Virtual 5k

13 April – 3 May (three weeks)



National Virtual 5k Champs Briefing Video

You’ve got three weeks to log three 5K runs. Each run earns a point for your club in the participation-based Top Club Competition (all age groups combined).

The fastest times contribute to the Fastest Club competition (combined times of 3 females and 3 males – all age groups combined). Follow the leaderboards here and see how you and your club are tracking!

And, of course, fastest times contribute to the individual Virtual 5K Champs titles!

Athletes upload their individual results (maximum of 3 entries).

Age groups: M18, W18 M20, W20, SM, SW, M35-49, W35-49, M50-64, W50-64, M65+, W65+


Please log your 5K result as soon as possible after your run so we can keep the leader boards updated. Allow 2-3 days for your results to be processed.

You can enter in any of the following ways:

  1. STRAVA LINK: Submitting a link to a public Strava file via the online entry form.
  2. PHOTO OF GPS: Submitting a photo or screen shot of a GPS file or watch screen clearly showing fastest 5k and/or 5k split time (according to the race distance is that you are entering). Please email this to after you have submitted your entry online. NOTE: If you are in contention for a National Virtual Champs podium position we will ask to see more detail of the GPS file.
  3. HONESTY BOX: A manual entry into the online entry form simply with a time. NOTE: This receives an asterisk in the results and does not qualify toward National Virtual Champs podium positions.


All athletes participate at their own risk and agree to run as safely as possible and strictly adhere to all Government regulations and traffic rules.

Keep Your Distance: All racing MUST be done alone. The ONLY exception is if you are running with someone from your household (e.g. parent with their teenage kids, couple running together).

Unnecessary Travel: Record your entry as close to home as possible. In alignment with government advice, all of your activity should begin and end from your own home. However, the actual course you run, could be some distance from your home – as long as you run there.
Use Your Feet: Yes, standard running race rules apply. No scooters, no bikes, no roller blades, no magic moving boots. Just you, a watch and your running shoes. All podium position times will be subject to GPS file analysis.
Courses: To win or podium in a National Virtual Champs it MUST be run on an out-and-back or looped course (GPS route verification will be required). Runs completed on a treadmill or point-to-point course will not be eligible for the National Virtual Champs, however, we will accept entries from any courses for participation points.
Running Track: You can use a measured path or athletics track, but do not do so if against current Government regulations and keep in mind that stopwatch times will not qualify for National Virtual Champs podium places—so ideally also use a GPS. Note: GPS times on a track will be analysed for accuracy.
Terrain: Courses should have a net drop of no greater than 5 metres per kilometre.
Safety: PLEASE run on a safe pathway where you will avoid traffic and always give way to any traffic and other pedestrians (allowing 2-metre gaps).
Parents: We ask that all under 16s to be accompanied by an adult from their household on the run (the support person could be on a bike).
Sharing GPS Devices: You are welcome to borrow a family member’s device and Strava account to record your run (we encourage this under 16s to use their parent’s accounts), however please acknowledge in the results both the name of the runner and the Strava account holder.
Treadmills: You can run on a treadmill however gradient should be 1.0 or greater. Treadmill results will be multiplied by 1.01 (to account for variations) and they will not be eligible for National Virtual Champs titles or podiums.

Thanks to our event sponsors – R-Line and Asics