in one way or another. It’s been great to spend quality time with family too.

How has this impacted on your training?
We’ve had to improvise a lot! While there have been tight restrictions on how and where I can train, it’s a perfect opportunity to focus on other areas of training like sleep, recovery and nutrition. I took the first week off to have a break and re-evaluate.

Have you put in place any innovative methods to maintain fitness?
I’ve been running reps on the outskirts of my parent’s orchard and hills on the back of their farm, I think my ankles are the strongest they’ve ever been! I’ve had to be creative with the limited gym equipment I have at home.

How has life changed since moving into an alert level 2 in terms of your training?
I was able to access my local track and parks when we moved into Level 3 so I could run faster by being on a smoother surface. But now that we’re in Level 2 and gyms have reopened, I have access to a lot more equipment so I can start rebuilding strength and power which improves the rest of my training. I’m also happy to be back with a few of my training partners so my sessions aren’t as solitary.

What is your current daily routine?
I’m back at work, so I get up at 7.30am to have breakfast and get organised for the day. I work during the day and then train at about 4pm in the afternoon. After training or on my day off I’ll do something non-training related.

What has been the best thing about being in lockdown?
Not being as busy and enjoying the things I often don’t have a lot of time for.

What is the most challenging element to living in lockdown?
Not seeing friends! And training-wise, I’ve had to adapt to more of a self-driven approach. I don’t have my coach or training partners here physically to keep me accountable but at the end of the day it comes down to how much you want to get out of it, no one else can do the work for you. Setting goals definitely helps with self-discipline.

What is the most uplifting/inspiring social media post you have read during your time in lockdown?
Not necessarily a post but probably seeing how well Kiwis have worked together and supported each other during this challenging time.

How often are you in contact with your coach and how do you communicate?
Kerry Hill and I have been in touch pretty much every day throughout lockdown. Communication is crucial when he can’t be at my sessions, so there have been plenty of texts, calls and videos sent between us to make sure we’re on the right track. Now, in Level 2, I see him every day at training.

What has been the best piece of advice he has passed on to you?
“You can’t do anything about the outcome, only the process”.

When full restrictions are over what is the first thing you will do?
Spend lots of time with my friends and maybe travel somewhere I haven’t visited in New Zealand.

What has been your favourite downtime activity in lockdown?
Cooking and drinking lots of coffee!

If you could recommend one book to read in lockdown what would it be and why?
The Book of Overthinking by Gwendoline Smith (psychologist). She explains the concepts of positive and negative thought processes and how to manage them. I think many of us would benefit from reading it.

If you could recommend one movie to watch in lockdown what would it be and why?
Peaceful Warrior for a bit of inspiration, or Johnny English Strikes Again for a laugh.

If you could recommend one TV series to watch in lockdown what would it be and why?
I don’t get into many series but Michael Jordan’s doco series The Last Dance is pretty epic, or Money Heist.

What is the kindest thing you’ve done during lockdown?
Not annoy my parents too much haha!