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4 July 2022 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round Up: 4 July

Jacko Gill set a new PB and broke his Auckland record at the Throwers Meeting, in Auckland (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Cross Country and Track & Field results


Throwers Meeting, AUT Millennium Stadium North Shore – 2 July 2022
Jacko Gill set a personal best and broke his Auckland record with a shot put of 21.58m as he counts down to the World Championships and Commonwealth Games. He had an outstanding series of six throws all over 21 metres: 21.35, 21.18, 21.23, 21.58, 21.25, 21.43. This adds 3cm to his previous best set at the pre-Olympic Games competition on the North Shore in July last year.

The 27-year-old was delighted with his final work out before departing.

“I was really happy with 21.58m and to have all the six throws over 21 was really neat too.

“It is my furthest and most consistent competition and to have those two right before I leave is great,” said Gill.

Asked how far away was a 22-metre throw.

“It’s pretty close as I’m doing really well in training and to have that consistent series today shows that it definitely is not far away, it’s just one good throw away.
“I didn’t quite get that one that popped a lot further today, but it is definitely coming.”

The runner up to Tom Walsh at five New Zealand championships added that there is more to come.

“I’ve been training with the people I’m around, I’ve been training a lot with Mum (Nerida) and Dad (Walter) and Dale (Stevenson) has been advising as well.

“That breakthrough is due, so to get a medal at world champs and to have a go at the gold at Commonwealth Games would be really exciting.”

Other results from the Millennium; Blessing Sefo 5kg SP 16.62m, Reid Davidson 5kg SP 14.34m, Arno van der Westhuizen 7.26kg SP 13.27m.


34th North Island Cross Country Championships, Spa Thermal Park – 2 July 2022
The talented 21-year-old Toby Gualter, the 2019 New Zealand U20 5000m, mountain running, cross country and 8km road champion was too strong for the rest of the 9km senior field winning in 28:52. Racing around the venue for the New Zealand Championships in four weeks’ time Gualter finished 10 seconds ahead of Ronan Lee with Liam Lamb third in 29:22.

Anneke Grogan won the senior women 5km in 18:00, from national champion Kerry White 18:16 and Jess Wright 18:38.

Other Results:


Masters 6km: Matthew Parsonage (Lake City) 21:40 1, Neville Smith (Hastings) 21:47 2, Chris Mardon (New Brighton) 21:52 3.

U20 5km: Ronan Codyre (Pakuranga) 15:53 1, Nelson Doolan (Palmerston North) 16:19 2, Angus Monro (Pakuranga) 16:23 3.

U18 5km: Elliott Pugh (Tauranga) 15:38 (course record) 1, Cameron Maunder (Takapuna) 15:52 2, Alfie Steedman (North Harbour Bays) 15:55 3.

U16 3km: Ben Oxford (Pakuranga) 10:02 1, Jamie Maunder (Takapuna) 10:09 2, Alex Wilkins (Pakuranga) 10:14 3.

U14 3km: Sam Ruthe (Tauranga) 10:13 1, Louay Benaoum (Auckland City Athletics) 10:41 2, Kingston Ryan (Lake City) 11:04 3.


Masters 5km: Sally Gibbs (Whanganui) 19:56 1, Rachel Penney (Pakuranga) 21:20 2, Katy Dawson (Cambridge) 21:25 3.
U20 4km: Hannah Gapes (Lake City) 14:14 1, Isabella Richardson (ACA) 14:38 2, Mackenzie Morgan (NHB) 15:09 3.

U18 4km: Bella Earl (Owairaka) 14:54 1, Sofia Lumbreras (Hastings) 15:01 2, Ava Sutherland (Olympic Wellington) 15:04 3.

U16 3km: Imogen Barlow (Pakuranga) 11:03.2 Courtney Fitzgibbon (Feilding) 11:07.0, Sophie Dunnett-Welch (Napier) 11:13 2.

U14 3km: Paige Dobson (Napier) 11:31 1, Scarlett Gwin (ACA) 12:01 2, Marley Sampson (Egmont) 12:05 3.

Jacob Williams of Hutt Valley set a record of 6:47 in the Boys U12 2km, Elliott Pugh Tauranga a record of 15:38 in the U18 5km, Keith Chapman Olympic Wellington with a time of 27:12 broke the master men 70-74 6km record and John Skinnon Wellington Scottish set a fresh record of 32:54 in the master men 75-79.


Southland Cross Country Championships, Waimumu – 2 July 2022
This is the 11th year the Championships have been run at Waimumu. However, runners have learnt not to get too accustomed to the course as race director (Graham Hall) has a habit of changing it most years. But whatever way he sets it there’ll be mud and more mud and a creek and a river and a few undulations, not to mention some hay bales. In short, he put the country into cross country. 

Stand outs were Abby O’Boyle in the 3k GU14, Lewis Blay, BU14 3k, Millie McFadzien, GU16 3k, Charlie Forde, BU16 3k, Kennedy Taylor W18 6k James McLeay M18 6k, Buddy Small SM 9k, Nicole Jackson MW 6k and Dwight Grieve MM 9k.

McFadzien was probably the run of the day, almost winning her U16 race outright, only beaten by a few seconds by Charlie Forde after an all-out finishing sprint.  McFadzien is a cousin of well performed Southlander Hannah Miller, who also coaches the talented 14-year-old.

The men’s and women’s club trophies, were both won by St Pauls

Southland Championship medallists: GU10 2k Holly Hall 10:39, Ella Densie 11:29, Mila Rabbitte 11:33 BU10 2k Keagan Fernando 8:52, Sean Iversen 8:53, Jesse Gemmil 9:57. GU14 3k O’Boyle 13:50, Tara Simpson 15:00, Lily Gemmill 16:03. BU14 3k Blay 12:48, Jack Davidson 14:09, Hunter Flower 14:16. GU16 3k McFadzien 12:32, Siena Mackley 12:56, Jorgia Tucker 13:59. BU16 3k Forde 12:28, Harrison Berkers 15:10. W18 6k Kennedy Taylor 26:06, Kimberley Iversen 27:35, Nicole Green 35:52  M18 6k McLeay 23:27, Jude Deaker 23:44, Ben Scott 24:17. SM 9k Small 35:54, Benny Britton 36:22, Neville Thorn 38:30. MM 35-49 9k Grieve 36:59, Kelvin Meade 37:47, Craig Iversen 40:28. MM 50+ 6k Ricky Gutsell (M60) 27:13, Bruce Thomson (M60) 33:26, Gary Kirkman (M70) 35:31. MW 35-49 6k Nicole Jackson 31:00, Lisa Simpson 36:13, Jackie Blay 37:30. MW 50+ 6k Debbie Telfer 32:36, (W60), Gail Kirkman (W70) 37:01, Linda Te Au (W65) 44:53.

A number of Otago visitors performed well but were ineligible for Southland championship medals.

International Results


Meeting International, Liège, 29 June: Kara Macdermid 1500m 4:21.09 (1). Mariah Ririnui LJ 5.79m +0.4 (7). Noah Macdermid 1500m 3:55.63 (2). Brooke Somerfield 100m 11.90 +0.1 (4). Portia Bing 400m 53.66 (1).

Night of Athletics, Heusden, 2 July: James Preston 800m 1:47.17 (9). National events; Noah Macdermid 1500m 3:47.25 (4RB). Kara Macdermid 1500m 4:16.87 (5).


Bauhaus-Galan, Stockholm, 30 June: James Preston 800m National event 1:48.29 (5).

Folksam Grand Prix, Karlstad, 3 July: Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.25 +1.6 (1).


Meeting De Bron, Bron, 30 June: Georgia Hulls 200m 23.62 +1.6 (1).


National Championships, Berlin, 25 June: Jennie Hauke 800m 2:07.20 (4S1).


Bell Canadian Championships, McLeod Athletic Park Langley BC, 24 June: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:03.80 (3H3). 25 June: Alison Andrews-Paul 800m 2:04.22 (6).


Morton Games, Dublin, 2 July: Eric Speakman 5000m 13:35.45 (2). Rebekah Greene mile 4:38.61 (7).


World Masters Track and Field Championships, Tampere, 29 June-10 July: A team of seven New Zealand masters competed at the Championships, led by flag bearer Jim Blair who is now in the M90 grade. These are the first world championships for masters since the World Masters Indoor Championships in Torun Poland in 2019.

29 June; Gold medals to Corinne Smith MW55 5000m race walk 30:01.45 (1) and Jacqueline Wilson MW75 5000m race walk 35:19.32 (1).

30 June: Jim Blair M90 HT 19.23m (5). Helena Dinnissen W35 100m 12.43 +2.0 PB q (3H2), 100m final 12.78 +1.0 (5). Bruce Alexander M40 100m 11.90 +0.4 (7H1), (12). Adam Steinmetz M40 800m 2:13.82 (7H2) (19).

1 July: Jim Blair M90 SP 6.83m (2).

2 July: Jim Blair M90 LJ 2.03m (2), Weight throw 8.61m (5) NZ masters M90 record. Bruce Alexander M40 200m 23.78 -0.3 PB Q (1H2).

3 July: Gold medals to Corinne Smith MW55 10km race walk 1:00:50 (1), New Zealand masters record and Jacqueline Wilson MW75 10km race walk 1:10:21 (1). Helena Dinnissen W35 200m 26.48 -2.1 (3H1) q, final 26.86 -3.0 (8). Bruce Alexander M40 200m 23.92 -2.2 (4SF2).


AVT League, Sasolburg, 25 June: Welrè Olivier LJ 7.28m -0.6 (1), TJ 15.20m +0.4 (3). Ethan Olivier TJ 15.60m +0.4 (1).


Gold Coast Half Marathon, 2 July: Michael Voss 1:04:07 PB (6), Julian Oakley 1:06:09 (14), Christopher Dryden 1:06:53 (17), Seamus Kane 1:11:25 (40), Sam Friend 1:11:39 (45), Adam Gordon 1:12:05 (53), Mathew Bradbury 1:12:17 (55), Nic Warren 1:15:44 (96), Will O’Connor 1:15:57 (98), John Price 1:16:29 (105).

Laura Nagel 1:15:50 PB (3), Hannah Miller 1:16:57 (5), Maddie Dillon 1:20:05 PB (16), Claudia Brick 1:28:18 (73).

Gold Coast Marathon, 3 July: Andrew Dey 2:29:16 (29), Jody Wall 2:37:22 (60), James Richardson 2:39:19 (83), Ben Harris 2:39:31 (86), Troy Harold 2:40:49 PB (100), Ben Melville 2:40:50 (101), Daniel Coates 2:43:45 (133), John Price 2:44:28 (145), Seamus Kelly 2:49:31 (215).

Mel Aitken 2:52:41 (22), Kirsten Hall 3:01:55 (47), Christina Kersey 3:09:10 (69), Brooke Thomas 3:10:50 (74).

Gold Coast 10km, 3 July: Jared Monk 31:46 PB (30), Will O’Connor 33:39 (72), Andrew Pointon 34:03 (81). Debbie Donald 35:20 (11).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 28 June: Stephen Gilbert 17:53, Brendon Fisher 17:57, Harry Harris 18:24. Christine Adamson 21:35, Hollie Ryder 21:52.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 29 June: Mark Boyce 17:01, Tom Hanrahan 19:51, Andrew Harvey 19:58.

XTERRA Trail Run, Hunua Ranges, 3 July: 23.6km; Logan Griffin 1:59:48, David Atkinson 2:04:10, Cameron Vaughan 2:04:57. Sarah Russell 2:21:23, Caroline Hablot 2:27:35, Bethany Bromfield 2:28:50. 19.4km; Jonty Oram 1:57:22, Andrew Merrill 1:57:28, Alex Dodds 1:58:07. Rebecca Newbould 2:13:28, Serena Hammond 2:18:05, Dale Berrill 2:18:19. 12.6km; George Mawson 56:25, Max Plowman 1:02:53, Matt Comery 1:04:21. Jen Mcdermott 1:04:02, Georgia Lynch 1:08:15, Kat Jordan 1:09:58. 5.8km; Gabriel Kremer-Griffith 27:02, Ottis Oliver-Chambers 28:19, Ricco Korewha 28:34. Mila Laarakkers 30:44, Harriet Glen 33:52, Hayley Lovelock 35:22.


Athletics New Zealand Life Member Barry Hunt of Nelson died on Monday 4 July 2022 aged 92.

Barry has contributed a lifetime of support to athletics and over the last 70 years has worn almost every hat possible. He has coached national champions and representatives, witnessed sporting history and helped create dynasties.

He has been an athlete, coach, selector, manager, timekeeper and statistician, been to World Championships and Commonwealth Games and formed two clubs.

As a bank manager with the National Bank he was regularly transferred around the country and in each area he settled he immersed himself into the local athletic scene.

He came from an era when amateur coaches gave their life for the love of the games not the pay cheque. He was never paid for his coaching but had some wonderful experiences.

Hunt coached athletes to more than 135 national medals including the 100m gold won by his son Peter in 1980 and four times 100m and twice 200m champion Wendy Brown.

He managed the athletics team to the 1978 Commonwealth Games in Edmonton Canada.

He was President of Athletics New Zealand 1998/99, received a Merit Award in 1991 and was made a Life Member of the Association in 2000.

Having won almost every accolade there is athletics his dedication was acknowledged at the Halberg Awards in February 2019 where he received the prestigious Halberg Lifetime Achievement Award. In accepting the award he thanked his wife Mavis, who has also been involved and supported Barry through his life time journey in athletics.

Olympian #318 and leading cross country runner during the 1960’s and 70’s Gavin Thorley of Wellington died on Sunday 3 July 2022 aged 75 after suffering from cancer.

He was the national 10,000m champion in 1972 and represented New Zealand at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games in both the 5000m and 10,000m, however his performance was affected by a then-undiagnosed congenital back problem. He later discovered that the problem was a couple of incomplete lumbar vertebrae, which unfortunately spelled the end of his career as a top athlete.

Before the Olympics he ran for New Zealand in two international cross-country championships, one in Scotland during 1969 where he finished 22nd and a 1971 event in Spain. In the same year, he won the Belgian cross-country title. His personal bests were 5000m 13:40.2 and 10,000m 28:44.4.

A graphic artist he designed the logo for the 1988 World Cross Country Championships in Auckland.

He was later a retailer and shopping centre manager and moved into property management and development. In 2008 he became involved with Special Olympics in Kapiti, becoming the chairman.