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22 September 2019 • General

New Zealand Athletes Receive Additional Event Invitations from IAAF for World Champs

Following a final review of entries, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) has issued an additional 130 invitations to eligible athletes for further places to the 2019 IAAF World Championships.

Three New Zealand athletes have received invitations: Zoe Hobbs (200m), Camille Buscomb (5000m) and Nick Willis (1500m). Zoe and Camille are already in the New Zealand team preparing for the event, having qualified in the 100m and 10,000m respectively. They have both accepted their invitations.

Nick Willis has chosen to not accept the invitation and Athletics New Zealand support his decision.

“The goal for 2019 was always to try to qualify for Doha with the aim of peaking in October for a good performance,” said Nick. “After a week of waiting while my federation Athletics New Zealand advocated for me, the IAAF informed me of the final decision that I would not receive an invitation.”

“The initial disappointment quickly faded as my coaches and I realised that this may be a great blessing in disguise. With Tokyo only 10 months away, I can end my season on the high of winning the 5th Avenue mile and can afford to have a 2-3 week break before building up again for a great indoor and down under track season. Going to Doha would cut another month into this time frame and limit any recharge time.”

“I’m now over a week into my break and just received an invite to Doha from the IAAF,” said Nick. “After some serious consideration, we’ve decided it’s now best to pass on Doha and stay the course that will give me the best shot at making and performing well at my 5th Olympic Games.”

The 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships begin this Friday 27 September in Doha and run until October 06.

New Zealand Team: 2019 IAAF World Championships

Alana Barber, 20km race walk
Portia Bing, 400m hurdles
Camille Buscomb, 5000m & 10,000m
Zoe Hobbs, 100m & 200m
Julia Ratcliffe, hammer throw
Maddison-Lee Wesche, shot put

Jacko Gill, shot put
Malcolm Hicks, marathon
Hamish Kerr, high jump
Edward Osei-Nketia, 100m
Quentin Rew, 20km & 50km race walk
Caden Shields, marathon
Tom Walsh, shot put