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21 January 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up 21 Jan

Welcome to the third edition of the Weekly Round Up for 2019 which includes:


New Zealand Track and Field Meetings, including the Cooks and Capital Classics, the Solapower Throwers Meet and International Pole Vault
International results from Australia and the USA
Road and Trail race results from around the country


Cooks Classic Meeting, Cooks Gardens – 15 January 2019

Nick Willis won the feature event the 1500m in 3:41.70. Julian Oakley was second in 3:42.26 and Samuel Tanner third in a three second PB of 3:43.01. Tanner also had the satisfaction of breaking Willis’ New Zealand under 19 record of 3:43.54 set in Finland in 2001. Ben Moynihan was fourth in 3:49.12 and Simon Rogers fifth in 3:49.69. Although he missed Peter O’Donoghue’s stadium  record of 3:38.03, Willis was pleased with his run prior to the indoor circuit in the States.“Just what I wanted, a really good hit-out. The purpose of my running here at Cooks Gardens was to get fit and prepare the mind-set for the Boston indoors on 26 January,” said Willis.
“These young guys really kept me honest tonight and I’m rapt with the effort,” he added.

Hamish Kerr set a fresh stadium record of 2.22m in the high jump, to improve on his own and Australian Chris Dodd’s record of 2.17m both set at Cooks Gardens in 2015. Marcus Wolton cleared 2.04m and William Crayford 1.95m.

The first three placings in the New Zealand under 20 3000m championship set personal bests, Sam Hyde-Smith of Wellington winning in 8:35.38 from Auckland’s Alexander Hull 8:36.94 and Noah Macdermid representing Manawatu/Wanganui 8:40.19. Hannah O’Connor of Taranaki made it four years in a row in the women’s under 20 championship, recording 9:36.92. Kirstie Rae of Wellington was second in a PB 9:43.38 and Martina Conner of Canterbury third also in a PB 10:26.40.

Kara Macdermid mile 4:52.52, Maia Ramsden 5:05.73 PB, Sarah Lambert 5:26.44. Scott Thomson TJ 14.29m (+1.7). Anna Thomson TJ 12.43m (+2.4) also 12.09 (+0.1). Ashleigh Bennett TJ 11.94m (+2.96) also 11.64m (+0.9).

Nikolas Kini 1.5kg DT 57.93m. Nathaniel Sulupo 2kg DT 47.87m. Brent Newdick DT 41.39m, JT 52.28m. Sabina Asenjo-Alvarez (Spain) DT 54.65m. Tayla Brunger 100m 12.40 (+2.8) and 400m 58.65, Ana Brabyn 400m 59.60. Josh Ledger 400m 49.33 also 200m 22.17 PB (+1.1), Rowan Blaikie 400m 49.87, Josh Nairne 400m 49.94 PB.

U/18 100m Sophie Williams 12.20 (+2.8), Genna Maples 12.35 also LJ 5.29m (+2.4). Leah Belfield 200m 25.18 (+1.5). Connor Munro 400m H 58.42, Richmond Wells 400m H 59.58. Isaac Oliver and Cody Wilson 200m 22.13 (+1.1) 1 equal. Jordan Peters LJ 7.30m (+1.2), Nico Martella (Arg) LJ 7.01m (+2.3), David Van Den Bogaard LJ 6.25m (+3.1).

Note Eddie Crowe at aged 18 ran 3:43.16 in finishing second to Robbie Johnston (3:41.21) in the senior 1500m at the 1992 New Zealand championships in Christchurch. There were no national under 19 records at that time only under 18 and under 20.


Capital Classic Meeting, Newtown Park – 18 January 2019

Daniel Balchin won the New Zealand 3000m championship in 8:12.10, from Simon Roger 8:16.47 PB and Matthew Taylor 8:17.39 PB. The race was won by Australian Rorey Hunter in a PB 7:53.41.

Camille Buscomb claimed her tenth New Zealand title and third 3000m gold in 9:08.62. Kara Macdermid was second in 9:29.06, Hannah O’Connor third in 9:36.56 and Rebekah Greene fourth in 9:38.78.

Edward Osei-Nketia won the sprint double 100m in 10.50 (+0.4) and 200m 21.21 (-1.0). The 17 year old is the son of New Zealand national 100m record holder Gus Nketia. Osei-Nketia held out Joseph Millar on both occasions and his 100m time broke the New Zealand under 18 record of 10.56, jointly held by Kodi Harman and Joshua Billington.

Zoe Hobbs collected the women’s double recording PBs 11.42 (+0.9) in the 100m and 23.52 (+0.5) in the 200m, both well under the performance standards for the World University Games in Naples Italy in July.

Luke Mercieca 400m 48.44 PB, Rowan Blaikie 49.36 PB, Mikael Starzynski 49.50 PB, Josh Nairne 49.60 PB. Benjamin Wall U/20 1500m 3:55.64 PB. Louis Andrews 400m H 55.68, Portia Bing 400m H 57.48 mx.

Sam Tanner outkicked Nick Willis to win the 800m in a PB 1:49.42, Willis recording 1:50.05 with Sam Petty third in 1:51.54. Katherine Camp likewise held on to win the women’s 800m in a PB 2:02.63 from Angie Petty 2:03.85 and Australian Carly Thomas 2:03.93.

Jordan Peters LJ 7.24m (+1.3). Connor Bell 2kg DT 53.79m a 5m PB. Nikolas Kini 1.75kg DT 52.45m a 5 m PB. Zion Trigger-Faitele 1.5kg DT 50.18m PB. Cam Robertson 800g JT 58.35m. Brent Newdick JT 55.07m.

Emma Osborne 400m 57.46, Shannon Gearey 57.72, Camryn Smart 58.07 PB. Amy Robertson 100m H 14.44 (+0.7), Natasha Eady 14.66 PB. Josephine Reeves (18) HJ 1.81m. Siositina Hakeai DT 56.75m, Sabina Asenjo-Alvarez (Spain) 53.74m, Te Rina Keenan 49.89m. Daniel Du Toit 3000m RW 13:23.56 PB.

Leah Belfield, Georgia Hulls, Zoe Hobbs and Symone Tafunai 4 x 100m relay 45.58, an improvement on their 45.95 on 8 December in Auckland and under the performance standard of 45.75 for the World University Games in Naples Italy in July.

Solapower Throwers Meeting, Moera Lower Hutt – 19 January 2019

Connor Bell with his opening throw of 59.72m with the 1.75kg discus broke Mark Robinson’s 40 year old New Zealand under 20 record of 58.80m and improved on his own under 19 record of 57.03m set in Hamilton a year ago. The New Zealand youth and junior champion for the last two years and the Commonwealth Youth and Youth Olympic champion had a series of 59.72, F, 56.91, 58.14, 57.55, F.

Lisa Adams set New Zealand Para athlete records in the F37 1kg discus of 22.49m and in the F37 3kg shot put with 13.34m.

Nikolas Kini 1.25kg DT 53.96m, 5kg SP 17.94m, 5kg HT 58.26m PB. Zion Trigger-Faitele 1.5kg DT 51.38m PB, 5kg SP 16.04m. Nathaniel Sulupo 2kg DT 46.28m, 7.26kg SP 15.44m, 7.26kg HT 39.79m.

Kaia Tupu-South DT 44.60m, 3kg SP 15.34m. Ashley Bologna (NC) 4kg SP 16.21m. Akelise Foaese 800g JT 56.00m. Kaleb Sola 700g JT 44.71m, 4kg HT 54.27m. Mile Naime 3kg HT 53.46m PB. Montaya Wharehinga 4kg HT 50.91m.

Kiwi Athletic Throws Meet, Newtown Park – 13 January 2019

Kaleb Sola 700g JT 40.32m, 5kg HT 41.93m PB. Iorana Taufato Tafili 4kg HT 30.66m PB. Montoya Wharehinga 4kg SP 10.91m, HT 52.10m.


International Pole Vault, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 17 January 2019

Diogo Ferreira (Portugal) 5.21m, Nick Southgate 5.11m, James Steyn 5.11m PB by 11cm. Olivia McTaggart 4.16m, Marta Onofre (Portugal) 4.01m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 19 January 2019

Anthony Nobilo 7.26kg HT 57.95m PB. Josh Woodhead U/18 HJ 1.80m PB. Phil Simms 400m H 59.93, 200m 23.05 (+2.0). Hamish McGiven U/18 300m H 46.09. Conor McGiven 200m 23.05 (+2.0) PB, 100m 11.50.

Stef Wrathall 600g JT 46.19m. Savannah Scheen 600g JT 41.94m PB. Josie Taylor 500g JT 31.64m, HJ 1.75m PB. Nicole Bradley 4kg HT 59.55m, Michelle Bitcheno 4kg HT 30.66m. Centaine Noom-Duckworth 4kg HT 40.87m, 3kg HT 48.91m PB. Kayla Goodwin TJ 10.80m (+1.4), 100m H 840mm 15.07. Meg Hamilton-Reid 100m 12.59, 200m 25.88.


South Island Inter Centre Graded Teams Meeting, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 19 January 2019

Fiona Morrison 60m 7.82 (-0.1), 10m 12.54 (-0.3). Tillie Hollyer 800m 2:17.92. Tara McNally 100m H 762 15.20 (-0.3), 300m H 762 47.49. Kesley Berryman 100m 12.47 (-0.7) mx, L 5.85m (+9.1). Tapenisa Havea 3kg SP 15.68m PB (Canterbury record). Jaidyn Busch 4kg SP 13.39m. Violette Perry DT 35.67m. Lauren Bruce DT 46.93m, HT 57.33m. Teagan Ashley 3kg HT 38.98m. Mayce Ballantyne HT 49.42m PB.

Max Attwell 200m 23.8 (-5.1), PV 4.40m. Jack Rodgers 400m 54.19. Ayrton Shadbolt 2000m St 914mm 6:27.49. Quinn Hartley HJ 1.90m. Sam Colyer LJ 6.66m (0.0), J 12.84m (+1.9). Joshua Bull 1.5kg DT 40.50m. Jared Neighbours 1.75kg DT 40.49m. Seamus Mulrooney 2kg DT 40.77m. James Sandilands 60m 7.35 (-0.5), 100m 11.56 (-0.7).

Youth Teams placings: Grade14/15; Queensland 1, Canterbury Red 2, Canterbury Black 3, Otago 4. Grade 17/19; Canterbury Orange 1, Southland 2, Canterbury Purple 3.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 19 January 2019

Felix McDonald 100m 11.27 (-0.1), 200m 22.59 (-0.4), LJ 5.83m (-0.3). Schuyler Orr 60m 7.32 (+1.9), 100m 11.36, 200m 23.24. Samuel Bremer 800m 1:55.69. George Hamilton 3000m 9:48.40. Hugh McLeod-Jones 2kg DT 41.59m. Ethan Walker 700g JT 49.71m, 5kg SP 13.31m PB.



Cornell Southern Invitation, Ithaca NY, 5 January:

Jared Lautenslager mile 4:21.75 (1).

Ted Nelson Invite, College Station TX, 11 January:

Jack Beaumont 3000m 8:31.15 PB (2).

Illini Open, Campaign ILL, 12 January:

Matthew Prest mile 4:16.63 (1S1).

Wildcat Invitational, Manhattan KAN, 12 January:

Aaron Booth LJ 7.18m (1).

Hawkeye Invitation, Iowa City IA, 12 January:

Jordyn Blake 200m 26.69 (2R3).

UW Preview, Seattle WA, 12 January:

Olivia Burdon mile 4:42.16 (7).


Supernova Track Race, AIS Track Canberra, 9 January:

Quentin Rew 10,000m RW 42:17.93 (10). Alana Barber 10,000m RW 48:50.62 (5).
Glynis Nunn Shield, QSAC Brisbane, 12 January: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 56.86 (6).

Shield Meeting, Glenhuntly Melbourne, 12 January:

Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 59.19 (1).

AACT Summer Series, Canberra, 5 January:

Edward Osei-Nketia (17) 100m 10.82 (-1.5).

Invitation Meet, Canberra, 12 January:

Edward Osei-Nketia (17) 100m 10.75 (-1.2), 200m 20.83 (+1.4) under NZ U/20, U/19 and U/18 record.

VMC, Box Hill, Melbourne, 17 January:

Brad Mathas 1500m 3:45.24 PB (5). Katrina Anderson 1500m 4:27.30 (1).



Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 January:

Yuri Cowan 19:42, Adam Palmer 20:06, Dominic Cook 21:20. Catherine Cullen 23:21.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 17 January:

Gene Rand 36:58, Isozaki Kotaro 37:11, Tony Warren 39:16. 5km; Daniel Smith 18:49, Keith Burrows 19:04, Andrew Mulqueen 19:22.

Eighth Continent Marathon and Half Marathon, Auckland Domain, 20 January:

Ciaran Faherty 2:34:23, Daniel Playne 3:34:31, Shaun Cooper 3:36:40. Katrin Gottschalk 3:41:20. Half; Simon Jones 1:34:59, Harris Hwang 1:35:50, Mark Dinsdale 1:38:05. Sara Brown 1:53:37.

Skechers Women’s Half Marathon, Mangere, 20 January:

Sabina Piras 1:27:45, Kellie Barnard 1:34:03, Michelle Chappel 1:44:18.


Eastside Riverpath 5km, 15 January:

John Mering 17:40, Olivia Ritchie 18:03, Mace Nesdale 18:26, John Crane 18:44.


Bay Run 5km, 17 January:

Lachlan Haycock 16:59, Nick Wotton 19:56. 2.5km; Chris Wotton 9:24.

New Plymouth

Taranaki Off-Road Half Marathon, Lake Mangamahoe, 19 January:

Nathan Coombes 1:34:35, Kyle Bridgeman 1:36:37, Calum Sutherland 1:37:00. Cecilia Flori 1:50:10, Kelly Sutherland 2:06:03, Erin Vaughan 2:08:41.


Kapiti Summer 5km Series, Waikanae, 14 January:

Tom Bland 17:48, Luke Anderson 18:16, Sam Yeoman 18:24. Lucy Lawlor 20:18, Renae Creser 21:01.

Waterfront 5km, 15 January:

Stephen Day 16:16, Stephen Bass 18:38, Andy John 18:39. Marseille Bowie 19:54, Lesa Davidson 20:39, Sophie Dickson 20:56.

Trentham 5km Series, 15 January:

Thomas Strawbridge 16:18, Brian Garmonsway 16:22, Harry Poland 17:29. Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan 20:17. Walk; Daniel Du Toit 23:17.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 20 January:

Gavin Hewitson 39:41, Paul Hewitson 41:01, Ryan Bougen 41:17.


Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 15 January:

Mark Bailey 15:48, Daniel Redmond 16:11, Vajin Armstrong 16:17. Andrea Hewitt 17:21, Angela Whyte 18:55, Isla Smith 19:17.

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