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21 November 2022 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 21 November

Julian Oakley capitalised on the excellent conditions to secure a World Cross Country Performance Standard time en route to being crowned New Zealand senior men’s 10,000m champion (Photo: Sharon Wray)

New Zealand Track & Field results


Dick Quax Memorial Meeting, Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga – 19 November 2022
The 2020 and 2021 national men’s U20 100m and 200m champion Tommy Te Puni collected the sprint double clocking 10.98 -2.3 in the 100m and 21.67 -3.2 in the 200m. Livvy Wilson won the women’s 100m in 11.91 -2.7 and Grace Wisnewski of Hamilton took out the 200m in 26.52 -2.7. Lewis Arthur, national long jump silver medalist with a wind assisted 7.51m, went out to a legal personal best of 7.37m +1.8. Kegan Richardson-Miller LJ 6.69m +2.9 and Kaelan Paranihi 6.63m +3.4. Rafe Couillault cleared 2.00m in the high jump and Tom Moloney followed up a 110m hurdles in 15.81 -3.3 with a high jump of 1.95m.

James Ford led the 800m outright in 1:54.40, from James Trathen 1:55.43 PB and Tomas Barry 1:55.47. Kate Borton 800m 2:20.64. Imogen Barlow 3000m 9:59.79 PB, Boh Ritchie 10:09.25, Leah Marais 10:30.07 PB.

Ben Oxford 3000m 9:07.54. Richie Trathen 2000m RW 11:10.88. Daniel Shaw 700g JT 43.36m. Sophie Sones LJ 5.23m +2.8. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.76m, Riley Couillault HJ 1.64m PB.

Sam Johnson Memorial Throwers Meeting, Bruce Pulman Park, Takanini – 20 November 2022
Nadja Kumerich 3kg SP 14.61m, 3kg HT 53.83m PB. Suzannah Kennelly 3kg SP 14.16m, DT 45.27m. Lisa Adams F37 3kg SP 14.72m. Kate Hallie 3kg SP 15.26m, DT 41.20m.

Liam Ngchok-Wulf 7.26kg SP 15.33m, DT 41.87m. Blessing Sefo 5kg SP 16.46m. Harrison McGregor 5kg SP 18.05m PB, 5kg HT 44.94m, 1.5kg DT 51.72m. Arno van der Westhuisen HT 51.43m.

Douw Botes 700g JT 66.68m PB. Ethan Phillips 800g JT 44.76m PB, DT 34.38m. Natalia Rankin Chitar DT 47.50m. Sionann Murphy F37 DT 25.61m. Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz DT 43.18m. Mikayla Sola 3kg HT 48.64m PB. Paige Fletcher 3kg HT 45.79m PB. Canon Puriri 5kg HT 54.92m PB, Heath Abbot 5kg HT 48.97m PB.


New Zealand 10,000m Championship, The Agency Group 10,000m Festival, Newtown Park – 19 November 2022
Hannah Miller and Julian Oakley both collected the national 10,000m title and in the process each bettered the performance standard for selection to the World Cross Country Championships in Bathurst, Australia in February.

Laura Nagel provided the perfect pace in the women’s championship, setting Miller up for a clear run through to the finish in 34:25.26 four seconds under the standard of 34:30. Sarah Drought was second in 34:36.41, followed by Olivia Witney 35:00.41 and the defending champion Lisa Cross 35:48.55. Three times national 10,000m champion Sally Gibbs (59) recorded 37:40.29.

Miller capped an outstanding year of racing adding the latest title to the marathon in May, the 10km road title in September and the half marathon in October.

Oli Chignell led the men over the first 7km at the required pace giving Oakley a good crack at the time. Oakley clocked a PB 29:19.36, 25 seconds under the standard. Oakley won the Festival race last year in 29:39.73.

The next three also set a personal best Eric Speakman 30:07.66, Nathan Tse 30:17.14 and Ronan Lee 30:26.36. Christopher Dryden the 2018 U20 champion was fifth in 30:30.98.

Otago’s Reuben Beard debuted over the 25 laps in 32:32.76 for the under 20 honours. Sixteen-year-old Max Doherty of Olympic Harriers was impressive with a first time 10,000m of 33:08.97 to win the open A grade race.


Athletics Canterbury Twilight Meeting #3, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 17 November 2022
Angie Petty 1500m 4:35.86, Rosa Twyford 4:38.18. Cooper Wightman 1500m 3:59.25, Daniel Prescott 4:04.99, Henry McMecking 4:05.39. Ethan Price 60m 7.83 -1.2. Joshua Price 100m 11.57 -0.1. John Mottus 400m 49.97, Oliver Dunshea 51.54. Kiera Hall 58.51, Alex Rees-Thomas 59.45. Pai Wynyard 3000m 8:40.35, Tom Moulai 8:49.00, Ethan Smolej 8:54.59.

Max Abbot 7.26kg SP 12.10m, DT 47.23m. Kirsty McCarthy Dempsey 3kg SP 12.59m, DT 34.45m. Anna Lynch DT 33.67m, Danielle Sollitt 32.23m, Scarlett Kirby 31.45m.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting #4, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 20 November 2022
Alizjah Campbell 60m 7.08 -0.4, 100m 11.22 -2.2. James Moore 5kg SP 13.49m. Jackson Rogers 100m 11.17 -2.2. Hannah Collins TJ 11.85m +2.2 also 11.59m +1.8 PB. AJ Madondo TJ 13.78m +2.5, 100m 11.37 -2.2, LJ 6.32m -1.7.

Brynne Gordon 3000m 10:51.87. Holly Gray 100m H .762 15.36 +1.7, 300m H .762 49.05. Meg Edwards 300m H .762 49.70. Harry Williamson 100m H .838 15.30 +1.4, 300m H .762 44.21. Beau Brackenridge 110m H .914 15.50 +0.5, 300m H .838 41.09. James Moore 1.5kg DT 44.83m. Tia Wynyard HJ 1.90m. Finlay Neale LJ 6.39m -1.9. Kieran Sinclair-Lomax LJ 6.28m +0.6.

Angus Sevier 800m 1:54.19 PB, Louie Howell 1:55.92. Kiera Hall 800m 2:13.50. Asher Pettengell-Brand 200m 22.06 +1.1. Maia Broughton 200m 24.28 +1.2, Eden Innes 26.58.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 19 November 2022
Shay Veitch 100m 10.90 -1.7. Jorja Gibbons 60m 8.31 -1.6, 100m 13.03 -2.4. Fergus McLeay 400m 49.05, Cameron Moffitt 51.31, Josh Hou 51.88. Jordan Evans-Tobata 400m 59.55. Dylan Forde 1500m 4:04.84. Zara Geddes 1500m 4:43.11. Alexander Brown 3000m RW 14:02.11. Mate Poduje HJ 1.95m. Luke Moffitt TJ 12.71m +2.4. Kieran Fowler DT 45.45m. Embla Wihk DT 31.05m.

Teagan Ashley 4kg HT 43.04m. Renee Willis 3kg HT 38.94m. Alexa Duff 500g JT 38.48m PB Otago W15 record, 3kg HT 35.10m.

International Results


NCAA Regional Cross Country Championships – 11/12 November:

West Div I, Chambers Bay Golf Club, Washington WA: 6km Maya Irving-Mann 20:43 (84), Phoebe McKnight 20:55 (97).

Mid-Atlantic, Penn State University PA: 10km Taonga Mbambo 30:15 (9), MacCallum Rowe 30:27 (16), Charlie Hazlett 33:10 (133).

Great Lakes, St James Forest Preserve, Warrenville IL: 10km Toby Gualter 30:30 (22).

South, John Hunt Park, Huntsville AL: 6km Isabella Richardson 21:26 (70).

NJCAA Div I, Apalachee Regional Park, Tallahassee FL: 8km Jared Lautenslager 25:25 (14).

West Div III, Plante’s Ferry Sports Complex, Spokane WA: 8km Colin Kirkpatrick 24:45 (7).

NCAA National Cross Country Finals – 19 November:

Div I, Greiner Family OSU Course, Stillwater OK: 6km Maia Ramsden 19:53 (11), Kimberley May 20:52 (138).

Div III, Forest Akers East Golf Course, East Lansing MI: 8km Colin Kirkpatrick 25:51 (61).

Note: Sophie Atkinson mentioned last week is not the Sophie Atkinson from New Zealand.

3TV Phoenix 10km, Phoenix AZ, 13 November: Emily Roughan 34:05 PB (5).


Joanna Stone Shield, State Athletics Facility, Nathan, Brisbane, 12 November: Jemima Tennekoon 400m 56.13 (2). Mogammad Smith 100m 10.63 +1.4 (7).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Kerikeri Half Marathon, Okaihau to Kerikeri, 19 November: Casey Thorby 1:09:47, Matthew Arnold 1:11:38 PB, Greg Darbyshire 1:12:52, Marcus Robertson 1:14:33 PB. Maddie Dillon 1:21:15, Esther Keown 1:24:49, Briar Hart 1:26:05. 5km; Miel Benjamin 17:59, Alexandre Buckhurst 18:31, Jannick Knuert 18:40. Petra Jenysova 19:00, Polina Klimova 19:27, Brisa Carlyon 20:26.

Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 15 November: Simon Mace 16:51, Adam Berry 17:11, Mitch Cantlon 17:41. Tia Knight 19:38, Bronwen Peterken 21:34, Christine Adamson 21:47.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 November: Dann Finlayson 18:00, Joel Martin 20:01, Robert Good 20:18.

Toi’s 18km Challenge, Morpeth Park, 20 November: Liam Dooley 1:37:00.

Te Mata Peak 12.8km Trail Run, 20 November: Jamie Dennis 54:24, Devon Beckman 57:40, Duncan Morrison 58:17. Amber Morrison 1:01:57, Lucy Nicoll 1:11:29, Henrietta Syers 1:11:29.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 14 November: Paul Heath 19:10, Nick Lane 19:18, Brad Richards 21:15. Iona Kelly 19:48, Ana Kelly 20:57, Fiona Davies 23:40.

Corporate Challenge 5km, North Hagley Park, 16 November: Brett Kilbride 17:32, Michel Holleman 17:44, Jay Patrick 17:47. Kirsten Hall 19:31, Rose Pearson 20:04, Emily Lane 20:39.

Queenstown Marathon, 19 November: Daniel Jones 2:26:30, Hiro Tanimoto 2:32:05, Ben Gatting 2:37:22. Hannah Oldroyd 2:53:09, Katie Morgan 3:06:22, Margie Campbell 3:07:21. Half Marathon; Jack Moody 1:08:05, David Lee 1:10:20, Simon Cromarty 1:12:04. Amy Cogle 1:22:51, Kirsten Hall 1:28:37, Laura Bungard 1:29:01. 10m; Ben Scott 35:52, Leon Miyahara 36:26, Paul Nicholas 36:30. Natalie Dryden 38:56, Berber Swart 40:24, Fleur Starcevic 41:10.