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29 January 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up 29 Jan

Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up. This week’s edition includes:

New Zealand Track and Field Meetings including the Potts Classic
International results from the US, Germany, Australia and South Africa, including the Canberra Track Classic and the KU KSU WSU Triangular
Road and Trail race results from around the country
A great week of athletics with ten New Zealand records set including a New Zealand indoor record. Zoe Hobbs in the 100m, Eliza McCartney two records in the pole vault, Edward Nketia six junior sprint records and Aaron Booth an indoor heptathlon record.





20th Potts Classic, Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park – 26 January 2019

Zoe Hobbs has done it again, for the second time within a week she has broken the New Zealand women’s resident 100m record. At last week’s Capital Classic meeting in Wellington Hobbs recorded a 100m time of 11.42 (+0.9) to break Michelle Seymour’s 25 year old record of 11.52. The 21 year old national champion went one better with a clocking of 11.37 (+1.8) at the Potts Classic edging closer to Seymour’s national record of 11.32 set in Melbourne in 1993. Livvy Wilson was second in a PB 11.77 and Leah Belfield third in 11.92, also a PB.

Hobbs is stoked with the way the season has gone so far. She puts her improvement down to a solid winter of training.

“Having a winter block has really helped me because I’ve always been building into a world event or have something on so it’s been good to actually focus on my weaknesses especially the longer stuff and be able to get in a solid gym block. Also because our squad (under James Mortimer) has grown as well and that’s really helped me and motivated me to push me in my weak areas and it also makes it a lot more fun,” said Hobbs.

Hobbs also competed with others in the New Zealand University relay squad in the 4 x 100m relay clocking another qualifying performance of 45.72 for the World University Games. On Sunday the squad raced in a 4 x 400m relay clocking 3:47.76, just under two seconds shy of the qualifying time for the Games in Naples Italy in July.

Eliza McCartney is knocking on the door of clearing five metres in the pole vault. The Rio Olympic Games bronze medallist had a good start to the season, coming off an injury last year than curtailed her European campaign, reaching up to 4.85m before going on to have three close attempts at five metres. Wilma Murto of Finland was second with 4.41m and Olivia McTaggart third with 4.31m.

McCartney was delighted with the outcome on a new run up and was using bigger poles, to improve on her meeting record of 4.70m set last year and to break her New Zealand all comers and resident record of 4.82m set on the North Shore in February 2017.

“It went so well today I’m so happy. I didn’t think much would have come from these poles but they did and I’m so happy with that. “It’s a big year coming up so it’s a good start. This going to be my year,” said McCartney. Her next competition is in the Auckland championships this weekend.

Tom Walsh was likewise pleased with his first up for the year in the shot put with three attempts out over 21 metres, his best coming in the second round with 21.38m to increase his meeting record from 21.14m set last year.

“A really good opener for the season. To be that consistently technically was really good. Even though I didn’t quite execute on some of my things I was trying to do, the intent was there so that’s what I’m really happy with. “Three throws over 21 metres in my first comp is better than I’ve ever done before,” said Walsh.

Jacko Gill was second with 20.29m in his first competition since August 2017. The former world youth and junior champion was reasonably happy with the start to the season.

“I was hoping for a bit further, but it is my first comp back in two seasons and it’s a good starting point. I’ve just recovered from a torn pectoral, which is good now but it’s good to warm up properly and there’s a bit to go through and it’s a little bit annoying,” said Gill.

He did the injury doing a bench press, a total tear of the tendon. He next competes at the Porritt Classic, followed by a competition in Christchurch before the nationals and then the nationals. Ryan Ballantyne was third with 17.41m, a 22cm improvement on his previous personal best in Auckland last March. Nikolas Kini throwing the 6kg shot set a PB of 16.93m.

Angie Petty notched up her ninth win in the Sylvia Potts memorial women’s 800m. Emma Osborne provided the pace over the first lap in a tick over 60 seconds before releasing Smit over the final lap. Smit ran hard and with no competition came home strongly in 2:03.79, just outside her 2016 meeting record of 2:03.43. Kara Macdermid was second in 2:10.36 PB and Krystie Solomon third in 2:10.80 PB. Petty who has had Achilles tendon problem was pleased with the result.

“I pretty happy considering not having anyone right there with me over the last lap. The pace maker did a great job and I went through at the bell in 60 and I finished quite strong I worked really hard into the wind in the back straight. “I’m slowly getting back there after my Achilles set back,” said Petty.

Samuel Tanner won the 800m in 1:50.16 from Sam Petty 1:50.93 and Michael Dawson 1:52.08.

Matthew Taylor aiming for the World University Games 5000m performance standard of 14:20.00, ran 14:32.47 a PB by eight seconds. The Hastings runner now based in Auckland headed in Oska Baynes by four seconds and Michael Voss who ran 14:39.66 PB.

“It was good to win in Hastings, but a little bit disappointing to miss the time we were aiming for. It’s pretty gusty but still a big PB,” said Taylor. “I’m working on getting all rounded and getting those times lower and lower,” he added.

Jordan Bolland and Hamish Gill went neck and neck in the 100m, Bolland getting the decision, both timed at 10.64 (+1.6), a PB for Bolland.

The winners in the 400m Josh Ledger 49.44 and Charlotte Holland 56.75 ahead of Brooke Cull 56.95.

Maddison Wesche set a meeting record of 17.10m PB in the women’s shot put, improving on Victoria Owers 16.97m from last year. Owers was second with 16.14m with Kaia Tupu-South third with 13.41m.

Alexander Parkinson will be looking to improve on his discus throw of 56.50m at the Porritt Classic in Hamilton where he set his PB of 56.79m at the 2017 meeting.

Tomas Wecksten of Finland 5.21m in the pole vault with an impressive PB for James Steyn over the same height of 5.21m. Nick Southgate was third with 5.06m.

Jordan Peters LJ 7.56m (+3.9) also 6.52m (+1.5). Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.40m (+3.9) also 7.28m (+1.3). Kelsey Berryman LJ 6.16m (+3.8), no legal backup. Corinna Minko LJ 6.03m (+4.0) also 5.94m (+2.0).
Siositina Hakeai DT 57.01m, Te Rina Keenan 54.33m and Lauren Bruce 50.09m.

Nicole Bradley HT 65.94m, just short of her PB of 66.07m set at last year’s meeting, Lauren Bruce 58.99m and Montaya Wharehinga 50.90m. Anthony Nobilo the sole competitor in the senior hammer, throwing a metre PB of 58.99m.

Winners of the 2000m were Joss Barber 5:42.50 and Tessa Webb 6:44.29.


Jumps to Music, Hick’s Park – 23 January 2019

Scott Thomson TJ 14.66m (+3.1), also 14.56m (+2.0). Kieran Pere TJ 13.23m (+1.7). Anna Thomson TJ 12.42m (+3.2), also 12.25m (+1.9). Kayla Goodwin TJ 12.05m (+3.1), also 11.79m (+1.7). Ashleigh Bennett 12.03m (+3.0). Billy Crayford HJ 2.09m, Marcus Wolton HJ 2.09m, Max Attwell HJ 1.95m. Josephine Reeves HJ 1.78m, Emma Sutherland HJ 1.74m, Imogen Skelton HJ 1.70m.


North Island Grade 14, U16 and U18 Interprovincial Championship, Manawatu Community Athletics Track, Massey University – 19 January 2019

Daniel Parkes 200m 23.31 (-2.6), 110m H 15.47 (-1.5), 300m H 39.61. James Robertson 400m 51.65. Jeremiah Rogo 400m 51.80. Luke Weston 800m 2:02.82, 1500m 4:14.36. Desmond Van Der Linde 110m H 914mm 15.76 (-1.5), Charles Annals 16.62. Zachary Saunders HJ 1.84m PB, 100m H 838mm 14.34 (+0.8), 300m H 762mm 40.83. Tremayne Redman-Gardner HJ 1.81m PB. Joshua Tepai 5kg SP 12.23m PB. Tamatoa Tepai 1.5kg DT 44.03m PB. Lee Lober-Chan 400m 52.64, LJ 5.78m.

Peyton Leigh 800m 2:19.10, 1500m 5:02.30. Jorien Fourie 300m H 762mm 48.74, LJ 5.06m. Sam MacKinder HJ 1.66m PB, 500g JT 32.47m. Lara Hockly LJ 5.00m (0.0). Shekhinahglory Laulala 3kg SP 12.90m. Natalia Rankin-Chitar DT 39.10m, 3kg SP 12.33m PB. Grace Penberthy 3kg SP 10.99m. Sophie Andrews 3kg SP 11.36m, 3kg HT 38.67m. Jade Bowater 3kg HT 37.48m. Mykahla Watson 3kg HT 35.38m PB.

Final points; 14/15; Counties 2050.75, Wellington 2006.62, Auckland 1878.27, Taranaki 1714.65, Wanganui/Manawatu 1638.63, Hawkes Bay/Gisborne 1584.13, Waikato Bay of Plenty 1496.00. U/18; Counties 2033.80, Wellington 1923.00, Auckland 1872.89, Taranaki 1824.60, Waikato Bay of Plenty 1463.33, Wanganui/Manawatu 1052.60, Hawkes Bay/Gisborne 275.60.


Athletics Canterbury Meeting, Nga Puna Wai Sports Hub – 26 January 2019

Tapenisa Havea 100m 12.65 (-0.6), 100m H 762 15.11 (0.0). Fiona Morrison 100m 12.43 (-1.5) mx. Maia Broughton 100m 12.70 (-1.5) mx, 200m 26.30 (0.0). Liliana Braun 800m 2:22.65. Julia Burnham 300m H 762 48.67. Tiaan Whelpton 60m 7.05 (-1.6), 100m 11.10 (-1.3). James Sandilands 110m H 1067 15.52 (-0.1).

Sam Harris PV 4.00m. Max Attwell LJ 6.26m (+0.5). Joshua Bull PV 3.60m. Edward Hsing PV 3.60m. Jared Neighbours 110m H 16.41 (-0.1), HJ 1.78m, 6kg SP 13.46m PB, 1.75kg DT 45.12m PB, 800g JT 53.10m. Mathew Todd 5kg HT 45.07m. Matt Dryden 3000m 8:58.92. Navajo Prentice 3000m 10:22.35 mx.


Athletics Otago Meeting and Combined Events Championships, Caledonian Ground – 26 January 2019

Fiona Centers 100m 12.48 (+0.4) mx, 200m 25.21 (-0.1) mx. Jake Paul 100m 11.05 (0.0), 200m 22.45 (-0.1). Sophie Napper 400m 57.60 mx PB. Rebekah Greene 1500m 4:26.08 mx. Christina Ashton 100m H 840 15.32 (+0.7). Tara McNally 100m H 762 15.97 (+0.7). Emma McKay TJ 10.51m (-0.1). Jade Zaia 2kg DT 42.09m, 7.26kg SP 13.35m. Dyani Shepherd-Oates 4kg HT 46.15m. Janus Staufenberg 5000m Otago championship 15:02.95.

Christina Ryan SW heptathlon 4389 points (15.43 -0.4, 1.49m, 10.93m, 26.21 +0.7, 5.22m +0.2, 32.87m, 2:49.16). Cameron Moffitt U/18 decathlon 5639 points PB (11.61 +0.6, 5.91m +0.5, 13.45m, 1.66m, 52.77, 15.69 +0.7 PB, 34.28m PB, 2.50m, 34.90m, 5:07.77).



Lumberjack Challenge, Flagstaff AZ, 18 January:

Geordie Beamish 800m 1:53.95 (1), 3000m 8:52.72 (5). Harriet Bush mile 5:59.72 (13).

ICM Invite, Warrensburg MO, 18 January:

Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.32m (2)

KU KSU WSU Triangular, Lawrence KS, 18 January:

Aaron Booth 60m 7.10 (4R2), PV 4.60m (3).

Ed Jacoby Invite, Nampa ID, 18/19 January:

Chris Brake HJ 1.96m (3), TJ 14.24m (2).

Clemson Invitational, Clemson SC, 19 January:

Thomas Moulai mile 4:22.85 (6R2).

Larry Wieczorek Invitational, Iowa City IA, 19 January:

Alison Andrews-Paul 1000m 2:55.05 (2).

Gamecock Inaugural, Columbia SC, 19 January:

Christian Conder mile 4:23.13 (3R2).

Notre Dame Invitational, South Bend IN, 19 January:

Jordyn Blake 200m 26.69 (3R4).

Penn 8 – Team Select, Staten Island NY, 19 January:

Marcus Karamanolis 1500m 4:18.57 (9R1). Cameron Avery 3000m 8:18.55 PB (1R1).

Simmons-Harvey Big 10, Ann Arbor MI, 19 January:

Jordan Rackham 800m 1:54.80 (4RB).

Larry Wieczorek Invite, Iowa City IA, 19 January:

Phoebe Edwards LJ 5.58m (12), 60m H 8.88 (2 heat), 8.91 (5).

Colombia Challenge, New York NY, 24 January:

Julian Oakley 3000m 7:56.50 (8).

Houston Invitation, Houston TX, 25 January:

Hannah Miller mile 4:54.93 (1R2), 5000m 16:22.83 (1). Anneke Grogan mile 5:09.52 PB (1), 5000m 17:40.19 (5).

UW Invite, Seattle WA, 25 January:

Olivia Burdon mile 4:42.81 (11R5). Chris Brake HJ 1.93m (12).

John Thomas Terrier Classic, Boston MA, 25 January:

Angus White 3000m 8:20.52 PB (1R3). Marcus Karamanolis 3000m 8:30.77 (11R2). Cameron Avery 5000m 14:15.70 (6).

Bob Pollock Invitation, Clemson SC, 25 January:

Jacob Holmes mile 4:13.60 (5R1).

Thundering Herd Invitational, Huntington WV, 25 January:

Tannock Blair 800m 1:54.45 (3). Matthew Prest 3000m 8:42.98 (11R1).

Razorback Invitational, Fayetteville AR, 25 January:

Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 3000m 9:58.48 (14). 25/26 January: Aaron Booth heptathlon 5819 (2) (60m 7.11 844, LJ 7.39m PB 908, SP 14.28m PB 745, HJ 2.01m 813, 60m H 8.52 855, PV 4.75m PB 834, 1000m 2:44.85 PB 820) New Zealand indoor record breaking Brent Newdick’s seven year old record of 5758 points set in Estonia.

Texas Tech Classic, Lubbock TX, 26 January:

Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:12.02 (2R2). Jack Beaumont 3000m 8:45.54 (3). Jared Lautenslager 3000m 8:47.39 (4).

Pittsburg State Invitational, Pittsburg KS, 26 January:

Bailey Stewart 200m 21.93 (3R9) (15), 400m 48.25 (3R10) (5). 4 x 400m relay Tulsa, anchored by Stewart, 3:17.82 (4R5) (9).

24th New Balance Grand Prix, Boston MA, 26 January:

Nick Willis mile 3:56.75 (4). Won by Yomif Kejelcha of Ethiopia in 3:51.70, from Bethwell Birgen Kenya 3:54.82 and Sam Prakel USA 3:56.60.

Indiana University Relays, Bloomington IN, 26 January:

Phoebe Edwards pentathlon 3584 points (3).

Powder River Dual, Gillette WY, 26 January:

Daniel Hintz mile 4:30.45 (6). Harry Ewing 3000m 8:59.12 (4).

Mark Colligan Memorial, Lincoln NE, 26 January:

Jordan Rackham 3000m 8:53.81 (6). Ben Collerton LJ 6.70m (9).


Open Meeting, Berlin, 20 January:

Jenny Hauke 800m 2:13.89 (2).


VMC, Box Hill, Melbourne, 17 January:

Josh Maisey 1500m 3:56.85 PB (1H3).

HVC, Box Hill, Melbourne, 18 January:

Mackenzie Keenan 400m 55.52 PB (1).

Sally Pearson Shield, QSAC Brisbane, 19 January:

Olivia Eaton 100m 11.89 (+1.1) (2), 200m 23.99 (+1.3) (1H1). Jemima Tennekoon 200m 24.90 (+0.6) PB (2H2).

Canberra Track Classic, Australian Institute of Sport Athletics, Bruce ACT, 28 January:

Edward Nketia, son of New Zealand national 100m record holder Gus Nketia at 10.11, has rewritten the New Zealand junior sprint records in one fell swoop. The 17 year old was second in the open 100m in 10.30 to erase Kodi Harman and Joshua Billington’s New Zealand U/18 record of 10.56, Kodi Harman’s U/19 record of 10.42 and David Ambler’s U/20 record of 10.35.

Nketia later won the 200m in 20.76 (-0.5) to break Mark Keddell’s U/18 record of 21.10 and Dale McClunie’s U/19 and U/20 record of 20.94.

Olivia Eaton 100m 11.97 (+0.7) (8), 200m 24.26 (-1.5) (5). Katherine Camp 800m 2:05.44 (1). Simon Rogers 1500m 3:48.97 (4). Michael Cochrane 400m H 51.24 (1). Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 58.14 (4). Ben Langton Burnell JT 71.88m (1). Tori Peeters JT 55.81m (1).


HTS Sasolburg Meeting, DP de Villiers Stadium, Sasolburg, 26 January:

Mine de Klerk 3kg SP 16.03m =PB, DT 42.38m, 500g JT 38.26m.



O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 22 January:

Mitchell Carlyle 16:38, John Mauro 17:23, Heath Burrows 17:43. Rosie Taylor 20:30, Gooya Mozdbar 22:26, Lisa Stewart 22:41.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 23 January:

Henry Barfoot 18:40, Chris Braithwaite 19:02, Finn Jolly 19:28. Cushla Barfoot 23:29.

YMCA 10km, Auckland Domain, 24 January:

Gene Rand 37:31, Andrew Shelling 41:45, Daniel Yep 42:37.


Eastside Riverpath 5km, 22 January:

Jai Davies Campbell 18:24, John Bowe 18:28, Travis Sperry 18:46. Malesa McNearney 19:12, Rebecca Pullon 20:42.


Bay Run 5km, 24 January:

Sarah Gardner 18:25, Stewart Simpson 19:01, Terry Furmage 20:09. Olivia Cummings 22:16 (2), Martina Conner 22:17 (3).


Waterfront 5km, 22 January:

Patrick McKenna 16:41, Paul Barwick 17:12, Stephen Bass 18:07. Mel Aitken 18:57, Miranda Spencer 19:35, Marseille Bowie 19:38.


Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series, North Hagley Park, 22 January:

Chris Dunnell and Mark Bailey 15:48, Brett Tingay 16:10. Hannah Oldroyd 18:11, Navajo Prentice 18:44, Lisa Brignull 19:39.

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