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27 October 2020 • General

Weekly Round Up: 27 October

New Zealand Competition Results

McKinnon Shield Meeting #3, Herb Towers Track Mt Smart Stadium – 24 October 2020
James Steyn, national champion for the last two seasons, cleared 5.00m in the pole vault, Ettiene Du Preez was over at 4.50m and national women’s champion Imogen Ayris won the women’s pole with a vault of 4.20m.

Nadia Evans, who will be competing in the senior girls at the National Secondary Schools Championships, won the sprint double, 100m 12.15 -0.5 and the 200m in a personal best 24.64 +0.2. The national under 18 sprint champion bettered her 200m time of 24.70 from the North Harbour schools zone meeting in March. Amelie Fairclough achieved personal bests of 12.67 and 25.62 in finishing second to Evans.

Amy Hurly, 12, debuted over the 2000m 0.762m steeplechase, clocking an impressive time of 7:28.59 heading in Siobhan Balle, who recorded 7:50.90. Hurly’s time now ranks her second in the New Zealand under 18 rankings this year and breaks Joanna Poland’s Auckland under 16 record of 7:36.46 set two years ago. Melissa Murrihy holds the world’s fastest time for a 12-year-old of 6:59.22, set in Wanganui in 2003.

Tommy Te Puni won the 100m in 11.39 from Liam McKellar 11.47. McKellar later won the 200m in 23.16.

Zane Powell and James Harding went head-to-head in the 800m, Powell prevailing in a PB 1:55.12 to Harding’s 1:55.59. Bella Browne won the women’s 800m in a PB 2:18.49 from her twin sister Chloe who ran 2:19.37.

Quinn Gardiner-Hall won the 3000m race walk in a PB 15:23.98. Zachary Saunders was a clear winner of the 300m hurdles in 40.43 and Samadiana Fariz won the women’s 300m hurdles in 47.13. Lilli McGreal had a personal best of 40.95m with the 3kg hammer.

Matthew Aucamp, national junior decathlon champion in 2018 and 2019 and silver medallist in last season’s senior championship, completed a successful pentathlon with a score of 3400 points. His results were: 110m hurdles 15.22 -0.6, high jump 1.88m, shot put 8.90m, long jump 6.62m +1.7, 200m 23.53 -1.0. Aucamp scored personal bests in the hurdles and high jump.

Alexandra Hyland, national junior heptathlon champion in 2017, won the women’s pentathlon scoring 3165 points from 100m hurdles 15.93 -3.4, long jump 4.85m +1.4, shot put 8.82m PB, high jump 1.65m and 200m 27.52 -2.0. Arwen Solomon set an Auckland under 18 record of 2482 points and Jade Nomani set an Auckland under 16 record of 2913 points.

Jumps Throws Meeting, Newtown Park – 17 October 2020
Anna Thomson TJ 12.23m 0.0. Flynn Goggin M16 LJ 5.60m +1.7, HJ 1.75m. Max Abbot 5kg HT 50.00m, 5kg SP 13.85m PB. Kaleb Sola 5kg HT 45.49m, 5kg SP 12.02m PB. Corran Hanning F12n 5kg HT 31.09m PB. Elizabeth Hewitt 3kg HT 49.64m, 3kg SP 12.20m. Anya Dunlop-Brown 3kg HT 35.95m. Lili Szabo LJ 5.42m 0.0 PB.

WAHC Meeting, Newtown Park – 24 October 2020
Cody Wilson 100m 10.84 +1.6, 200m 21.75 +2.1. Jake Paul 10.96, 22.36. Axel McKenna 400m 54.21. Lili Szabo 100m 12.92 -0.1. Niamh Gedye 200m 27.14 +2.5. Daniel Du Toit 3000m RW 12:35.19. Andre Gundersen 1.25kg DT 53.56m, 700g JT 45.63m PB. Corran Hanning F12 1.5kg DT 36.09m.

Athletics Nelson Twilight Meeting, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 23 October 2020
Angus Wemyss 800m 1:58.96. Hayley Bond 100m 12.95 +1.3, Kathy Dunbar 3000m 10:46.42. Rosie Neal TJ 10.62m NWR. Abbey Moody DT 33.48m, 500g JT 40.44m. Ariana Mudgway 500g JT 32.30m PB.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 24 October 2020
Max Attwell 110m H 16.11 +1.7, HJ 1.95m. Charlie Cameron PV 4.20m PB, Joshua Bull PV 4.10m. Eliza Meekings PV 3.30m. Anna Lynch 4kg HT 40.41m. Levi Ferguson LJ 6.07m +0.1, HJ 1.95m. Neve Moulai 3000m 10:36.78 PB. Charlie Hazlett 3000m 8:58.48, Pai Wynyard 9:21.40. Kaitlin Feather LJ 5.04m +0.1. Alfie Baker HJ 1.95m. Anna Percy 100m 12.14 +0.4, 200m 24.66 +2.5. Jordyn Blake 60m 7.73 +3.6, 100m 12.26 +2.3, 200m 25.19 +1.4 PB. Jared Neighbours 800g JT 52.60m. Daniel Roswell 800m 1:58.32, Ethan Smolej 1:58.51. Elliot Nye 60m 7.15 +1.9, 100m 10.99 +2.6, 200m 22.18 +3.3. Jonah Cropp 3000m RW 14:59.08 PB, Courtney Ruske 14:52.90. Laura Smith 800m 2:15.74.

Athletics Otago Twilight Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 22 October 2020
For the second week in a row, Anna Grimaldi T47 bettered her own New Zealand Para Athlete long jump record. Last week she improved on her 5.62m from the 2016 Rio Paralympics to 5.68m, and last Thursday increased the record to 5.72m +0.4. She also won the 100m in 12.85 -2.0.

Benjamin Baines F37 added 4cm to his New Zealand Para Athlete 600g javelin record with a throw of 32.35m.

Myrtle Rough, who holds the New Zealand masters W70 and W75 800m records, set a masters W80 record of 4:07.22, breaking Marcia Petley’s 2009 record of 4:37.69.

Shay Veitch 100m 10.88 -2.8, 200m 21.64 -1.3, HJ 1.75m. Felix McDonald 100m 11.37 -2.8, LJ 7.06m +0.6. Schuyler Orr 100m 11.84 -2.8, 200m 23.95 -1.3. Cameron Moffitt LJ 6.34m -0.7. Ethan Walker 800g JT 51.59m. George Bates 2000m 6:23.23. Zara Geddes 2000m 6:47.94. Sophie McCormick 100m 12.99 -2.0, 200m 26.11 -1.3. Sarah Langsbury 200m 26.64 -1.3, LJ 5.12m -0.5. Zaine Murdoch 5kg SP 13.83m PB. Jamin Millar 5kg SP 12.67m PB.

Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 23 October 2020
Kennedy Taylor 2000m steeplechase 7:29.94 PB. Teagan Ashley 3kg SP 11.42m, 4kg HT 38.67m. Sam McDonald 100m 12.72 -0.8. Trent Hogg 5kg SP 15.52m PB, 1.5kg DT 47.02m PB. Rico Fisher 5kg SP 12.42m PB. Norman Tudor 800g JT 42.73m.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Pakuranga 5km, Lloyd Elsmore Park, 19 October: Dion Wallwork 19:59, Josh Heissenbuttle 20:10, Ronan Codyre 20:14. Denika Clooney 21:07, Rachel Penny 21:13, Abbey Bolton 22:25.

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 13 October: Josh Nishitani 16:25, David Bagot 16:31, Keith Burrows 16:45. Gracie Keown 19:04, Tia Knight 20:48, Lana Davison 21:28. 20 October: Harry Harris 16:56, Keith Burrows 17:01, Dylan Berry 17:30. Skye Dick 18:28, Tia Knight 20:45, Kerry Ash 21:14.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 21 October: Shaun Cooper 19:17, Tom Hanrahan 19:29, Robert Good 19:45. Claire McKone 22:00.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 22 October: Daniel Smith 39:07.

Eastside Riverpath 5km, 20 October: John Mering 17:14, Harry Coles 17:48, Rhys Mildon 18:35. Malesa McNearney 19:58.

We Run The Forest, Redwood Forest, 24 October: Marathon; Jack Harris 3:30:07. Kate Loye 3:42:51. Half marathon; David Haunschmidt 1:27:03. Kirsten Milne 1:48:54. 12km; Angus Bell 52:15. Phoebe Butler-Munro 55:09.

Tuesday Tune-Up, Westshore Napier, 20 October: Mark Fisher 19:02, Jonathan Moore 19:07, Robin Moore 19:32. Sophie Dunnett-Welch 20:56.

Waterfront 5km Series, 20 October: Thomas Strawbridge 15:19, Daniel Jones 15:30, Ben Twyman 15:57. Nina Maurer 19:42, Mel Stevens 19:53, Janette Landers 20:56. Walk; Daniel du Toit 21:05, Clive McGovern 30:07, Jacqueline Wilson 31:47.

Cromwell Half Marathon, 25 October: Jason van Kempen 1:29:22. Katharine Hockly 1:32:51. 10km; Thijs Hubber 36:55, Cam Kerr 36:57, Honza Zoha 37:34. Katie Smith 44:15.