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17 October 2022 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 17 October

Oska Inkster-Baynes and Hannah Miller claimed the men’s and women’s titles at the 2022 New Zealand Half Marathon Championships in Cambridge. In Christchurch, Sam McCutcheon and Katie Morgan grabbed the national trail running titles as part of the Crater Rim 53km event (Photo: Athletics New Zealand)

New Zealand Half Marathon Championships


New Zealand Half Marathon Championship, Cambridge High School – 16 October 2022
Oska Inkster-Baynes rounded out the road running season with a gold medal in the half marathon after taking silver in the marathon and 10km championships and Hannah Miller made it a hat trick of wins adding the senior women’s half marathon crown to the national marathon and 10km road titles.

Raced on a demanding hilly course in Cambridge, Inkster-Baynes was in the groove over most of the race after leading into the first section with Michael Voss.

He finished full of running in a course record of 1:06:00, breaking Kerry Suter’s 2012 record of 1:12:09. Voss was second in 1:09:12 and Simon Mace ran a personal best and New Zealand masters 45-49 record of 1:09:56 for third. Mace broke Colin Earwaker’s 2004 record of 1:10:56.

Inkster-Baynes said it was good having Voss in the race coming so soon after his Rotorua Marathon victory.

“He definitely knows how to go out hard, so we ran that first 3k quite quick,” said Inkster-Baynes

“At 8k I noticed he was breathing hard and he admitted at the finish he still had the marathon in his legs, so I kept the same tempo and ran away from him in the hills. I wasn’t expecting the hills to be as hilly as they were, but it makes for a bit of an adventure.

“With 5k to go it got quite windy and there’s not a lot of shelter on the back roads which made it quite tough.

“I was comfortable through the first 10k in 30:12, and if it had been dead flat I could have continued on and done 64:30 to 65, similar to my Christchurch time from two years ago.

“It’s nice to finish the season with a W after two silvers in the marathon and 10k and a gold in the relays,” he added.

He would like to still aim for the 2023 World Half Marathon Championships.

“I was selected for the one in Poland that was cancelled so I’d like to make the team for the championship in Latvia in October next year.”

Miller had control of the women’s title from the start and also set a course record of 1:20:30, an improvement on Sue Crowley’s 2013 time of 1:23:12. Katherine Camp was second in 1:22:23 and Sarah Douglas third in 1:23:40. Sally Gibbs was fourth in 1:24:27 clipping 14 seconds off her New Zealand masters 55-59 record set in June.

The hills and the wind were also a challenge for Miller.

“I’m happy to take the win on certainly a more challenging course than I’d anticipated,” she said.

“It was good to have those hills in there which made it tough and mixed it in with a variation of the terrain.

“It was good having Kath out there pushing me through and the wind on the way back made it a bit of fun.” 

She added that it is an honour to take a New Zealand title.

“It is always a great opportunity to be out here amongst people who love what they doing.

“I’m excited to be back in New Zealand and doing the Kiwi season, not quite the times I’ve been after this year but starting to get my legs back and finding my rhythm working full time.”

With the aim of making the team to the World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst in February Miller will run the 10,000m that Auckland Athletics is putting on at the end of this month and the New Zealand 10,000m champs in Wellington (on Nov 19) and later the Night of 5’s.


Half Marathon: Oska Inkster-Baynes Canterbury 1:06:00 (course record), Michael Voss Rotorua 1:09:12, Simon Mace Owairaka 1:09:56 PB, Mark Boyce Takapuna 1:11:28, Darian Sorouri Hastings 1:11:33 PB, Ben Hennessy Tauranga 1:13:10, Greg Darbyshire Takapuna 1:13:25.

Hannah Miller Wellington Scottish 1:20:30 (course record), Katherine Camp Canterbury 1:22:23, Sarah Douglas Queenstown 1:23:40, Sally Gibbs Wanganui 1:24:27, Mel Aitken Wellington Scottish 1:26:58, Jasmine Finney North Harbour Bays 1:28:20.

10km; Will Taylor 33:59, Iain Macdonald 34:06, Dion Goodhue 35:19. Jessie Speedy 36:05, Kerry White 36:41, Hannah Knighton 36:54.

5km; Sophie Robb 19:00, Ryan Nelson 20:33, Bronwyn Rees-Jones 21:54.

New Zealand Trail Running Championships


New Zealand Trail Running Championship, Crater Rim Ultra, Hansen Park Opawa – 16 October 2022
Sam McCutcheon after a period of three years trial racing in Europe returned to win his first national title in the Crater Rim 53km event in Christchurch today.

The race was won by Daniele Danesin but as he is not a member of an athletic club, McCutcheon in second won the New Zealand trail running title.

They matched strides over the first half of the race before Danesin got a break and went on to win by five minutes in 4:45:28.

McCutcheon said it was a stunning day and a great race and a great course.

“The course is a lot more relentless than I anticipated,” he said. “It is constantly up and down and you don’t really get a break which I didn’t really appreciate coming into it.

“Those hills are tough but the day unfolded well, Dani and I were pushing for the first half of the race and after that he got a couple of minutes on me over the next two aid stations.

“I held him on the last bit but didn’t have enough to catch him,” he said.

“Dani is not a member of a club which is a little bit bittersweet, but that’s the rules. It’s nice to get the title but not so coming second.

“It was a good hit out today and I just need to recover before we head over to Aussie in a couple of weeks for the Australian Ultra Trail in the Blue Mountains.”

Cam Kerr was second in the championship in 5:15:14 and 2019 champion Vajin Armstrong third in 5:17:33.

Katie Morgan of Run Timaru won the women’s national title in 5:41:08. Katie Smith was second in 6:12:11 and Amelia Horne third in 6:34:52.

Once clear of the rugby ground and starting point from Diamond Harbour, Morgan was on her own racing against the clock.

“I took it steady up the first hill,” said Morgan. “I had a time in mind as I was trying to beat Nancy Jiang’s winning time of 5:43:38 from two years ago, so I had the splits on my hand and I tried to keep up with that.

“It was a great race,” she said.

Morgan completed her first ultra-race in January finishing third in the Kepler Challenge 60km.

“I like this sort of distance, so I’ll be dialling into a few more of these.

“I’ve got Mission Mt Somers in two weeks’ time followed by the Queenstown Marathon and the Kepler again in December,” said Morgan.

Samuel Hansby of Wellington Harrier Athletic Club won the 83km national title and Emma Timmis of Don Greig Racing Stables the women’s 83km title.

Result 53km championship

Sam McCutcheon Scottish 4:50:26, Cam Kerr Canterbury 5:15:14, Vajin Armstrong Sumner 5:17:33, Dayle McLauchlan Sumner 5:17:33, Dwight Grieve Fiordland 5:29:56, Asher Cook Wellington 5:32:08. Race won by Daniele Danesin Canterbury 4:45:28.

Katie Morgan Run Timaru 5:41:08, Katie Smith Olympic Wellington 6:12:11, Amelia Horne Nelson 6:34:52, Rose Pearson Canterbury 6:56:48.

Result 83km championship

Delbi Villa Gongora Tahiti 9:35:25, Denis Finn 9:59:57, Samuel Hansby Wellington HAC (1st NZ championship) 10:09:47, Richard Eggleton 10:13:06, Keith Poore 10:24:13, Simon Angus Olympic Wellington 11:03:27 (2nd NZ Championship), Wayne Botha Takapuna 13:14:41 (3rd NZ Championship).

Emma Timmis Don Greig Racing Stables 11:21:24 (1st NZ woman championship), Anna O’Byrne Leith Dunedin 11:45:57 (2nd NZ Championship), Konoka Azumi Owairaka 12:12:19 (3rd NZ Championship), Claire Kenyon Owairaka 14:11:46 (4th NZ Championship).

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield Pre-Season Meeting, Yvette Williams Track, Pakuranga – 15 October 2022
Marielle Venida 60m 7.91 -1.0. Lucy Shennan 400m 58.81. Paige Fletcher 3kg HT 39.26m. Owen Lamb 60m 7.35 -1.3, 100m 11.54 -2.3. Jonathan Thomson 60m 7.35 -0.7, 100m 11.48 -2.3. Wayne Holroyd 400m 53.65.

Christian de Vaal 3000m 8:22.76, Zach O’Dwyer 8:41.64, Jack Erikson 8:51.29, James Ford 8:51.31, Austin Carter 8:51.56 PB, Nick Davies 8:55.14. Bella Earl 3000m 10:05.48, Amelia Joyce 10:49.00.

Rafe Couillault HJ 1.95m, Jaundre Pienaar HJ 1.90m. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.73m, 100m H 15.52 -2.2,200m 27.91+0.4. Tom Moloney HJ 1.91m, 110m H 16.11 -1.3, LJ 6.07m -0.8, 200m 24.63 +0.8.


Athletics Waikato Season Opening Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 15 October 2022
Sophie Hancock 300m H 45.7 ht, 60m 8.0, 200m 26.5, LJ 5.23m. Wiremu Knowles 300m H 41.5. James Trathen 400m 51.5, 600m 1:25.2. Aimee Ferguson 600m 1:41.9, 1000m 3:04.9. Teeka Randell 60m 8.0, 200m 25.8. Etan Calder 60m 7.0, 200m 22.4. Grace Wisnewski 400m 59.3. Charles Roil 400m 51.3. Matt Hill 1000m 2:55.8, 5000m 15:40.9. Louie Endres 5000m 15:46.7. Mai De jager 200m 25.6.

Boh Ritchie 5000m 17:24.8, under the World Cross Country U20 performance standard of 17:25, Sophie Robb 18:35.

Melelosaline Lose 3kg SP 12.35m, DT 40.59m. Amelie Wood 3kg SP 10.05m PB. Quinn Motley 6kg SP 12.79m PB, 1.75kg DT 41.37m. Alice Taylor HJ 1.70m, LJ 5.26m.


Athletics Wellington Season Opening Meeting, Newtown Park – 15 October 2022
Ben Lambert 60m 7.27 -0.2, 150m 16.97 -1.2. Hugo Jones HJ 1.96m PB. Analin Rudd TJ 10.13m NWI. Daniel du Toit 600m 1:32.17, 1000m 2:44.42. Clive McGovern 1500m RW 8:44.16. Jacqueline Wilson 1500m RW 9:41.49.

Ryan Hunt 3000m 9:12.51. Flynn Register 600m 1:31.84. Katelyn Sceats 600m 1:41.96.


Athletics Canterbury Opening Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 15 October 2022
Finlay Neale PV 3.40m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.40m. Kirsty McCarthy Dempsey DT 35.42m, 3kg SP 12.90m. Nora Quigley DT 33.43m PB, 3kg SP 10.05m. Julia Burnham 80m 10.14. Rebeca Bryant 80m 10.25, 145m 19.07 -1.0. Mark Agnew 80m 9.20 +0.8, 145m 16.88 -2.7. Max Abbot 7.26kg SP 12.56m, 2kg DT 44.62m. Jody McCarthy Dempsey LJ 5.30m +2.0. Gracie Pratten LJ 5.16m +0.6, 4kg SP 10.58m PB.

Max Attwell LJ 6.77m +1.5, DT 40.13m, 300m 37.17. Pai Wynyard 2000m 6:00.15, 1200m 3:18.83. Jonah Cropp 2000m RW 8:52.47, 1200m RW 4:58.89. Dylan Forde 600m 1:26.33. Ethan Bone HJ 1.95m. Levi Murdoch HJ 1.85m. Tia Wynyard HJ 1.80m. Oscar Stevenson 1.5kg DT 36.58m PB. Angus Sevier 1200m 3:13.38. Ryan Young TJ 13.82m +1.0 PB. Ethan Gow TJ 13.73m -0.6. Holly Gray 300m 43.87, Ava Rattray 43.89.


Athletics Otago Season Opening Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 8 October 2022
Ellen Carter 100m 12.60 -1.0, Jorja Gibbons 100m 12.65 -1.0, LJ 5.49m +0.4 PB. Shay Veitch 100m 10.91 -1.3, LJ 7.20m +0.8. Fergus McLeay 100m 11.12 -1.3 PB, 400m 49.40. Liam Prouting-Gardner 400m 51.27. Amber Hope 400m 60.53. Josh Hou 800m 1:58.54. Nicolas Alvarez Rey-Virag 800m 2:00.83.

Catherine Lund (17) 5000m 16:51.14 PB Otago 17,18,19 record and also under the World Cross Country U20 performance standard of 17:25.

Toby Martin 110m H 16.53 -2.0. Sarah Jamison 100m H 16.29 -1.7. Keira McNeill HJ 1.62m PB, LJ 5.05m +0.3. Mate Poduje HJ 1.98m. Luke Moffitt LJ 6.48m +1.9 PB. Sam Harris LJ 6.54m +1.5 PB.

Jamin Millar 6kg SP 13.39m PB, 6kg HT 36.78m. Renee Willis 3kg SP 11.81m, 3kg HT 35.27m. Alexa Duff 3kg SP 10.38m, DT 37.92m, 3kg HT 30.70m, 500g JT 31.54m. Embla Wihk DT 33.12m PB, 4kg HT 39.11m PB, 600g JT 31.21m PB. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 43.62m. Gemma Millar 4kg HT 35.64m.


Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 14 October 2022
Trent Hogg 1.75kg DT 42.58m, 6kg SP 14.50m. Carlie Scherp DT 34.29m, 3kg HT 31.39m. Callum McConachy 7.26kg HT 36.74m. Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 40.56m.

Quinn Hartley HJ 1.91m. Rebecca Peterson TJ 10.12m -1.5. Gorvin O’Rourke 400m 54.84. Ethan Friend 400m 55.88.

International Results


Benita Willis Shield, QSAC, Brisbane, 8 October: Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 10,000m 36:17.21 (1). Mogammad Smith 100m 10.65 +2.3 (1).


Nuttycombe Invitational Cross Country, Thomas Zimmer Golf Course, Madison WI, 14 October: 6km; Maia Ramsden 20:04 (7).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 11 October: Mitchel Carlyle 16:21, Sam Walker 16:24, Harry Harris 16:55. Brownwen Peterken 20:35, Christine Adamson 21:29, Claudia Waite 22:10.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 12 October: Damon Nicholas 18:28, Andrew Harvey 19:26, Patrick O’Sullivan 20:06.

Run Orewa 15km, Western Reserve Orewa, 16 October: Phillip McNamara 56:07, Ben Parker 56:29, Shea Patten-Wise 57:59. Ketina Chivasa 1:10:30, Michellie Gourlay 1:11:03, Belinda Smith 1:11:03. 10km; Louis Young 35:13, Julian Ng 35:19, Andrei Plechen 37:48. Lucy Backus 41:43, Emma Mackie 41:52, Melanie James 45:26. 5km; Mark Carryer 18:58, Aron Thompson 19:16, Stephen Tan 19:36. Katie Wyrill 19:42, Emmy Hurcum 21:33, Kayleigh Limu 22:02.

Whitianga Half Marathon, Buffalo Beach Reserve, 15 October: Cameron Vaughan 1:17:55, Andrew Ponton 1:22:20, Tom Iwan 1:23:01. Kaley Crawford-Flett 1:35:44, Libby Sutcliffe 1:38:18, Amanda Bethell 1:38:39.

Huntly Half Marathon, 16 October: Casey Thorby 1:10:27, Cullern Thorby 1:13:25, Will Laery 1:15:10. Anna Bramley 1:23:23, Kovo MacDonald 1:29:55, Michelle Clark 1:41:39.

Taupō Ultramarathon, Whakaipo Bay, 15 October: 100km; Simon Cochrane 8:49:29, Cullen Rhind 8:57:28, Jaco Du Plessis 9:08:08. Brooke Thomas 10:36:05, Esther O’Sullivan 10:55:30, Shannon-Leigh Litt 11:01:21. 74km; Stuart Macdonald 6:02:38, Max Thomson 6:18:37, Daniel Rae 6:22:43. Roanna Vining 8:08:52, Janine Couchman 8:41:45, Sarah Higgins 9:00:02. 50km; Sam Rout 3:47:01, Caleb Pearson 3:57:13, Elliot Cree 4:01:58. Ady Mckenzie 4:30:23, Caris Teo 4:35:07, Louisa Huse 4:36:10. Walk; Vicki Adlam 6:55:20. 24km; Jasper Edgar 1:44:01, Andrew Briant 1:51:38, Sam Yeoman 1:53:40. Ngarama Milner-Olsen 2:07:59, Ewa Wystepek 2:08:45, Iris de Jong 2:09:48. Walk; Scott Dean 3:10:50.

Tutira Walkway Challenge, 16 October: 21.1km; Nicole Sattler 2:12:54. 14km; Thomas Valentine 1:47:39. 7km; Jamie Dunnett-Welch 49:38, Sophie Dunnett-Welch 49:41.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 16 October: Dion Yiw 38:24, Phil Brass 39:50, Darcy Mellsop 41:59. Nicola Bell 47:03. 5km; Alex Ross 19:35. Emma Cachemaille 27:09.

Sprig & Fern 10km, Mapua, 15 October: Hayden Squance 37:24, Curtis Moore 38:29, Luke Carman 40:42. Catherine Delaporte 41:46.

Salmon Run Half Marathon, Rakaia Domain, 15 October: Cole Groves 1:30:11, Anthony Collie 1:30:30, Shane Davin 1:31:15. Sarah O’Grady 1:53:31, Elkie Musters 2:00:33, Pauline Chin 2:34:31.

Balclutha Half Marathon, Cross Recreation Centre, 15 October: Jonah Smith 1:14:12, Nathan Shanks 1:14:56, Corey Lewis 1:17:25, Kirk Madgwick 1:18:13. Kristy Eyles 1:30:30, Mandy Lowther 1:33:03. 10km; Simon Rhodes 39:34. 5km; Alex Witt 16:25, Giles Witt 17:09, Luke Geddes 18:06.