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12 October 2020 • General

Weekly Round Up: 12 October

New Zealand Competition Results

New Zealand One-Hour Track Record Attempt, Herb Towers Track Mt Smart Stadium – 10 October 2020
In a valiant attempt Hayden Wilde, thwarted by strong winds, came up short in his attempt to break Bill Baillie’s 1963 New Zealand one-hour record.

In blustery conditions at Mt Smart Stadium Wilde covered 19,834m in the one-hour, short of the 20,190m that Baillie achieved at the Lovelock Track 57 years ago.

With the help of pacing from Aaron Pulford, Cameron Graves and Sam Tanner, Wilde was able to maintain laps of just over 71 seconds. Pulford had them through to the 5km in 15 minutes before withdrawing. Graves pulled out as 7km passed in 20:56, leaving Tanner to provide the perfect pace for Wilde for the next ten laps. Tanner eventually succumbed to the tremendous effort he’d provided and withdrew at the end of lap 27.

With no one to shield him it was a tough ask for Wilde, having to battle a strong headwind down the main straight for the remaining 20 minutes of running.

Wilde, the national 5000m track champion, said that he gave it everything.

“The wind was a factor but I don’t want to make that my excuse. I couldn’t have done any better and that’s all I had.

“The preparation was as good as it could have been. I’ve been hitting good numbers on the track in Tauranga and my coach Craig said ‘I think you can do it’ and I really believed I could, but it just wasn’t my day today.”

He said the last 4km was really tough.

“At 16km I started to feel it, that was my first 73 second lap after we’d been hitting through in 71 mids which I was real happy with, but big gusts were coming through and it just slowed me down one or two seconds. I was trying to use the tailwind as much as I could, but it was just a bit of a battle for me going solo and hitting that headwind,” said Wilde.

Wilde was extremely grateful for the help he had received with pacing.

“The boys did a fantastic job pacing, I couldn’t choose any better pacers, those boys are probably the three best runners in New Zealand at the moment.”

The 23-year-old, who was second in the Mooloolaba ITU World Cup in March, will compete in the Tinman triathlon at Mt Maunganui on 8 November.

His coach Craig Kirkwood said it was an honest effort in the conditions.

“The wind was pretty strong and we thought we might be able to get away with it but he came a bit unstuck over the last five kilometres, it just started to really hurt and with 4km to go it was not on and he was struggling,” said Kirkwood.

“In these times it was a great distraction from not being able to get overseas to race for him. It was great to get some TV coverage and it was a great profile for the sport,” he added.

Baillie hit 20,000m in 59:28.6 and carried on and completed a further 190m up to the hour cut off, to break Emil Zatopek’s 1951 world record by 138m. Japanese runner Toshihiko holds the New Zealand all-comers record of 20,280 set in Christchurch in March 1981.

Mohamed Farah established the current world record of 21,330m in Brussels last month.

McKinnon Shield Meeting, Herb Towers Track Mt Smart Stadium – 10 October 2020
National 400m hurdles champion and record holder Portia Bing opened her season over the shorter 300m hurdles. Racing against national youth champion Zachary Saunders, Bing came through in an impressive time of 41.72.

Saunders recorded 41.15 over the higher hurdles after earlier winning the 100m in 11.60, racing into a headwind of 3.8mps. Ava Duggan was over the 762mm 300m hurdles in 49.99.

Nadia Evans raced to wins in the 60m in 7.81 -2.5 and the 400m, a clear winner in 56.88. Kheal Muliaga Paddy recorded 51.66 in the senior 400m.

Quinn Gardiner-Hall clocked a personal best 16:10.60 in the 3000m race walk. Bella Earl just edged out Imogen Barlow in the 1500m in 4:54.31, Barlow recording 4:54.86.

Talia van Rooyen, second in the 60m later won the 100m in 12.81 -2.7 from Camryn Smart.

Zoe Taylor long jump 5.55m +4.7, also 5.32m +1.5. Jade Nomani 3kg SP 10.31m PB.

Charli Gardiner-Hall broke her own New Zealand para athlete youth F38 2kg shot put record of 5.94m, extending the record out to 6.48m. She also competed in the 3000m race walk in 22:44.64, won by Alana Mathews in 19:12.59.

Athletics Canterbury Road Championships, Canterbury Agricultural Park – 10 October 2020
Camille Buscomb ventured south from Hamilton to take part in the senior women’s 10km and came away with an excellent result. The 30-year-old three times national 10km road champion recorded a time of 32:45, just seven seconds outside her personal best set in Spain on the last day of 2019.

Katherine Camp, who has a PB of 35:14, was second in 35:58 with Natalie Dryden third in a PB 37:44. Navajo Prentice was fourth in 38:01.

Thomas Richards, eleventh in the recent Governors Bay to Lyttelton 10km, won the senior 10km title in 32:48, 11 seconds ahead of Joseph Lynch. Mike Phillips was third in 33:07 and Matt Dryden fourth in 34:30.

In the masters 10km Chris Kelly clocked 34:49, Chris Mardon 34:53 and Danny Carmine 36:44.

Melanie Angland was the best of the master women over 5km in 19:17, Nicola Handley 19:52 and Vanessa Lord 20:39.

Cameron Clark U/20 8km 25:48 from Sola Kuwasaki 25:57. Sarah McClure U/20 5km 19:42. Theo Walker U/18 6km 19:27. Georgia-Rose Dawson U/18 5km 19:47.

Pai Wynyard U/16 4km 13:20. 3km U/16 Kate Currie 11:08, U/14 Cooper Wightman 10:22, Brynne Gordon 11:26. 2km U/12 Otto Church 6:57, Nicole Ridd 7:36.

South Island Masters Games, Aorangi Park – 11 October 2020
Shirley Rolston 70-74 competed in a number of events including 200m 59.9, 400m 2:06.6, 800m 4:40.0, 1500m 8:56.0, 3000m 19:24.43 and 3000m walk 22:14.

Tom Cockerill 75-79 was kept equally busy in the same range of events with times of 22:19 in the 3000m walk and 20:39.1 in the 3000m.

Lois Anderson 70-74 100m 17.0, 200m 41.7, 400m 1:45.2, 3kg HT 16.63m, JT 12.14m. Noel Morriss 70-74 100m 14.9. Jeff Melville 55-59 LJ 4.47m, TJ 9.52m. Kelley Charles W35-39 4kg HT 32.04m PB. She also had a 8.67m SP, 25.93m DT and 17.61m JT. Toni Oudemans 40-44 4kg SP 9.10m, DT 24.58m, HT 19.45m, JT 26.97m. Michelle Bitcheno 45-49 SP 6.91m, DT 20.78m, HT 29.69m, JT 15.42m. Denise Fellows 50-54 SP 5.91m, DT 17.53m, HT 22.34m, JT 11.63m.

Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 10 October 2020
Quinn Hartley U/18 100m 12.10 -1.8, 200m 24.63 -2.1. William Robertson U/14 100m 11.84 -1.8, LJ 5.80m -3.5. Dwight Grieve 3000m 9:42.52. Norman Tudor 800g JT 44.31m. Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 42.25m, 3kg SP 11.39m, DT 29.17m. Trent Hogg 5kg SP 15.31m PB, 6kg SP 13.53m PB, 1.5kg DT 38.89m. Rico Fisher 1.25kg DT 42.23m. Tessa Baird TJ 10.38m -1.1.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 7 October: Matt Kerr 16:15, Mike Wanden 18:10, Damon Nicholas 18:15. Claire McKone 22:12.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 8 October: P J Murdoch 40:05. 5km: Daniel Smith 19:55.

Devonport Half Marathon, Windsor Reserve, 11 October: Fabian Downs 1:10:59, Andrius Ramonas 1:16:45, Matt Kerr 1:19:01. Jess Gerry 1:36:52, Pip Tuckey 1:37:45, Marie McNaughton 1:37:56. 10km; James Marsh 35:52, George Mawson 37:34, Michael Seow 38:08. Yasmin Kessner 42:30, Lacey White 42:50.

Taupo Ultramarathon, Whakaipo Bay, 10 October: 100km; Carl Read 8:03:32, Tom Peck 9:16:21, Keith Poore 9:24:20. Konoka Azumi 10:11:43, Laura Pfeifer 10:24:47, Sarah Healy 11:42:40. 74km; Daniel Rae 6:50:46, Brett Clayton 7:29:53, Alex Hunt 7:37:16. Jennifer Overend 8:27:00, Jaime Stevenson 8:29:46, Brittany Saldarelli 8:42:21. 50km; Nick Johnston 3:46:45, Tony Field 4:00:53, Will Samuel 4:14:17. Sue Crowley 4:15:51, Caris Teo 4:25:31, Angela Campbell 4:40:27.

Wairarapa Country Marathon, 11 October: Matthew Moloney 2:34:46 PB, Mark Paterson 2:41:41 PB, Geoff Ferry 2:44:06 PB. Ruby Muir 2:46:21 PB, Ingrid Cree 2:55:04 PB, Annie Jerling 4:11:56. Half; Niam Macdonald 1:11:27, Brian Garmonsway 1:14:00, Alasdair Saunders 1:15:54 PB. Mel Aitken 1:22:41, Mel Stevens 1:23:20 PB, Lindsay Barwick 1:34:13. 10km; Matt Bonner 37:29, Flynn Register 38:44, Luke Hammington 39:21.

Waterfront 5km Series, 6 October: Daniel Jones 15:49, Matthew Moloney 15:55, Ben Twyman 15:55. Madison Wos 19:31, Emma Bassett 20:49, Katie Jordan 20:51. Walk: Clive McGovern 29:54, Jacqueline Wilson 32:11.

Marina to Marina 24km, 10 October: 24km; Gus Marfell 1:46:20, James Smith 1:52:51, Chris Cartwright 1:56:07. Nory Lansing 2:00:34, Emily Marfell 2:06:41, Emma Bassett 2:09:54. 13km; Will Anthony 50:26, Billy Hebberd 59:46, Edward Hohepa 59:52. Nikita Gane 1:11:15, Jayne Wallace 1:13:39, Rebekah Anderson 1:17:17. 9km; Simon Connor 43:29, Cullum Rayner 44:14, Marek Lukes 44:17. Bella Rayner 47:23, Sophia Nicholas 49:52, Maria Hillier 51:30.

27th Abel Tasman 33km Coastal Classic, Kaiteriteri to Marahau, 10 October: Flavio Vianna 2:24:27, Vajin Aemstrong 2:28:05, Darron Jones 2:34:58. Kirsten Wright 2:54:44, Annabelle Bramwell 2:57:45, Abby Nattrass 3:10:36.

Three Peaks Mountain Race, 11 October: 52km; Chris Bisley 5:20:05, Lewis Latham 5:22:33. Sharon Lequeux 6:02:39 from Kristy Eyles. 26km; Matt Ogden 2:11:53. Kirsty Moffett 2:42:48. 11km; Nathan Shanks 1:02:08. Lydia Pattillo 1:15:38.

Southland Festival of Running, 11 October: Marathon; Hannah Oldroyd 2:52:47, Craig Iversen 3:06:54, Jerome Lagumbay 3:17:41. Rosie Hay 3:28:46 (2nd woman), Catherine Calverley 3:38:28 (3rd). Half; Adam Clayton 1:15:57, Thijs Hubber 1:20:59, Dwight Grieve 1:22:41. Sonya Cameron 1:26:09, Kimberley Iversen 1:33:06, Nicole Jackson 1:37:30. 10km; Buddy Small 36:21, James Mcleay 37:36, Ben Scott 42:31. Kennedy Taylor 41:58.