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3 November 2022 • High Performance

Targeted Relays Programme Announced

Athletics NZ have launched a targeted relays programme. (Credit: Alisha Lovrich)

Athletics NZ is pleased to announce a targeted relays programme. The purpose of the targeted programme is to create pathways for sprint athletes to compete with distinction on the international stage.

In the initial stages we are targeting specific senior squads based on current depth of talent. With proven success of the programme, there could be scope to extend this, but at this stage the programme is targeting the following events:

Targeted Relay Squads

  1. 4x400m Women
  2. 4x100m Women
  3. 4x100m Men

The Relay Program is focused on developing targeted senior squads capable of competing with distinction at pinnacle events. Information regarding initiatives to develop “age group” relay capability and capacity will be provided in due course.

More on the the NZ Relay Squad Development Initiatives here

To register your interest in the Targeted Relay Squad please click – HERE 

For more questions and info contact James Mortimer –