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1 July 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 1 July

Jacko Gill competed for the first time since winning the national shot put title in March. Credit: Alisha Lovrich.

Winter Throws Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 29 June 2024

Jacko Gill in his first competition since winning the national shot put title with 21.57m in March, was out to 20.83m, five weeks out from the Paris Olympic Games shot put qualification. His series; 20.57, 20.41, 20.83, 20.67, 20.79, 20.33.
Kate Hallie 4kg SP 12.09m, DT 41.47m, Sina-Maria Sua 11.02m and 40.17m. Fernanda Tirado 4kg HT 49.44m PB.
Arno Van Der Westhuizen 7.26kg HT 51.29m, Harrison McGregor 38.44m. Oliver Chung 5kg HT 47.07m PB.
Moana Schoenberger (16) 500g JT 37.37m PB. Taryn Gollschewsky (Australia) DT 56.55m.
Para Athlete; Sionann Murphy T37 3kg SP 8.18m DT 24.54m. Brian Wilson F20 5kg SP 7.53m PB.
Canterbury Cross Country Championships, Halswell Quarry Park – 29 June 2024

National steeplechase champion Eva Pringle won the senior women’s 10km title in 37:18 from national 3000m champion Tillie Hollyer who recorded 38:20. Rosa Twyford was third in 38:31 followed in by Olivia Ritchie in 39:11.
Connor Melton, national 5000m silver medallist, narrowly led in David Lee, national mile runner-up, for the second year in a row, to retain his senior men’s 10km title in 31:53. Cameron Clark was third in 32:50 and George Guerin fourth in 33:14.
Alex Kelliher was the quickest in the masters 8km in 27:34, almost equalling his winning time last year. Craig Oliver recorded 28:36, Michael Anderson 29:49 and Kerry Faass 30:02.
Master women 6km; Nicola Handley 25:08, Vic Chapman 28:38, Kerstin Sandford 29:04, Fiona Gilroy 29:19.
MU/20 8km; Daniel Prescott 26:31, Pai Wynyard 26:34, Luke Johnston 26:39. MU/18 6km; Thomas Newsom 20:26, Jacob Ridder 21:01, Caleb Radcliffe 21:21.
WU/20 6km; Kate Currie 22:59, Bridie Restieaux 24:35, Lucy Jurke 26:05. WU/18 4km; Brynne Gordon 14:57, Lily Alexander 15:55, Brooke Fortune 16:36.
BU/16 4km; Daniel Wordsworth 13:42, Otto Church 13:49, Luke Angland 13:50. GU/16 3km; Tayla Cox 11:40, Isabel Prescott 11:59, Ruby Laming 12:13.
BU/14 3km; Jacob Radcliffe 10:40, Tomo Hudson 11:33, Henry Ridd 11:53. GU/14 3km; Sascha Mitchell 11:19, Elodie Wightman 12:27, Libby Overend 12:28. U/12 2km; boys Kobe Ford 9:55, girls Momoka Hudson 10:12. 

BAA 10km, Boston MA, 23 June
: Matt Baxter 29:16 PB (14).
Meeting De Braga, Estádio 1o de Maio, Braga, 22 June:
Joshua Hawkins 110m H 14.35 +1.2 (3H2), 13.89 +1.4 (3).
Ciney Golden Series, Stade Rebompré, Ciney, 22 June:
Stella Pearless 800m 2:07.60 (4RB).
Soirées de Saint-Maur, Stade Adolphe Cheron, Saint-Maur, 26 June:
Brad Mathas 800m 1:45.88 (3).
La Classique d’athlétisme de Montréal, Piste Ben Leduc, Montréal, 21 June:
Alison Andrews-Paul 1000m 2:38.67 PB (2).
Be Fit Today Series, Lee Valley London, 23 June:
Zachary Saunders 200m 21.59 +0.2 (3RC).
National Championships, Morton Stadium, 29 June:
Arnika Nelson 5000m RW 24:39.82 PB (3).

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 26 June:
Andrew Cave 17:19, Damon Nicholas 18:39, Joel Martin 19:22.
60th Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 30 June:
10km; Jason Van Kempen 35:27, Hamish Dobson 36:53, Bryan Staunton 38:22. Mel Aitken 40:39, Claudia Sole 42:16, Jesika Sebelin 43:40. 5km; Stephen Johnson 16:13, Sandor Toth 16:29, Nathan Shanks 16:48. Taryn McLean 18:42, Tess Molloy 19:38, Esther Fogarty 21:21.