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17 June 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 17 June

Boh Ritchie was an impressive winner of the Senior Girls’ race at the 2024 New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships in Christchurch on Saturday. Credit: (Alisha Lovrich).

50th New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships, QE2 and Ascot Parks, Ōtautahi – 15 June 2024

Caleb Wagener continued his winning ways, taking out the senior boys 6km by a wide margin of 18 seconds over regular rival George Wyllie. Samuel Rickerby was third.
Wagener now adds the New Zealand Secondary Schools cross country title to the 6km road title he won in December. Wagener was a Year 9 winner in 2021 and second in the juniors in 2022.
Boh Ritchie was equally impressive in the senior girls, improving from second last year to add the title to the senior girls’ 800m, 1500m double in December. Ritchie was a Year 9 winner in 2021 and second junior girl in 2022.
Sam Ruthe followed up his Year 9 title with a clear victory in the junior boys’ race. Maddie Worrall led home a Diocesan one-two in the junior girls’ race.
Senior 4km:
Boh Richie (St Peter’s Cambridge) 14:08, Lisa Hellyer (Onehunga HS) 14:12, Scarlett Robb (St Cuthbert’s) 14:15, Siena Mackley (Wakatipu HS) 14:17, Sascha Letica (Takapuna GS) 14:27.
Teams 3 person: Brisbane Athletics 1, St Cuthbert’s College 2, Wellington Girls’ College) 3, Cashmere High School 3. 6 person: St Cuthbert’s College 1, Wellington Girls’ College 2, St Peter’s School Cambridge 3.
Junior 3km: Maddie Worrall (Diocesan) 10:38, Indie Williams (Diocesan) 10:44, Polina Kimova (Long Bay Coll) 10:48.
Teams 3 person: Diocesan School for Girls 1, Wellington Girls’ College 2, Baradene College 3. 6 person: Diocesan School for Girls 1, Wellington Girls’ College 2, Craighead Diocesan School 3.
Year 9 3km: Leah Marais (Pakuranga Coll) 10:44, Tayla Cox (Chch GHS) 10:48, Olivia McDowell (Kapiti Coll) 10:55.
Teams 3 person: Diocesan School for Girls 1, Villa Maria College 2, St Peter’s School Cambridge 3. 6 person: Diocesan School for Girls, St Peter’s School Cambridge 2, Wellington Girls’ College 3.
Senior 6km:
Caleb Wagener (Auckland GS) 17:57, George Wyllie (Tauranga Coll) 18:15, Samuel Rickerby (King’s Coll) 18:51, Hamish Murray (Aquinas Coll) 18:53, Cooper Wightman Chch BHS) 18:55, Joe Martin (Wellington Coll) 18:56.
Teams 3 person: Auckland Grammar School 1, New Plymouth Boys’ High School) 2, Tauranga Boys’ College 3. 6 person: Tauranga Boys’ College 1, New Plymouth Boys’ High School 2, Auckland Grammar School 3.
Junior 4km: Sam Ruthe (Tauranga Coll) 12:16, Alex MacBeth (Wellington Coll) 12:56, Vaughan Murray (Aquinas Coll) 12:59.
Teams 3 person: Westlake Boys’ High School 1, Wellington College 2, Tauranga Boys’ College 3. 6 person: Westlake Boys’ High School 1, Wellington College 2, Tauranga Boys’ College 3.
Year 9 3km: Ronin Dickens (Tauranga Coll) 9:46, Jacob Williams (Hutt Valley HS) 9:47, William Moulder (St Peter’s Coll Akld) 9:56.
Teams 3 person: Hamilton Boys’ High School 1, Hutt Valley High School 2, Brisbane Athletics 3, Tauranga Boys’ College 4. 6 person: Tauranga Boys’ College 1, St Peter’s College Auckland 2, Wellington College 3.
Para results: Senior 2km: T20 Luis Douglas (Havelock Nth HS) 8:21, Lee West (Papanui HS) 9:35, Lachlan Oakes (Papanui HS) 10:13. T38 Josh Rae (Papanui HS) 9:03. Teams 3 person: T20 Papanui High School. 6 person: Papanui High School.
Junior 2km: T20 Cody Lamond (Papanui HS) 10:01, Adi Pathak (Papanui HS) 13:35, Bronson Ditfort (Papanui HS) 19:04. T11 Toby Ireland (Hutt Valley HS) 10:19. T36 Isaac Brewster (Shirley BHS) 13:45. Teams 3 person: T20 Papanui High School.
Year 9 2km: T20 Albert O’Brien (Onslow College) 9:23.
8th Regional Team Cross Country Team Championships, QE2 and Ascot Parks, Ōtautahi – 16 June 2024
Regional 8km Cross Country Teams
Year Nine Girls:
Auckland (Morgan Day, Mila Fong, Larsen Grace, Sofia Maulvurfs) 34:42, Canterbury 34:51, Wellington 35:05.
Year Nine Boys: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Jack Stirling, Lachlan Murray, Max Stirling, Ronin Dickens) 28:59, Canterbury 29:36, NHB 30:15.
Year Nine Mixed: STH (Flynn Weber, Ianthe MacMillan-Armstrong, Addison McGarry, Hunter Flowers) 34:31, Canterbury 34:38, Wellington 34:49.
Junior Girls: Wellington (Madison Wos, Juju Moorhead, Hannah Wade, Emma Lowden) 33:01, Auckland 33:13, Auckland B 35:11.
Junior Boys: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Sam Ruthe, Sheldon Hogan, Kingston Ryan, Vaughan Murray) 28:59, Canterbury 29:36, NHB 30:15.
Junior Mixed: Wellington (Tom Pescini, Zoe Hilton, Xanthe Wong, Lachlan Maclean) 32:49, AOR 33:28, Tasman 34:04.
Senior Girls: Auckland (Scarlett Robb, Zara Pomfret, Sarah Hellyer, Lisa Hellyer) 31:57, Canterbury 32:30, Wellington 32:42.
Senior Boys: Waikato Bay of Plenty (Fletcher van Haven, Hamish Murray, Corban Holmes, George Wyllie) 27:43, Wellington 28:31, Canterbury 28:46.
Senior Mixed: ECN (Max Wildbore, Caitlin Kirk, Mackenzie Speers, Alex West) 31:46, Waikato Bay of Plenty 31:56, Canterbury 32:19.
Fastest 2km laps: Ben Oxford 6:50, Boh Ritchie 7:38.
Para Athlete 4km: Senior; Canterbury (Josh Rae, Lee West, Sam Churchill, Oliver King) 20:00. Junior; Canterbury (Cody Lamond, Adi Pathak, Isaac Brewster, Bronson Ditfort) 28:16.
Holloway Memorial Cross Country, Motukarara Race Course – 8 June 2024
8km: SM; Cameron Swales 26:21, Toby Tasker 27:15, George Guerin 27:27. U/20; Daniel Prescott 26:25, Luke Johnston 28:00, Pai Wynyard 28:07. MM; Alex Kelliher 28:03, Anthony Chapman 30:29, Damien Cook 31:50. SW; Olivia Ritchie 31:57, Jess Wright 32:31, Lahana Reeves 32:41.
6km: U18; Daniel Redmond 21:25, Thomas Newsom 21:29, Henry Hiatt 21:55. MM; James Wellacott 24:49, Shaun McWhirter 25:44, Alex Simmonds 26:15. MW; Nicola Handley 26:11, Vic Chapman 29:09, Fiona Gilroy 29:34.
4km: SW; Paige Avery 17:43, Haven Drinnan 19:21. U/20; Kate Currie 16:16, Lilla Faivre 19:14. U/18; Zania Roberts 17:16, Brooke Fortune 17:28, Kobi Maslin 18:30.
3km: U16 Daniel Wordsworth 9:54, Ethan Richardson 9:54, Jarrod Harris 10:48. U/14; Jacob Radcliffe 10:12, Henry Ridd 11:09, Kiran Ferguson 11:59. U16; Milla Boulton 12:02, Abi Scott-Douglas 12:24, Eliza Harrinton 12:29. U14; Sascha Mitchell 10:48, Abigail Junge 11:46, Tayla Ford 12:01.

Portland Track Festival, Mt Hood Community College, Gresham OR, 9 June:
Theo Quax 5000m 13:33.91 (14), Jeff Lautenslager 14:10.63 (1RB). Craig Lautenslager 10,000m 29:17.00 (3RB). Laura Nagel 5000m 15:35.05 PB (5). Aimee Mackenzie 1500m 4:32.50 PB (9RA), Courtney Quirin 4:46.91 (2RB).
SEAA South of England Championships, Thames Valley Athletic Centre, Windsor, 8 June:
Zachary Saunders 200m 21.29 +2.6 (3H1), 21.37 +0.6 (6). 9 June: Zachary Saunders 100m 10.89 +1.9 (3H2).
Hercules Wimbleton 3000m Night of Races, London, 12 June: Chris McIlroy 8:54.55 (13RE). Georgie Grgec 9:02.16 PB (1RC).
Harry Jerome Classic, Swangard Stadium, Burnaby, 15 June:
Maia Ramsden 1500m 4:05.93 (1), Kimberley May 4:07.19 (3). Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:04.77 (7).
Invitational Meeting, Foote Field, Edmonton, 13 June: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:01.91 (3).
Meeting National à thème du Bourget, Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace, Le Bourget, 15 June:
Imogen Ayris PV 4.25m (3) (4.10o, 4.25o, 4.35xxx).
Meeting Nikaia, Nice, 15 June: Ethan Olivier TJ 16.77m (1) (16.27 (1.0), 16.63m (0.2), 16.59 (1.1), 16.77 (0.5), 16.67 (0.4), 16.41 (0.8).
Jump ‘n’ Run Meeting, Stadion Hacheney, Dortmund, 8 June:
Thomas Cowan 800m 1:52.12 (1).
Folksam Grand Prix, Sollentuna, 16 June:
Connor Bell DT 63.98m (5).
Festival of Athletics, Townsville, 15 June:
Lauren Bruce HT 70.52m (1) – A second best throw of 2024 for Lauren.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 12 June:
Damon Nicholas 19:04, Andy Kilding 20:20, Helen Kilding 21:19, Chris Weeks 21:30.
Run Auckland 10km, Onepoto Domain, Northcote, 16 June: Karlene O’Halloran 34:51, Lisa Cross 35:42, Clinton Loveday 36:17, Julian Ng 37:02, Alan Houghton 38:45.
The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 16 June:
Paul Hewitson 38:08, Matt Cryer 38:11, James Waite 39:15. Kumiko Otani 39:36. 5km; Toby Fuller 19:35.

A pioneer of children’s athletics in New Zealand Mike Murray passed away on Friday 14 June 2024 aged 82, after failing health for some time. He is also credited with introducing the half marathon distance as a race in New Zealand in 1979, known as the Sunfresh Half Marathon. He organised and conducted the first New Zealand Half Marathon Championship on the Pakuranga course in 1981 with Kerry Rodger winning the men’s title and Maree Turner the women.
In his youth Mike was an above average sprinter representing West Coast North Island in the 100, 220 and 440 yards. In 1974 he became involved with the Pakuranga Club starting a long association with the Club, serving three terms as president 1974-85, 1990-92 and 2000-03. He was made the first Life Member of the Pakuranga Club in 1983, and he received an Athletics Auckland Merit Award. As a schoolteacher he was accustomed to working with children which led to raising the profile of children’s athletics at regional and national level. He was chairman of Auckland Children’s athletics for three years from 1977 and in 1979 led the drive to form the New Zealand Children’s Amateur Athletic Association to hold national events for children. He was the inaugural chairman and first president serving three terms and became its first life member. His life will be celebrated at the Pakuranga Athletic Club, Cascades Road Pakuranga, Friday 21 June at 2pm.