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8 June 2021 • General

Weekly Round Up: 8 June

Eliza McCartney was back in competition for only the second time in two years as she battles with injury (Photo: Alisha Lovrich)

New Zealand Competition Results

Winter Throws and Pole Vault Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 5 June 2021
Pole vault indoors: Olivia McTaggart 4.35m (4.20 xo, 4.35 xo, 4.50 xxx), Imogen Ayris 4.35m (4.05 o, 4.20 xo, 4.35 xxo, 4.50 xxx), Eliza McCartney 4.20m (4.05 xxo, 4.20 xxo, 4.35 xxx).
The pole vault event was one of a series of three meetings, arranged to provide competition to achieve a Tokyo Olympic Games qualifying height of 4.70m.

Throws competition: Anthony Nobilo HT 63.60m, Arno Van der Westhuizen 7.26kg HT 54.59m PB. Percy Maka 1.5kg DT 51.08m PB. Savannah Scheen DT 50.53m. Finn Burridge 800g JT 40.51m PB, 700g JT 46.41m. Etienne Rousseau 1.75kg DT 46.67m, 6kg SP 15.37m, 6kg HT 40.40m PB. Joshua Bull 1.75kg DT 40.04m. Fala Malachi 2kg DT 40.91m PB.

International Results

NCAA Div 2, Allendale MI, 27 May: Christopher Goodwin LJ 7.64m +2.1 (4) also 7.25m +1.1. 28 May: Kayla Goodwin TJ 12.71m +2.9 (4) also 12.42m +1.7. 28/29 May: Kayla Goodwin heptathlon 5189 points PB (5) (100m H 14.60 +2.2, HJ 1.60m, SP 11.53m, 200m 26.23 +1.7, LJ 5.93m +2.7, JT 35.22m, 800m 2:25.78).

Platinum PT Qualifier, Attleboro Boston MA, 29 May: Matt Spencer 800m 1:55.87 (8RB). Julian Oakley 1500m 3:49.03 (10RA), Angus White 1500m 3:53.57 (6RB).

Hoka Festival of Miles, Saint Louis MO, 3 June: Nick Willis mile 3:57.62 (4), Julian Oakley mile 3:58.02 (5).

Stumptown Twilight, Portland OR, 3 June: George Beamish 1500m 3:41.02 (8), Jeff Lautenslager 1500m 3:58.27 (18RB).

Music City Track Carnival, Montgomery Bell Academy, Nashville TN, 6 June: Tom Walsh SP 22.00m (1) (Series: 21.37, 21.66, 22.00, 21.57, 21.78, F). Walsh improved on his season’s best by 21cm and threw his longest mark since his PB 22.90m at the 2019 World Championships in Doha and the fifth furthest in the world this year.

Nick Willis 1500m 3:38.43 (3), Julian Oakley 1500m 3:41.30 (3R3), Craig Lautenslager 1500m 3:46.33 PB (12R3), Tom Moulai 1500m 3:51.15 PB (8R2).

USATF Showcase, Prairie View TX, 6 June: Lauren Bruce HT 72.59m (2)

Oceania Invitational Series, Gold Coast Performance Centre, Runaway Bay, 5 June:
Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.31 +2.4 (2H2). Anna Steven T64 100m 14.06 +2.2 (7H1), 200m 29.18 +2.2 (6). Portia Bing 400m H 57.77 (1). Josie Taylor HJ 1.79m (2). Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 18.40m PB (1), Kaia Tupu-South SP 15.09m (2), DT 48.47m (3). Natalia Rankin-Chitar DT 43.84m (5). Mile Naime HT 46.31m (3). Tori Peeters JT, 56.99m (3). Lisa Adams F37 DT 30.00m (4).

Eddie Osei-Nketia 100m 10.26 +1.8 (1H4). Joynt Mitch T64 100m 12.21 -0.3 (5H1), 200m 23.78 +3.2 (7). James Preston 800m 1:47.50 (2), Brad Mathas 800m 1:47.73 (3), James Harding 800m 1:49.13 (4). Joshua Lush T20 LJ 5.98m +0.2 (6). Nick Palmer SP 17.54m (1), Liam Ngchok-Wulf 6kg SP 16.40m (2), HT 54.27m PB (2), Ben Tuimaseve F37 SP 12.93m (4). Connor Bell DT 61.25m (1), Alexander Parkinson DT 54.24m (2).

P-T-S Meeting, Šamorín, 2 June: Cameron French 400m H 51.44 (7).

Grand Prix Los Cantones de Marcha 20km race walk, La Coruña, 5 June: Alana Barber 1:33:49 (14).

Flanders Cup, Oordengem, 5 June: Cameron French 400m H 51.10 (2).

FBK Games, Hengelo, 6 June: Camille Buscomb 10,000m 32:12.39 (11).

Josef Odložil Memorial Meeting, Juliska Prague, 7 June: Hamish Carson 1500m 3:36.95 (7).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country

O’Hagan’s 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 1 June: Nick Moore 16:21, Tim Hitchcock 16:22, David Bagot 16:27. Lauren Gowland 19:03, Sophie Broome 20:53, Ella Watt 21:28.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 2 June: Mark Boyce 16:00, Nick Skelton-Kyd 17:54, Dan Finlayson 18:15.

Mount Runners Half Marathon, 6 June: Casey Thorby 1:12:56, Iain Macdonald 1:17:43, Daniel Coates 1:18:13. Alice Mason 1:18:27, Deb Fuller 1:23:35, Bethany Bromfield 1:24:57. 10km; Michael Erb 36:59, Matt Hill 37:44, Ben Mason 38:06. Amy Fowler 43:18, Emma Mackie 44:08, Ava Gatie 44:20.

Royal Derby 5km, Ascot Park, 7 June: Henry McMeeking 18:18, Daniel Roswell 18:20, Chanel Muir 18:22. Angie Petty 20:37, Jessica Schofield 21:12, Georgia-Rose Dawson 21:25. 2.5km; William McMeeking 10:55, Finn Woodhouse 11:01, Lachlan Timlin 11:29. Brynne Gordon 11:38, Amelia Henstock 12:15, Amber de Wit 12:18.

Queen’s Birthday Honours

Athletics Otago Life Member Paul Tyson of Mornington, Dunedin received the Queen’s Service Medal for services to sport and the community.

Paul has had a lifetime involvement with sport in a voluntary capacity, particularly athletics, from grassroots to national governance level.

He taught for 42 years in Whanganui, Southland and Dunedin before retiring from Kaikorai Valley College in 2014.

He has been extensively involved in sports administration as a volunteer coach, manager, event official, organiser, and support worker. He has managed everything from local and regional after school activities, senior track and field athletics, the South Island Colgate Games, to the international Pacific Games, where he has acted as the travelling assistant coach/manager for New Zealand athletes. He was President of the New Zealand Children’s Athletics Association from 1998 to 1999 and Athletics Otago from 2001 to 2007.

He has been involved with rugby union as a referee and since 1995 as a referee coach and mentor. He is highly valued as a coach, assessor and mentor to referees in Dunedin and Otago across all club grades.

He has been a Board member of the Dunedin South Lions Club for 20 years, Secretary since 2014, and was President in 2004/2005. He has been involved with Junior Chamber International (JCI) New Zealand. Paul is a Life Member of Otago Children’s Athletics, New Zealand Children’s Athletics, and Athletics Otago.