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23 January 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 23 January

Eliza McCartney defied an untimely bout of sickness to claim a heartwarming victory in the women’s pole vault at Potts Classic with a best of 4.36m. (Photo: Mark Roberts)

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield Meeting #7, Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga – 21 January 2023
Fergus McLeay won three events the 60m 6.90 +3.5, 100m 10.70 +2.9 and 400m 48.80. Sophie Adams 60m 8.03 +2.5, Marielle Venida 100m 11.79 +4.3, Jacqui Nasrabadi 400m 61.12, Scarlett Robb 1500m 4:46.94, Indie Williams 4:52.96, Ellen Carter 100m H 14.43 +4.8, Celine Pearn 14.63.

Jayne Iwunze TJ 10.98m +3.8, Karmen-Elizabeth Maritz 3kg SP 13.33m, DT 43.31m. Jeremiah Rogo 400m 51.26, Angus Monro 1500m 3:59.35, James Reid 4:03.64. Noah Retford 110m H .914 15.50 +4.5.

3000m steeplechase Auckland championship Matthew Arnold 9:32.16, Darian Sorouri 9:43.80. Scott Thomson TJ 13.44m +4.6, Dominic Overend 12.73m +1.0 PB, Percy Maka 1.75kg DT 49.66m, Jirah Esekia 1.5kg DT 45.50m PB, Troy Maka 1.25kg DT 54.74m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Porritt Stadium – 22 January 2023
Brenna Leong 100m 12.86 +0.2, 200m 26.04 +1.2 PB. Melelosaline Lose 3kg SP 13.80m PB, 3kg HT 44.96m. Hayley Koppens 500g JT 32.45m PB. Mia De Jager HJ 1.60m. Paige Fletcher 4kg HT 41.13m. Amelie Wood 3kg HT 35.83m. Nathan Browne 110m H .991 16.12 0.0, 100m 11.45 +1.4. Maxwell Stringer 100m 11.31 +1.4 PB, 200m 23.41 +0.9. Kurt Sweeny TJ 12.88m +2.4, also 12.84m 0.0 PB.


Potts Track and Field Classic, Athletics New Zealand Under 20 3000m championship, Mitre 10 Sports Park, Hawke’s Bay – 21 January 2023
Five meeting records were set at a successful 24th edition of the annual Potts Classic.

Tiaan Whelpton equalled the meeting record and the New Zealand resident record he shares with Joseph Millar of 10.18 in both the heats and the final of the 100m.

Whelpton said: “I’m super happy. The goal for me is to slip into the 10.1s more consistently and being able to do that in today’s conditions, which were more difficult than last year, I’m definitely happy with that.”

Tommy Te Puni broke the meet record of Australia’s Alexander Carew set in 2016 with an impressive clocking of 47.23. Te Puni was out of the blocks fast and extended his lead in the home straight over Lex Revell-Lewis and Zach Saunders.

“I wasn’t expecting too much coming out of the last loading phase, so it was good to run a time like that, especially in those conditions which were not really ideal,” said Te Puni, son of 11-time New Zealand high jump champion Roger Te Puni.

“Compared to my last 400m I knew I needed to get out a bit harder and run it with a bit more intensity and I managed to achieve that with a PB,” he added.

James Preston also erased an Australian held record in the 800m, clipping 0.01 off Alex Rowe’s 2017 record with his winning time of 1:48.05. Australian-born Maltese national Jared Micallef gave Preston plenty of competition coming in second in 1:48.67.

Jade Lally of Great Britain added 72cm to Beatrice Faumuina’s 2010 women’s discus record, with her winning throw of 60.91m in round four. The Commonwealth Games silver medalist had a series of throws of 53.18, 59.37, 58.18, 60.91, 58.72, x.

Anthony Nobilo improved on his hammer throw record of 63.59m set last year with a throw of 67.50m.

Holly Manning retained her title in the Sylvia Potts memorial women’s 800m in 2:05.52. The vastly improved Stella Pearless, daughter of 1979 national 400m champion Peter Pearless, ran a PB 2:06.02 for second with Rosa Twyford third in 2:08.28.

Hannah Sandilands scored a notable victory in the women’s long jump with a career best leap of 6.20m +2.0.

Eliza McCartney followed up her competition on Wednesday with a win in the pole vault clearing 4.36m.

The favorites captured the U20 3000m titles, Christian De Vaal claimed the men’s title in 8:10.80 and Boh Ritchie struck gold in the women’s race, clocking a PB of 9:45.49, both confirming their good form leading into the World Cross Country Championships next month.



100m: Tiaan Whelpton (Christchurch) 10.18s (equal New Zealand resident record) 1, Hamish Gill (North Harbour Bays) 10.59s 2, Joseph Millar (Tauranga) 10.79s 3.

200m: Millar 22.15s 1, Ben Lambert (Paraparaumu) 22.49s 2, Rylan Noome (Hastings) 22.57s 3.

400m: Tommy Te Puni (NHB) 47.23s PB (meeting record) 1, Lex Revell-Lewis (Waitakere) 48.49s 2, Zach Saunders (Pakuranga) 48.63s PB 3.

800m Allan Potts Memorial: James Preston (Wellington) 1m 48.05s (meeting record) 1, Jared Micallef (Malta) 1m 48.67s 2, Karsen Vesty (Hastings) 1m 51.24s PB 3.

3000m: William Little (Whippets) 8m 23.60s PB 1, Ben Bidois (Hamilton) 8m 25.50s PB 2, Ronan Lee (Pakuranga) 8m 28.70s PB 3.

3000m New Zealand Under 20 Championship: Christian De Vaal (Pakuranga) 8m 10.80s 1, Alfie Steedman (North Harbour Bays) 8m 19.74s PB 2, Elliott Pugh (Tauranga) 8m 22.85s PB 3.

110m hurdles: Joshua Hawkins (Auckland City) 14.47s 1, Aaron Booth (Waitakere) 16.32s 2, Josh Woodhead (Hastings) 17.84s 3.

Pole vault: James Steyn (NHB) 5.02m 1, Nick Southgate (Takapuna) 5.02m 2, Ettiene Du Preez (NHB) 4.82m 3.

Long jump: Shay Veitch (Ariki Dunedin) 7.49m 1, Lewis Arthur (NHB) 6.88m 2, Booth 6.84m 3.

Shot put: Nick Palmer (Hastings) 18.74m 1, Liam Ngchok-Wulf (Papakura) 16.11m 2, Nathaniel Sulupo (Titahi Bay) 16.07m 3.

Discus throw: Connor Bell (NHB) 63.76m 1, Max Abbot (Karori) 47.96m PB 2, Sulupo 46.48m 3.

Hammer throw: Anthony Nobilo (NHB) 67.50m (meeting record) 1, Kaleb Sola (Lower Hutt) 44.46m PB 2. 6kg; Levi Pupualii (Papakura) 56.55m PB 1, Heath Abbot (Karori) 45.11m 2.


100m: Georgia Hulls (Hastings) 11.69s 1, Livvy Wilson (NHB) 11.78s 2, Brooke Somerfield (Tauranga) 11.95s 3.

200m: Chayille Collette (Palmerston North) 24.78s 1, Addira Collette (Palmerston North) 25.22s 2, Shannon Gearey (Hastings) 25.58s 3.

400m: Rosie Elliott (Christchurch) 53.43s 1, Portia Bing (Waitakere) 54.17s 2, Mia Powell (Waitakere) 54.73s 3.

800m Sylvia Potts Memorial: Holly Manning (Hastings) 2m 5.52s 1, Stella Pearless 2m 6.02s PB 2, Rosa Twyford (Canterbury) 2m 8.28s 3.

3000m New Zealand Under 20 Championship: Boh Ritchie (Hamilton) 9m 45.49s PB 1, Hannah Prosser (Aspiring) 9m 49.22s PB 2, Mackenzie Morgan (NHB) 9m 59.61s PB 3.

Shot put: Maddison-Lee Wesche (Waitakere) 18.58m 1, Natalia Rankin-Chitar (Papatoetoe) 13.46m 2, Lexi Maples (Christchurch) 12.48m 3.

Discus throw: Jade Lally (Great Britain) 60.91m (meeting record) 1, Taryn Gollshewsky (Australia) 59.07m 2, Tatiana Kaumoana (Te Aroha) 53.92m 3.

Hammer throw: Lauren Bruce (Sth Cant) 66.54m 1, Maples 57.38m PB 2, Elizabeth Hewitt (Mana) 48.85m 3.

Long jump: Hannah Sandilands (Christchurch) 6.20m PB 1, Mariah Ririnui (Tauranga) 5.77m 2, Briana Stephenson (NHB) 5.42m 3.
Pole vault: Eliza McCartney (NHB) 4.36m 1, Imogen Ayris (Takapuna) 4.21m 2, Hannah Adye (NHB) 3.61m 3.

Pre-Potts Open Pole Vault and Throws Meeting, Mitre 10 Sports Park, Hawke’s Bay – 18 January 2023
Connor Bell improved on his New Zealand resident discus record and set a fresh New Zealand national record with a throw of 66.14m. This added 1.85m to the resident mark and broke Ian Winchester’s national record of 65.03m set in California in 2002.

Bell’s series of throws; 65.00, x, 60.82, 63.92, 66.14, x.

“It’s a cool thing to set the record because Ian threw the mark 21 years ago and I’m 21 years old. By setting the record it means New Zealand discus throwing is in a good space and generally New Zealand throwing is in a good space. I’m super rapt, but I’m not going to hang my hat on it, I feel like I’m just warming up,” said Bell.

Nathaniel Sulupo 48.09m, SP 15.45m, Max Abbot 42.65m, SP 13.38m PB. Couper Killick 6kg SP 16.02m PB, Harrison McGregor 14.50m, 6kg HT 42.75m PB.

Nick Palmer SP 19.16m PB, Liam Ngchok-Wulf 16.34m PB. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 1.5kg DT 38.13m PB, 5kg HT 45.05m PB. Kaleb Sola 800g JT 52.24m PB, Cjay Graham 42.15m. Alexander Hewitt 5kg HT 60.06m, Heath Abbot 45.41m. Levi Pupualli 6kg HT 53.98m PB. Blessing Sefo 6kg SP 15.39m, 2kg DT 45.82m PB.

In the pole vault, Olivia McTaggart cleared 4.51m, Imogen Ayris 4.21m and Eliza McCartney, in her first competition since June 2021 was over at 4.21m. James Steyn PV 5.01m, Charlie Cameron 4.61m PB, Reuben Vogel 4.51m.

Mikayla Sola 3kg SP 12.22m, DT 37.77m, 3kg HT 50.00m PB. Ella Hogan DT 34.45m PB. Tatiana Kaumoana DT 55.00m. Orla Motley 500g JT 31.74m, 3kg HT 42.19m PB. Mia Bartlett 600g JT 35.71m, 4kg HT 34.37m PB, Leala Willman 32.24m, Elizabeth Hewitt 4kg HT 52.11m, Nadja Kumerich 47.05m PB, Nora Quigley 34.67m PB.

Para Athlete, Zack Lappin 1kg DT 30.42m, 600g JT 26.59m. Rorie Poff 5kg SP 9.47m, 1.5kg DT 16.45m.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 21 January 2023
Christina Ryan HJ 1.70m, 100m H .838 15.34 +1.9, SP 11.86m, 200m 25.71 -0.1. Lilla Faivre 300m H .762 49.47, LJ 5.02m +1.0. Henry Sevier 300m H .762 46.42. Todd Bates HT 55.69m. Charlotte Blake DT 33.90m. Maddie Wilson 100m 12.46 +2.9, 200m 25.76 +3.0. Holly Gray 400m 59.23 PB, 100m H .762 14.64 +1.9 PB, Ella Waldron 15.02 PB. Natalia Geneblaza TJ 10.63m +2.3. Mya Phillips 3kg SP 10.38m, DT 35.60m PB.

John Gerber 100m 10.63 +2.7, 400m 48.08 PB. Asher Pettengell-Brand 10.97 and 49.95. Marcus Wolton 200m 22.37 +3.4, Joseph Nash 22.65. Tia Wynyard HJ 1.90m, Ethan Bone 1.90m, Levi Murdoch 1.90m, TJ 12.51m +1.8, Max Attwell 1.80m, SP 11.89m. Masaki Tomooka PV 4.20m PB, 110m H 1.067 15.18 +1.1, SP 11.59m, DT 34.47m. Quinn Andia LJ 6.44m +3.9 and 6.03m +0.9. Kieran Sinclair-Lomax LJ 6.40m +2.1 and 6.33m +1.4. Joden Pratten DT 36.93m. Ethan Smolej 1500m 3:58.23, Oska Baynes 3:59.48 PB. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 13:15.51. John Mottus 200m 23.50 -0.1.

Helena Dinnissen W38 masters pentathlon 3205 points, 100m 13.24 +0.3, SP 10.09m, LJ 5.40m +0.9, JT 28.68m, 800m 2:33.44..


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 21 January 2023
Sebastian Ferro 100m 11.08 +2.1, Anabelle Batchelor 100m 12.79 +2.4, 200m 26.39 +3.4, Felix McDonald 200m 22.47 +4.1, LJ 7.11m +1.4, Catherine Lund 800m 2:27.01, Cameron Moffitt 400m H 56.89, LJ 6.58m +2.7, Luke Moffitt 400m H 58.89, TJ 13.39m NWI, Keira McNeill LJ 5.15m +2.9 also 5.11 +1.0, TJ 10.11m NWI, Dyani Shepherd-Oates HT 52.23m, Kiera Fowler JT 46.67m, SP 13.90m. Alexa Duff 500g JT 40.72m.


Athletics Southland Meeting, Surrey Park – 21 January 2023
Three personal bests to national U20 shot put and discus silver medalist Trent Hogg 7.26kg SP 13.85m, 2kg DT 42.56m, 7.26kg HT 33.49m. Buddy Small 3000m steeplechase .914 10:00.95.

Carlie Scherp 3kg SP 11.53m, 3kg HT 33.86m PB, DT 38.46m. Ashlynn Scherp 4kg HT 32.14m. Isla MacCallum 3kg SP 12.34m. Rebecca Peterson TJ 10.43m +3.7.

International Results


Illawarra Track Challenge, Woolongong NSW, 14 January: Liam Webb 400m 48.85 (4), Shannon Gearey 400m 59.24 (4).

AACT and ANSW Championships, Canberra, 14 January: Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.49 +0.2 (1).


University of Washington Preview, Dempsey Indoor Track, Seattle WA, 14 January: Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.16m PB (4), moves up one place to 11th on the NZ all-time list. Alison Andrews-Paul mile 4:43.76 PB (2RB), Jeff Lautenslager 3000m 8:15.33 (7RB).

Penn Select 10, Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex, Staten Island NY, 14 January: MacCallum Rowe mile 4:14.14 PB (7), Charlie Hazlett 4:15.86 PB (11).

University of Alabama Vulcan Invitational, Birmingham AL, 14 January: Jack Elliott 3000m 8:47.63 (12).

Michigan Invitational, Ann Arbor MI, 14 January: Toby Gualter 800m 1:55.33 PB (3), mile 4:06.71 PB (2RB).

Leonard Hilton Memorial, Houston TX, 13 January: Maddie Wilson 400m 1:01.44 (4RD), LJ 4.62m.

Clemson Invite, Clemson SC, 14 January: Sam Waldin 3000m 8:25.30 PB (15).

TTU Corky Classic, Lubbock TX, 14 January: Leah Belfield 60m 7.52 (4H3), Prelim 7.52 (1H10).

Graduate Classic, Lincoln NE, 13 January: Anthony Barmes WT 18.90m (7).

University of Massachusetts Flagship Invitational, Boston MA, 15 January: Kimberley May 1000m 2:52.84 (2).

Lumberjack Challenge, Flagstaff AZ, 20 January: Theo Quax 3000m 8:30.22 (1). Tapenisa Havea SP 15.75m (2).

Central Missouri Invite, Warrensburg MO, 20 January: Kayla Goodwin 60m H 8.95 (1H2), 8.85 (1), HJ 1.66m PB, SP 10.89m.

Vanderbilt Invitational, Nashville TN, 21 January: Macey Hilton 800m 2:09.57 (5), Isabella Richardson mile 4:56.23 (4).

Martin Luther King Jr Collegiate Invitational, Albuquerque NM, 21 January: Tayla Brunger 400m 58.60 (2RC).

University of Rhode Island Invitational, Kingston RI, 21 January: Zane Powell 800m 1:55.58 (1), Liam Back 1000m 2:29.24 (1), Tessa Hunt mile 4:57.77 (1).

Concordia Polar Dog Invite, Seward NE, 21 January: Maria Sartin 600m 1:36.27 (1).

Cyclone Open, Ames IA, 21 January: Anthony Barmes WT 19.31m (4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 18 January: James Parker 17:30, Adam Berry 17:54, Damon Nicholas 18:34. Anna Roberts 23:06.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 19 January: Pierre Gautier 36:30, Jerym Brunton 40:22, Daniel Yep 41:07.

Run Devonport, Ngataringa Bay, 22 January: 15km; Phillip McNamara 56:37, Olly Norman 57:01, Ben Parker 58:19. Kelly Webster 1:12:26, Belinda Smith 1:13:12, Annie Keown 1:13:21. 10km; Andrew Pointon 35:25, Owen Sze 35:42, Marek Schirnack 35:54. Karolina Kneller 42:45, Cara Gallagher 44:48, Melanie James 47:28. 5km; Aron Thompson 18:21, Charlie Hudson 18:26, Mark Carryer 18:58. Katie Wyrill 19:24, Emmy Hurcum 21:14, Asia Hudson 21:42.

Pressio Mount Half Marathon, 21 January: Julian Oakley 1:07:27, William Leong 1:15:52, Ben Evans 1:18:08. Amelia Lythe 1:23:08, Emily Burmester 1:34:41, Jasmine Finney 1:43:07. 10km; Jake Wilkinson 37:39, Denny Adamson Barkla 37:53, Esther George 39:05 (1), Matthew Brunt 39:17, Kerry White 39:39 (2), Sarah Gardner 41:25 (3). 5km; Ben Morris 18:12, Seth Herbert 18:49, Tarn Currie 19:30.

The Goat Adventure 20km, Whakapapa to Turoa Ski Fields, 21 January: Matthew Ogden 2:01:18, Toby Batchelor 2:01:57, David Haunschmidt 2:02:08. Hannah Lund 2:33:20, Miriam Clark 2:36:22, Sabrina Grogan 2:44:24.

Kapiti Summer 5km Series, Waikanae, 16 January: Alvirg Busa 18:06, Jack Gregory 19:23, Tim Gregory 20:46. Karis Rae 23:30.

Wakefield Roaster 10km, 21 January: Barney Hoskins 37:04, Chris Sharland 39:19, Curtis Moore 40:02. Colette Read 49:39.

Shoe Clinic 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 17 January: Corban Straker 15:25, Dayle McLauchlan 16:03, Daniel Redmond 16:24, Vajin Armstrong 16:29. Brea Roderick 17:19, Anne McLeod 17:47, Hannah Bartram 18:31, Fiona Dowling 18:49.