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13 February 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 13 February

Geordie Beamish clocked a sensational 7:36.22 to set a New Zealand 3000m record at the Millrose Games in New York (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Porritt Classic, Porritt Stadium – 11 February 2023
Rebekah Greene found the speed when it counted over the closing stages of the women’s 1500m, to carry her clear of Laura Nagel.

Greene was two seconds outside her personal best in winning in 4:16.10. Nagel clocked 4:17.82 and Tillie Hollyer was third cutting five seconds off her previous best with 4:20.78.

Russell Green and Jack Paine had an epic battle in the men’s 1500m, Green coming out on top in 3:45.92.

Joshua Hawkins completed a double winning the 100m in 10.82 and the 110m hurdles in 14.21. Tommy Te Puni continued his slick form over a lap of the track covering the 400m in 47.67. Rosie Elliott set a meeting record of 53.15 in the women’s 400m. Brooke Somerfield collected the women’s sprint double in times of 11.85 and 24.13. Madison-Lee Wesche dominated the shot put with a throw of 18.68m, while Lexi Maples was out to a personal best hammer throw of 57.67m. Tori Peeters was out to her ninth best javelin throw of 59.60m.

Mia De Jager at 15 highlighted the women’s high jump winning with a height of 1.74m and electing an attempt at 1.78m, which she easily cleared on her first attempt. Her previous best of 1.75m was set when winning the New Zealand Secondary Schools junior girls title.

De Jager was delighted with the outcome.

“It’s been a good day, I’m very happy about it.

“It’s been amazing training for it and I thank Criss (Strange) for everything. He’s done so much for me and I’m so thankful for it,” she said.

Asked her thoughts going into the final jump.

“I did 1.74m (to win the competition) and I thought 1.78m holy moly here we go.”

After a see saw battle with Mate Poduje, Rāfe Couillault prevailed in the men’s high jump clearing 2.02m.



100m: Joshua Hawkins (Auckland City Athletics) 10.82s 1, Joseph Millar (Tauranga) 11.01s 2, Hayato Yoneto (Queenstown) 11.05s 3.

200m: Hamish Gill (North Harbour Bays) 21.56s 1, Troy Middleton (Waitakere) 22.07s 2, Yoneto 22.34s 3.

400m: Tommy Te Puni (NHB) 47.67s 1, Finn O’Sullivan (Christchurch) 50.25s 2, Stephen Thorpe (NHB) 50.48s 3.

800m: Dominic Devlin (ACA) 1m 50.01s 1, James Ford (Takapuna) 1m 50.35s 2, Callum O’Keeffe (Hastings) 1m 52.42s 3.

1500m: Russell Green (Dunedin) 3m 45.92s 1, Jack Paine (Pakuranga) 3m 46.72s 2, David Lee (Christchurch) 3m 47.54s 3.

1500m Boys: Etinne Catonne (Westlake BHS) 3m 58.02s 1, Daniel Sinclair (Whanganui C) 3m 58.18s 2, James Hercus (Whanganui C) 4m 2.65s 3.

110m hurdles: Hawkins 14.21s 1, Tom Moloney (ACA) 16.13s 2, Max Teuruaa (NHB) 16.66s 3.

300m hurdles: Beau Brackenridge (Christchurch) 46.10s 1, Nathan Browne (Hamilton) 40.77s 2, Noah Retford (Pakuranga) 42.08s 3.

3000m steeplechase: Michael Sutton (Tauranga) 9m 26.32s 1, Lorcan Rabbitte (Hastings) 9m 52.90s 2, Joshua Fitzgerald (Nelson) 10m 5.53s 3.

Shot put: Blessing Sefo (Waitakere) 15.07m 1, Thorpe 11.16m 2.

Hammer throw: Anthony Nobilo (NHB) 66.49m 1, Arno van der Westhuizen (NHB) 51.69m 2.

Javelin throw: Douw Botes (Papakura) 59.67m 1, Nathan Buckley (NHB) 59.10m 2, Luke Hassan (Egmont) 51.15m 3.
Long jump: Shay Veitch (Dunedin) 7.35m 1, Lewis Arthur (NHB) 7.06m 2, Brendon Barnett (ACA) 7.03m 3.
High jump: Rāfe Couillault (Papakura) 2.02m 1, Mate Poduje (Dunedin) 2.00m 2, Levi Murdoch (Christchurch) 1.95m 3.


100m: Brooke Somerfield (Tauranga) 11.85s 1, Chayille Collette (Palmerston North) 11.90s 2, Addira Collette (Pal/Nth) 12.08s 3.

200m: Somerfield 24.13s 1, C Collette 24.21s 2, A Collette 24.66s 3.

400m: Rosie Elliott (Christchurch) 53.15s (meeting record) 1, Isabel Neal (NHB) 54.03s 2, Emma Osborne (Christchurch) 56.71s 3.

800m: Jennifer Hauke (Papakura) 2m 6.97s 1, Stella Pearless (NHB) 2m 7.96s 2, Holly Fausett (Tauranga) 2m 16.11s 3.

1500m: Rebekah Greene (Dunedin) 4m 16.10s 1, Laura Nagel (NHB) 4m 17.82s 2, Tillie Hollyer (Christchurch) 4m 20.78s 3.

1500m Girls: Poppy Martin (John Paul C) 4m 39.40s 1, Charo Heijnen (Otumotai C) 4m 40.69s 2, Sascha Letica (Takapuna GS) 4m 41.38s 3.

80m hurdles: Fernanda Tirado (NHB) 12.85s 1, Katlyn Cornes (Fairfield) 13.77s 2, Lauren Barrett-Hamilton (Waitakere) 13.84s 3.

100m hurdles: Celine Pearn (Waitakere) 14.75s 1, Alessandra Macdonald (Hamilton) 14.85s 2, Grace Wisnewski (Hamilton) 15.04s 3.

300m hurdles: Sophie Hancock (Hamilton) 44.29s 1, Tania Jackson (Christchurch) 47.23s 2, Amelie Wood (Cambridge) 52.03s 3.

Shot put: Maddison-Lee Wesche ((Waitakere) 18.68m 1, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Papatoetoe) 15.56m 2, Kate Hallie (Takapuna) 13.23m 3.

Hammer throw: Lexi Maples (Christchurch) 57.67m 1, Paige Fletcher (Papakura) 43.48m 2, Nadja Kumerich (NHB) 43.08m 3.

Javelin throw: Tori Peeters (Hamilton) 59.60m 1, Alice Taylor (Hamilton) 35.63m 2, Hayley Koppens (Cambridge) 33.01m 3.

Long jump: Mariah Ririnui (Tauranga) 5.93m 1, Ashleigh Bennett (Hawera) 5.68m 2, Briana Stephenson (NHB) 5.54m 3.

High jump: Mia De Jager (Hamilton) 1.78m 1, Alexandra Hyland (ACA) and Alice Taylor (Hamilton) 1.70m 2 equal.

Para Athlete

Men: 100m: Mitch Joynt (NHB) 12.32s 1, Joe Smith (NHB) 12.83s 2, Jaxon Woolley (NHB) 12.95s 3. 200m; William Stedman (Christchurch) 25.93s 1, Joynt 24.19s 2, Smith 26.28s 3. 400m; Stedman 56.04s 1. Long jump; Stedman 5.35m 1. Wheelchair 100m; Jaden Movold (NHB) 18.83s 1. 200m; Movold 32.27s 1. 1500m; Movold 4m 00.68 1. Shot put; Corran Hanning (Wellington) 12.91m 1, Caelan Harris (Hamilton) 7.03m 2.

Women: 100m: Danielle Aitchison (Hamilton) 14.59s 1, Anna Steven (NHB) 14.55s 2, Paddy Walsh (NHB) 15.88s 3. 200m; Aitchison 30.41s 1, Steven 30.66s 2, Rylee Sayer (Paeroa) 33.33s 3. Long jump; Anna Grimaldi (Dunedin) 5.42m 1. Shot put; Lisa Adams (Lake City Rotorua) 14.87m, Sionnan Murphy (Takapuna) 8.26m 2.


Wellington Scottish Twilight Meeting, Newtown Park – 8 February 2023
Wellington 5000m Championship: Nathan Tse 14:58.48, Daniel du Toit 15:36.91, Tom Strawbridge 15:54.48. Under 18; Max Doherty 15:41.06, Max Poland 15:44.29. Women; Emma Perron 17:26.48, Esther George 17:40.08.

Masters; Hirotaka Tanimoto 15:47.09.

Joshua Lotsu 100m 11.25 -0.7, 200m 22.80 -1.4, Ethan Calder-Cass 11.27 and 22.51.


Athletics Canterbury Championships, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 10/11 February 2023
Christina Ryan 100m 12.89 +0.8, 200m 25.11 +3.0, 100m H 14.88 -1.2, LJ 5.49m +2.8, 5.48m +0.7, HJ 1.65m, SP 11.85m, JT 34.18m. Zara McDonnell HJ 1.60m. Charlotte Blake DT 37.17m, Melenaite Havea 35.36m. Hannah Sandilands 100m 12.59 +0.8, LJ 5.80m +1.2. Keeley O’Hagan 100m 12.73. Chloe Hughes 800m 2:13.46, 1500m 4:45.06. Anna Percy 100m H 13.96 -1.2. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.70m. Kelsey Berryman LJ 5.70m +1.6. Helena Dinnissen LJ 5.33m +1.3, TJ 11.06m +0.7. Kiera Hall 800m 2:13.22, 1500m 4:42.23, Niamh Motley 2:18.58 and 4:50.36. Abbey Moody DT 41.75m, 600g JT 43.73m. Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey DT 40.47m, HT 39.98m, JT 34.64m. Holly Gray 100m 12.67 +0.8, 400m 59.21, 100m H 14.51 -0.5, 300m H 46.72. Samantha Lascelles 1500m 4:41.57.

Para Athlete, Sarah James wheelchair 100m 20.68 -0.1, 200m 38.99 +0.7, 400m 1:24.42, 800m 2:46.04. Caitlin Dore 3kg SP 8.24m.

Marcus Wolton 100m 11.18 +1.0, 200m 22.25 +0.8. John Wells 400m 50.51. Ethan Smolej 800m 1:56.77, 1500m 3:58.32. Masaki Tomooka 110m H 15.25 +0.9, LJ 6.36m +0.6. George Guerin 3000m St 9:40.61. Max Attwell PV 4.70m, DT 41.36m. Max Abbot SP 14.38m HT 47.63m. Jared Neighbours DT 47.40m, JT 57.62m. Ben Walker HJ 1.95m, Ethan Bone 1.95m. Angus Sevier 800m 1:54.80, 1500m 3:59.47. AJ Madondo 100m 11.23 +0.2, 200m 22.61 +0.8, LJ 6.23m -0.7, TJ 13.08m +0.6. Gabriel Dickerson 700g JT 42.19m.

Para Athlete Zack Lappin F37 5kg SP 7.48m, 1kg DT 30.30m, 600g JT 26.82m.


Athletic Otago Championships, Caledonian Ground – 11/12 February 2023
Jorja Gibbons 100m U18 12.74 -3.6, U/20 12.64 -2.6, 200m 26.57 -2.1, LJ 5.32m +3.3. John Gerber 100m 10.91 -0.6, Fergus McLeay 100m 11.02, 400m 49.27. Jackson Rogers 100m 11.12, 200m 21.85 -2.9. Felix McDonald 100m 11.27, 400m 49.60, LJ 7.32 +1.2. Cole Gibbons 200 22.71 -1.1, PV 4.31m Otago M18 record. Sebastian Ferro 200m 22.75. Phoebe Laker 400m 57.83, Millar McElrea 51.52.

Barry Baxter 200m 34.99 -1.1, Otago M77 record. Barbara Patrick 40-0m 1:40.95 Otago W75 record.

Zara Geddes 800m 2:18.50, 1500m 4:44.76. Cameron Moffitt 400m H 57.88, Luke Moffitt 58.77. Kieran Fowler SP 14.23m, DT 50.79m. Zharna Beattie DT 45.59m. Ethan Walker JT 54.71m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 53.99m. Bernice Cullen LJ 5.42m +3.2, TJ 11,11m +3.7. Ryan Young TJ 13.72m +1.1. Alex Brown 3000m RW 15:30.19.

Para Athlete Josh Chisholm F40 4kg SP 4.89m NZ F40 record.


Athletics Southland Championships, Surrey Park – 11/12 February 2023
Rebecca Peterson 100m 13.08 -1.8, TJ 10.26m -3.0, LJ 5.08m -1.5. Cody Lawson 400m 52.34. Connor Gilliland (17) 110m H 16.68 -0.2, Siena Mackley (17) 1500m 4:48.29. Carlie Scherp (17) HT 45.04m, SP 11.26m, DT 35.11m. Isla MacCallum (17) HT 38.93m, SP 11.65m. Ashlynn Scherp (19) HT 34.14m. Trent Hogg HT 34.36m, SP 13.75m, DT 37.99m.

Olle Davis (17) HJ 1.80m, TJ 12.59m -1.5, LJ 6.17m -0.6. Quinn Hartley (19) HJ 2.00m. Sienna Watson (17) TJ 10.10m -1.4. Sammy Fookes 800m 2:22.39.

International Results


115th Millrose Games, The Armory, New York NY, 11 February: Sam Tanner Wanamaker Mile 3:51.70 PB (4), 1500m en route 3:36.27. George Beamish Dr Sander 3000m 7:36.22 PB (6), New Zealand national record, breaks Nick Willis’ record of 7:36.91 set in the Czech Republic in June 2014, and New Zealand Indoor record breaks his own record of 7:39.50 set in New York in January last year.

Boston University David Hemery Valentine Invite, Boston MA, 10 February: Macey Hilton 800m 2:13.43 (8RF), Krystal Clark 800m 2:12.28 (7RG), Krystie Solomon 800m 2:11.88 (5RI). Kimberley May mile 4:40.37 (3RE), Tessa Hunt mile 4:52.14 (5RH). Penelope Salmon 3000m 9:26.24 (11RH), Isabella Richardson 3000m 9:39.99 (4RJ). 11 February: Zane Powell mile 4:00.95 (6RC), Angus White 4:13.01 (13RC). Liam Back 4:03.12 (8RE). Toby Gualter 3000m 7:58.26 (9RC0, Will Anthony 8:01.81 (10RD), Colin Kirkpatrick 8:18.69 (15RH). MacCallum Rowe 5000m 14:13.84 (6RG).

Grand Valley State University Big Meet, GV State-Laker Turf Building, Allendale MI, 10 February: Jacob Holmes mile 4:15.34 (3RC).

Husky Classic, Washington-Dempsey Indoor, Seattle WA, 10 February: Theo Quax 3000m 7:49.89 (2RB), Isaiah Priddey 7:50.72 (3RB). Murdoch McIntyre 5000m 13:55.86 (6RB). Hannah O’Connor 3000m 9:47.79 (4RF). 11 February: Isaiah Priddey mile 4:00.76 (7). Theo Quax 4:00.62 (2RB). Jeff Lautenslager 4:04.21 (7RD). Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.15m (2).

Fastrack Invitational, Staten Island NY, 10 February: Luke Hitchcock 600m 1:21.61 (2). Charlie Hazlett 3000m 8:36.83 (11).

8th Gorilla Classic, Pittsburg KS, 10 February: Kayla Goodwin LJ 5.88m (2). 11 February: Maria Sartin 400m 58.03 (2). Kayla Goodwin 60m H 8.96 (5H2).

Don Kirby Elite, Albuquerque NM, 10 February: Annalies Kalma 400m 56.18 (2RE). 11 February: Jordyn Blake 400m 56.49 (4RM). Tapenisa Havea SP 14.70m (15).

TTU Jarvis Scott Open, Lubbock TX, 11 February: Leah Belfield 200m 24.06 (2RE).

Music City Challenge, Nashville TN, 11 February: Mitchell Small 3000m 8:16.93 (9RC).

South Dakota State University Classic, 11 February: Anthony Barmes WT 20.55m (1). Centaine Noom-Duckworth WT 17.21m (7).

Wisconsin Badger’s Windy City Invite II, Chicago IL, 11 February: Chanel Muir mile 4:06.74 (3RC). Chris Devaney 3000m 7:56.32 (2). Tamara Reeves mile 4:59.37 (11RC). Jemima Antoniazzi 3000m 9:46.07 (3RC).


Adelaide Track Classic, World Athletics Continental Tour Challenge Meet, SA Athletic Stadium, Adelaide, 11 February: Dhruv Rodrigues Chico 100m 10.57 -2.1 (1RB), 200m 21.19 -1.4 (1RB). Brad Mathas 800m 1:48.21 (6). James Steyn PV 5.30m (1). Rosa Twyford 800m 2:07.59 (3RB). Olivia McTaggart PV 4.55,m (1), Imogen Ayris PV 4.35m (2).

Garry Brown Shield, QSAC State Athletics Facility, Brisbane, 11 February: Jemima Tennekoon 800m 2:09.69 (1).

Australian 20km Race Walking Championships, World Athletics Walking Bronze Tour, Fawkner Park, Melbourne, 12 February: Laura Langley 1:45:25 (13), Courtney Ruske 1:52:43 (17).


9th Orlen Copernicus Cup, Toruń, World Athletics Indoor Tour, 8 February: Hamish Kerr HJ 2.27m (1) (2.15 o, 2.21 o, 2.27 o, 2.30 xxx).


Athletics Central North West Open Meeting, Potchefstroom, 7 February: Welrè Olivier TJ 16.48 +1.0 PB (1), NZ national record breaking Phil Wood’s record of 16.22m set in Edmonton in 1978. Ethan Olivier TJ 16.22m +1.9 PB (1) NZ U20, U19, U18 record breaks own record of 16.04m set in Cali Colombia in August.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 7 February: Harvey Walsh 16:39, David Bagot 16:48, Tim Jenns 16:51. Devon Lowyim 19:32, Kerry Ash 20:23, Kayla Fairbairn 21:27.                                                                                                                                      

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 8 February: Sam Schofield 16:00, Andrew Harvey 19:02, Tom Hanrahan 19:36. Becky Bradley 22:28, Bridget McArthur 22:30.

Tarawera Ultramarathon, 11/12 February: 162.5km +3526m elevation, Zach Miller (USA) 14:41:41, Hajime Mamba (Japan) 15:11:30, Nicholas Bamford (GB) 15:32:57. Lucy Bartholomew (Australia) 17:13:27, Kimino Miyazaki (Japan) 17:54:50, Katie Wright (NZ) 18:19:22. 103.2km +2347m, Daniel Jones (NZ) 7:27:55, Hayden Hawks (USA) 7:42:13, Ryan Montgomery (USA) 8:11:21. Nancy Jiang (NZ) 9:26:08, Stephanie Auston (Australia) 9:27:29, Aroa Sio (Spain) 9:30:41. 51.4km +1572m, David Haunschmidt (NZ) 3:33:03, Piotr Babis (Poland) 3:40:02, Charles Hamilton (Australia) 3:40:47. Allie McLaughlin (USA) 3:43:38, Caitlin Fielder (NZ) 3:46:59, Kate Avery (GB) 3:54:52. 21.8km +734m, Mike Robinson (NZ) 1:25:45, Liam Dooley (NZ) 1:26:55, Brent Kelly (NZ) 1:28:12. Juliette Soule (NZ) 1:40:59, Sabrina Grogan (NZ) 1:42:12, Katie Evans (GB) 1:44:59.

Waterfront 5km Series, 7 February: Will Critchlow 18:05, Daniel Gardner 18:11, Stephen Cox 18:13. Rosalind Poulgrain 19:24, Sophie Dickson 19:50, Darshna Govind 21:12.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 12 February: Jonas Lehmann 34:26, Jonny Wright 36:49, Jeremy Howe 37:02. Joanne Brown 45:04.

Honest Lawyer 5km Series, Monaco, 6 February: Rory Dadds 19:44, Eddie Hohepa 19:50, Nick Lane 20:30. Robyn Deane 21:43, Colette Read 22:16, Ingrid Büdenbender 23:05.

Shoe Clinic 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 7 February: Cameron Clark 15:11, Corban Straker 15:23, Dayle McLauchlan 16:07. Sophie Hicks 17:43, Hannah Bartram 17:47, Fiona Crombie 18:54.