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29 March 2022 • Track and Field

My Favourite - Macey Hilton

Macey Hilton in action at the 2022 New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings. (Credit: Alisha Lovrich).

The New Zealand U20 800m champion and 2:06 two-lap runner is enjoying an outstanding season. We find out a few of the favourite things of the 18-year-old Auckland City AC athlete as she features in our regular segment.

Favourite athletics venue: Hastings. I love the track it feels really small!

Favourite piece of coaching advice: Just go out, relax and enjoy it.

Favourite training session: 400’s! The annual 12×400 session. 

Favourite athlete of all time: Keely Hodgkinson (the Tokyo Olympic 800m silver medallist) I enjoy watching her race. Pretty cool to see what she has achieved so young.

Favourite competition you’ve ever watched: Tokyo 2020 Olympics was a good meet for both the athletics and other sports too.

Favourite athletics website: Not really a website but I enjoy watching ‘Workout Wednesdays’ on the Flo Track YouTube channel.

Favourite school athletics memory: House relays were always a funny way to end the day with my mates.

Favourite athletics room-mate: I travelled a lot this season and previous seasons with Peyton Leigh. It’s always fun travelling with a friend and training partner it makes races less nerve-wracking

Favourite pre-competition song: This changes each race but for my last race it was By Your Side by Friction. 

Favourite pre-competition snack: Peanut butter on bagel and my caffeine shot.

Favourite other sport: I used to play netball heaps but would get injured. It was a fun and competitive team sport.

Favourite day of the week: Saturdays. I love either racing or getting a hard track or road workout done. It was always fun training with the group too.

Favourite hairstyle: Probably just a basic ponytail for race days.

Favourite video game: I don’t really play videos games but sometimes play COD (Call of Duty) against my brothers. 

Favourite animal: I love my Bengal cat she’s kind of crazy, but so cute

Favourite overseas country visited: I haven’t travelled that much yet but I love Aussie especially Melbourne as I grew up there. It’s a cool city!

Favourite treat: Sour patch kid lollies