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7 December 2022 • General

Throws camp offers compelling opportunities

Senior men's shot putter Nick Palmer believes the Throws Camp in Hawke's Bay in January is not one to be missed. (Credit: Alisha Lovrich).

The annual Athletics NZ Throws Camp will take place in the sunny Hawke’s Bay from 19-20 January next year. We chat to Nick Palmer, the three-time senior national men’s shot put medallist and one of the organising team for this year’s event, to find eight compelling reasons to attend the event in Hastings.

1 – Gain Knowledge

Past Athletics NZ Throws Camps have been about the New Zealand throws community coming together, collaborating and asking questions and the 2023 edition is no different.

“This is very much about getting answers to those questions for maybe,” adds Nick. “Attending athletes will have access to the best knowledge.”

2 – Biomechanics support

A leading biomechanist will be on hand to film the throwers are offer analysis during the camp.

“This will give the throwers specialist help in relation to their throws and offer a chance for improvement,” adds Nick.

3 – Picture perfect

Adopting the HPSNZ Picture of Performance model will give the chance for experts to take a detailed look at the individualised plan for all throwers. A specialist coach for all four throws (shot, discus, hammer and javelin) will be on hand to offers their expert take – which Nick insists is a highly attractive proposition for all throwers.

“Within a couple of days hopefully a plan will emerge which will enable that athlete to better fulfil their potential,” adds Nick. “It will be a chance to dive deep into that individualised plan to break down the needs of the event to excel at an elite level.”

4 – Coaches welcome

The camp is not only limited to athletes as coaches and parents of athletes are more than welcome to attend.

“The camp will also offer a great chance for coaches to learn from other coaches and expand their knowledge,” adds Nick. “The more we can share this knowledge, the better it is for everyone, and it will ensure young athletes are better prepared for life as part of a development system.”

5 – Learn from the best

High performance athletes from both New Zealand and Australia will also attend the camp, which offers a great opportunity to learn from the very best.

Nick said: “I know when I was a younger athlete attending these camps, a big drawcard was being around HP athletes and watching how they went about their business.”

6 – Quality facilities

Athletes attending the 2023 Throws Camp will be based out of the state-of-the-art Hawkes Bay Community Fitness Centre – which boasts a gym, pools, spa, meeting rooms and café and access to the Mitre 10 Park running track. Nick says the facilities are some of the finest in New Zealand and food will also be provided for any hungry throwers.

7 – Great weather

Few places in New Zealand offer such consistently great summer weather than the sunny Hawke’s Bay. With their sun on their backs this is likely to increase the overall mood of the camp attendees.

“Traditionally we have fantastic weather which will offer every chance for athletes to unleash some good throws for everyone at camp,” adds Nick.

8 – Competitive opportunities

The camp – which takes place on Thursday-Friday 19-20 January – is sandwiched between a pair of competitions. On the Wednesday afternoon a competition featuring all four throws has been organised, highlighted by a “jackpot” event – the javelin – in which competitors have the chance to hit a target and scoop a prize.

Following the conclusion of the camp it will tie in nicely with the Potts Classic in Hastings on Saturday 21 January offering a competitive opportunity for all camp attendees.

“It is a great chance for athletes to put in practise what they have learned at the camp by participating or simply by watching and learning from the best athletes too.”

***The camp is open to everyone aged 15+. If you would like to attend the 2023 Throws Camp register here