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25 April 2022 • General

My Favourite – Mia Powell

Mia Powell in action at the 2022 New Zealand Track & Field Championships in Hastings (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

The New Zealand U20 400m champion and 2022 World U20 representative Mia Powell is one of New Zealand’s most promising young sprinters. Here the 17-year-old Aucklander shares a few of her favourite things in our regular segment.  

Favourite venue

In New Zealand I don’t really have a favourite track but Mt Smart definitely holds some fond memories because of the fun school competitions I enjoyed there as well as setting some good PB’s. My favourite track I’ve ever raced on is the Olympic track in Sydney. It’s the biggest and most professional looking track I’ve run at and I also ran a huge PB there (of 54.35 at last month’s Australian Championships) which makes me like it even more. 

Favourite piece of coaching advice

My coach (Nuree Greenhalgh) always tells me to run my own race. I find it’s a really helpful piece of advice.

Favourite training session

I really like the 300m sessions. They’re brutal, but I always feel really good after finishing the session, especially when I run them in a quick time. 

Favourite athlete of all time

I love watching Shanaue Miller-Uibo racing, she’s definitely one of my favourite athletes along with Allyson Felix who is also a huge idol of mine.

Favourite competition I’ve ever watched

Probably the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. I got barely any sleep while they were on because I was up all night watching races. It was a great competition. 

Favourite school athletics memory

I don’t really have a favourite memory, but all the school athletics competitions have been super fun. It’s always nice to race and catch up with people from other schools.  

Favourite athletics roommate

I’ve only stayed with teammates (Lex Revell-Lewis and Troy Middleton) in Australia this year and it was pretty cool, especially as it was the first comp I’d been to without my mum! I haven’t really got anyone to compare them to, but they were good room-mates and I had a fun time.

Favourite pre-competition song

I don’t have a favourite song but I do have a favourite playlist I like to listen to while I’m warming up which is just full of lots of upbeat hype songs.

Favourite pre-competition snack 

Definitely blueberries!! Before every race you can always see me eating blueberries. They’re the only thing I can stomach before a race. I always have a carton in my spike bag to snack on while I’m warming up. 

Favourite other sport

I really loved playing netball and was in the prem 1 team for my school as well as for my club but unfortunately it caused a lot of injuries. I decided to stop playing halfway through the season last year to focus on my athletics, which has proven to be a great decision. 

Favourite ice cream flavour

I know it’s basic, but vanilla is my all-time favourite. Vanilla thick shakes are always my go to at ice cream shops. 

Favourite day of the week

I like Saturdays because it’s usually race day in the summer and in the winter it’s rest day, so it’s a fun day I get to hang out with my friends. It’s also just a great day in general because there’s no school the next day and it’s a nice day to have fun, relax and sleep in! 

Favourite sports team

Probably the Silver Ferns. I’ve watched so many of their games and they’re so enjoyable to watch. I always wanted to be a Silver Fern when I was younger.

Favourite Animal

I really love dolphins but my favourite animals would have to be my Golden Retriever and my fat ginger cat.

Favourite thing about New Zealand

I love the beaches here and the outdoor lifestyle as well as the people such as my family, friends, my coach and training squad.

Favourite overseas country visited

I’ve been to Samoa quite a few times and I really like it over there. I also love visiting my country of birth, England and seeing all my family over there.

Favourite extracurricular activity

I don’t have much time outside apart from my training and schoolwork but when I do I love hanging out and going places with my friends.