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28 November 2022 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 28 November

Christian de Vaal clipped two seconds off the 20-year-old New Zealand U18 3000m record with a perfectly paced performance of 8:10.72. (Photo: Petro Geldenhuys)

New Zealand Track & Field results


McKinnon Shield Meeting #4, Yvette Williams Track Pakuranga and AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore – 26 November 2022
Christian de Vaal clipped two seconds off the 20 year old New Zealand under 18 3000m record with a perfectly paced performance of 8:10.72. In the process he lowered his personal best by eight seconds and it sets him up for a crack at the New Zealand secondary schools record of 8:15.50 in two weeks’ time in Inglewood.

His training companion Ronan Codyre, and son of his coach Nick Codyre, paced him through the first five laps sheltering him from the strong headwind down the main straight.

Realising the record was in the bag, de Vaal tore around the final lap to eclipse Garit Read’s record of 8:12.7 set in Palmerston North in 2002.

Jamie Mora was second in a ten second PB of 8:28.08 and Codyre was next in 8:34.18. Ronan Lee was fourth in a PB 8:35.94.

The record has been on the cards for de Vaal since October.

“Since the start of the season it’s been one of my goals. I attempted it by myself first race this season and did an 8:22 and so I was like reassess, debrief go back. So we got Ronan to pace this one.”

“My old mate Ronan paced me for 66 seconds for the first five laps and he did a great job. I took over for the last k and went through in 7:07 at the bell and I knew I had to put on the gas and I managed to do it,” said de Vaal who turns 18 next month.

Nick Codyre said he was delighted for de Vaal

“He’s been coming along nicely for quite a while and we set it up today, Ronan did the pacing for him and that’s what it was all about.

“We’re going to Inglewood to win the title, and we will have a good chance at the record,” he said.

Nick said they are waiting for the under 20 world cross country championships team announcement, as to whether de Vaal will go for the New Zealand under 19 record of 8:04.25.

“When the team is named we might have to change our focus from track back to cross country. We could possibly have three in that squad.”

National 100m record holder Zoe Hobbs had her first outing this season winning the 200m into a stiff head wind in 24.15 -5.1. Symone Tafunai won the 100m in 12.27 -1.3.

For the fourth straight weekend Tommy Te Puni won the sprints, clocking 10.86 -1.9 over 100m and 21.59 -3.2 in the 200m. Otago’s Fergus McLeay was second in the 100m in 10.91 and Troy Middleton was runner-up in the 200m in 22.43. Queenstown’s Hayato Yoneto was third on both occasions in 11.08 and 22.48 PB.

James Ford 800m 1:53.05, Thomas Cowan 1:53.86 PB, William Johnston 1:55.23 PB. Imogen Barlow 800m 2:14.73 PB. Bella Earl 3000m 9:50.86 PB, Aimee Ferguson 9:56.05. Justin Menezes 400m hurdles 58.43. Wiremu Knowles 300m hurdles .838 40.84 PB. Grace Wisnewski 300m hurdles .762 43.58 PB, Sophie Hancock 43.65 PB also LJ 5.33m +3.7. Quinn Gardiner-Hall 3000m RW 15:31.08. Richie Trathen 2000m RW 10:33.52.

Charlotte Goldsmith LJ 5.80m +4.3. Alexandra Hyland HJ 1.78m PB. Lewis Arthur LJ 7.23m +1.6. Rafe Couillault HJ 2.03m PB, Kaelan Paranihi 1.95m PB, Ben Blundell 1.85m PB.

Competing on the North Shore, four times national champion Anthony Nobilo, in his season’s opening throw, sent the hammer out to a PB 67.74m. Levi Pupualii 5kg HT 62.80m PB. Nathan Buckley 800g JT 55.07m, Stephen Thorpe 42.31m PB. Paige Fletcher 3kg HT 46.16m PB. Eva Stowers 3kg HT 35.60m PB. Taya Lewis 500g JT 30.41m PB.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 26 November 2022
Seven times national hurdles champion Joshua Hawkins won a wind assisted 110m hurdles in 14.03 +3.7 and achieved a personal best 100m of 10.51 +1.2. This is his fastest time in seven years.

Connor Brown 110m hurdles .914 14.99 +3.7. Boh Ritchie 1500m 4:44.01, 800m 2:19.29. Brooke Somerfield 100m 11.80 +1.5, 150m 17.58 +1.5. Joseph Millar 100m 10.55 +1.2, 150m 16.05 +1.5. Liam McKellar 400m 53.63. Elliott Pugh 800m 2:01.63. Amelie Wood 3kg HT 42.50m PB. Sarah Hewlett LJ 5.15m NWI. Bradley Bidois 700g JT 46.40m.


Central Regional Teams League #3, Colin Pugh SportsBowl – 26 November 2022
Tamsin Harvey 100m 12.14 +1.8, 400m 59.51 PB. Greta Darke 2000m steeplechase 7:46.49. Zita Meo 400m 59.91. Saskia Cosgrove-Drayton 1500m 4:46.02 PB, Jacquelyn Kowalewski 4:46.77, Lola Campbell 4:47.22 PB.

Sofia Lumbreras 800m 2:16.84 PB, Hayley Cornwall 2:18.73, Poppy Healy 2:19.58. Shannon Geary 200m 25.11 +2.8. Mikayla Sola 3kg HT 45.90m. Amber Trow HJ 1.62m, Sam MacKinder 1.62m. Elizabeth Hewitt DT 42.74m. Ellie Hurley-Langton LJ 5.20m +1.2. Ella Hogan 3kg SP 11.08m. Aleksandra Domanski TJ 10.20m +2.2 also 10.08m +1.5. Mia Bartlett 500g JT 34.40m, Chesley Moananu 34.15m.

George Varney 5000m 14:59.24 PB, Nelson Doolan 15:50.59, Ben Twyman 15:52.11. Louise Brabyn 3000m 10:23.35. Daniel Sinclair 3000m 8:40.90, Tayne Patel 8:58.97 PB, Finn Barker 9:05.39. Cromarty Paige 300m H .762 45.02. Lucas Martin 3000m RW 12:52.17 PB.

Cody Wilson 100m 10.52 +0.5, 200m 21.19 +2.9, Tyrone Trego 10.81 PB and 22.13, Jake Paul 10.87 and 22.02. Lorcan Rabbitte 2000m steeplechase 6:10.25. Josh Ledger 400m 49.49. Liam Lamb 1500m 3:46.35, Karsen Vesty 3:53.62. Callum O’Keeffe 800m 1:54.77, Luca Evett 1:55.69 PB. Heath Abbot (15) 4kg HT 60.24m Wellington record, Alexander Hewitt 5kg HT 53.39m, 1.5kg DT 40.35m PB. Hanno Nel 7.26kg HT 42.15m PB. Cole Thomson 6kg HT 40.47m PB.

Forbes Kennedy LJ 6.90m +3.6, Jordan Peters 6.67m +3.5. Corran Hanning F12 6kg SP 13.20m PB, 1.75kg DT 38.29m. Forbes MacLean 1.5kg DT 42.27m. Samasoni Hewitt HJ 1.82m. Blaine Knapman 700g JT 46.47m. Kaleb Sola 800g JT 46.41m.


Harold Nelson Classic, Saxton Field Athletic Track – 26 November
Josephine Tappenden 400m 58.04 PB. Amelia Clark 3000m 10:49.10 PB. Angus Wemyss 3000m 8:41.84 PB. Josh Fitzgerald 3000m steeplechase .914 10:14.68. Micayla Whiti 100m 13.05, 200m 26.39.


Athletics Canterbury Twilight Meeting #4, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 24 November 2022
Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey 3kg HT 42.85m, 500g JT 34.75m. Brynne Gordon 3000m 10:33.00. Holly Gray 100m 12.91 +2.1, 300m 42.18. Angus Sevier 800m 1:55.86, Liam O’Donnell 1:56.37, James Mcleay 1:56.78. Rosa Twyford 800m 2:10.44, 200m 28.60 +0.1. Paris Carroll 800m 2:19.48. John Mottus 400m 51.36, Ollie Singleton 52.44. 

Rhythm and Jumps, Tucker Track, Christchurch Old Boys’ High School – 25 November 2022
Josephine Reeves HJ 1.74m, Maddie Wilson 1.69m, Imogen Skelton 1.68m, Jessica Hendren 1.67m. Christina Ryan LJ 5.65m -0.1, Ashleigh Bennett 5.61m +0.5, Anna Grimaldi T47 5.57m +0.8, Helena Dinnissen 5.25m +0.4.

Adam Stack HJ 2.06m, Matt Poduje 1.95m, Hugo Jones 1.91m, Tia Wynyard 1.85m, Ethan Bone 1.83m. Shay Veitch LJ 7.47m -0.4, Angus Lyver 7.19m +0.4, Max Attwell 6.55m 0.0.

Athletics Canterbury Meeting #5, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 26 November 2022
Jonah Cropp 5000m RW 24:26.95. Eliza Meekings PV 3.60m. Jared Neighbours PV 3.90m, 800g JT 53.89m. Holly Gray 100m H .762 14.90 +2.4, 400m 59.98. Christina Ryan 100m H .838 15.20 +1.1, 100m 12.90 +2.9, 600g JT 34.40m. Harry Williamson 100m H .838 14.84 +1.1. Ethan Gow TJ 14.04m +0.1. Natalia Geneblaza TJ 10.82m -2.9, Gracie Pratten 10.66m +1.0, Esther Pratten 10.54m +2.0, LJ 5.15m -0.4.

Finlay Neale 110m H .914 15.12 +1.2 PB. Kirsty McCarthy-Dempsey 3kg HT 45.21m, 500g JT 33.65m. Shay Veitch 100m 10.82 +1.7. Maia Broughton 100m 12.10 +2.9. Jody McCarthy-Dempsey LJ 5.35m -0.3. Asher Pettengell-Brand LJ 6.65m -1.1 PB. Matt Poduje HJ 1.95m, JT 44.02m. Hugo Jones HJ 1.95m, Tia Wynyard 1.95m, Ethan Bone 1.95m. Quinn Motley 800g JT 40.11m PB. Angus Sevier 1500m 3:56.44 PB. Tillie Hollyer 1500m 4:27.87, Paris Carroll 4:52.40 PB. Niamh Motley 2000m steeplechase 7:27.20 PB. Max Attwell JT 46.89m. Imogen Skelton 400m 58.73, Kiera Hall 58.99. Finn O’Sullivan 400m 49.89 PB, John Mottus 50.49. Lahana Reeves 3000m 10:21.76. Thomas Richards 5000m 15:57.54.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 26 November 2022
Cole Gibbons 100m 11.30 +2.6. Sebastian Ferro 100m 11.31, 200m 22.51 +2.6. Niamh Townsend 100m 12.88 +3.2. Jorja Gibbons 200m 25.80 +2.3. Jedidiah Thompson-Fawcett 800m 1:58.92. George Hamilton Otago 3000m championship 8:39.02, Joshua Gill 8:43.83 PB, Oliver O’Sullivan 8:44.65 PB Otago M35 record. Catherine Lund 3000m 9:54.50 PB, Zara Geddes 10:05.80. Sarah Jamison 300m H .762 49.55. Toby Martin PV 3.80m PB, TJ 12.77m +1.6. Luke Moffitt PV 3.60m, LJ 6.42m +2.5. Cole Gibbons PV 3.40m. Ryan Young LJ 6.62m +3.0. Neve Beattie LJ 5.09m +2.1, TJ 10.43m +1.3 PB. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 54.45m, Embla Wihk 42.93m PB, 600g JT 35.19m PB. Alexa Duff 500g JT 40.05m PB Otago W15, W16 record, 3kg HT 37.29m PB.


Athletics Southland Twilight Meeting, Surrey Park – 25 November 2022
Trent Hogg 1.75kg DT 47.02m PB. Isla MacCallum 3kg SP 11.15m, Carlie Scherp 11.05m, DT 38.58m PB. Ashlynn Scherp DT 33.44m.

International Results


NN Zevenheuvelenloop 15km, Nijmegen, 20 November: Hamish Carson 44:32 (17).


Victoria 5000m championship, Box Hill North, 17 November: Steven Langdon 14:39.00 PB (17).


NCAA National Cross Country Finals – 19 November:

Div I, Greiner Family OSU Course, Stillwater OK: 10km Will Anthony 30:27 (129), Taonga Mbambo 32:04 (239).

Div II, Holloway Park, Lakeland FL: 10km Jack Elliott 32:02 (28).

Flanigan’s Rockin’ Rib 10km, Miramar FL, 20 November: Craig Lautenslager 29:40 (6), under the performance standard of 29:45 for the world cross country championship.

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 22 November: Harry Harris 17:19, Adam Berry 17:27, Owen Mitchett 17:33. Tia Knight 20:02, Sue Hardy 23:52, Rixt Geertsma 26:26.                                                                                                                                             

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 23 November: Dann Finlayson 17:30, Nicholas Elton-Kyo 17:40, Amelia Lythe 18:20, Werner Malan 19:00.

Corporate Challenge 5km, Auckland Domain, 23 November: Andre McKay 16:34, Luke Cameron 16:37, Simon McLean 16:44. Gabriela Diver 21:04, Grace McCarthy-Raw 21:20, Rachael Monkhouse 21:51.

Hunua Hillbilly 60km, 26 November: Troy Field 7:11:54, Glen Chesterman 7:36:11, Matt Gummer 7:59:30. Clare Cooke 9:38:17, Sarah Bauer 9:46:27, Sarah Russell 10:07:12.

Run the Point, Hobsonville, 27 November: 15km; Phillip McNamara 56:20, Ben Parker 57:53, Clinton Loveday 59:51. Ying Wang 1:09:04, Amy Shea 1:12:34, Ketina Chivasa 1:13:37. 10km; Mark Paterson 35:00, Julian Ng 36:06, Tom Iwan 36:53. Joanna Mutu-Rowe 48:41, Jade Turei 49:02, Anna Zuraeva 50:21. 5km; Aron Thompson 18:36, Mark Carryer 18:40, Stephen Tan 19:47. Katie Wyrill 19:56, Kay leigh Limu 21:43, Emmy Hurcum 23:04.

The Honest 10km, Oriental Bay, 20 November: Thomas Humphrey 39:00, Stu Milne 39:14, Robert Shortcliffe 44:15.

Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 21 November: Liam Wallace 19:27, Paul Heath 19:58, David McIntosh 20:43.