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25 June 2019 • General

Weekly Round Up: June 24

Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Weekly Round up.This week’s edition includes:

Results from Cross Country meets in Auckland and Hamilton, and theAndrew Reese Memorial Relays in Christchurch
International results from the USA, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Australia, includingOceania Area Champs pre-meets
Road and Trail race results
Upcoming events
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New Zealand Competition Results
Athletics Auckland Cross Country Grand Prix 4, Long Bay Regional Park – 22 June 2019
Jono Jackson had no trouble winning the annual 4km event around the Long Bay reserve alongside the beach in 12:17. David Lee was second in 12:28 with Max Thomson third for the second year in a row in 12:39. Over the past five years Jackson has finished second in 2015, won in 2016 and 2017 and was second to Peter Wheeler last year.

Lisa Cross was a clear winner of the senior women’s 4km in 13:57 from Katrina Andrew 14:06 and Alana Lythe 15:15. The master winners over the 4km were Nick Moore in 13:19 and Anwen Robinson in 15:21 in the master women. Sam Cadwallader was the fastest under 20 in 12:58 while Zane Powell outsprinted Jude Darby in 12:39 in a tight finish with Darby second in 12:41 and Luke Clements third in the same time.

Amelia Green won the under 20 women 4km. Chloe Browne won the under 18 2km in 6:53, three seconds ahead of Arabella White. Under 16 winners over 2km were Ayub Snyid 6:19 and Siobhan Balle 6:59.

Other winners over 2km: Jack Erikson U/14 6:43, Ben Oxford U/12 7:17, Kyle Johnston U/10 7:42, John Malins U/8 9:10, Eryn Westlake U/14 7:05, Amy Hurly U/12 7:28, Biahn Pallister U/10 8:12, Jasmine Wagener U/8 9:07.

Hamilton City Hawks Open Cross Country, Minogue Park – 22 June 2019
Steve Rees-Jones won the senior men 9km in 29:27 from Jonny McKee 30:00 and Jai Davies-Campbell 30:38. Maria Bentley won the senior women 6km in 23:46 from Malesa McNearney 24:18.
Under 20 6km William Swales 21:33, under 18 6km Ben Bidois 19:21, MM40 6km Dean Chiplin 20:44, MM50 6km John Crane 22:00, MM60 6km Rodney Poulgrain 25:05. Under 16 3km Braeden Campbell 10:46, under 14 Joshua Cavanagh 10:42. Under 18 5km Charli Miller 18:19, MW50 Bridget Deverell 21:51, MW35 Sandra Jensen 23:29, MW60 Wendy Fox 26:14. Under 16 3km Emily Ashley 12:27, under 14 Zarah Rattray 12:31.

Andrew Reese Memorial Relays, Woodend Beach Domain – 22 June 2019
Christchurch Avon were the fastest in the 4 x 5km relay. Their team of Saniel Roswell, Anus Bailey, Chanel Muir and Matt Dryden ran 1:08:35. Sumner were second fastest in 1:13:38 and New Brighton Olympic third in 1:14:17. Matt Dryden had the fastest lap in 16:13. Avon were also fastest in the master men 1:18:39 and junior men 1:11:55 relays. Nathan Jones was the fastest master in 17:17 and Ayrton Shadbolt the fastest junior in 16:48.

Christchurch Avon team of Lorna Pairman, Jane Pairman, Tamara Reeves and Lahana Reeves were the quickest in the senior women in 1:26:09 ahead of New Brighton Olympic 1:38:19 and Sumner 1:40:27. Angela Doig was the fastest senior in 20:37, Jo Ramsay master in 21:53 and Tamara Reeves junior in 19:56.

International Results
Boston Games, Boston MA, 16 June: Nick Willis mile road 3:57.9 (5).

Next Generation Athletics, Nijmegen, 15 June: Camille Buscomb 5000m 15:24.12 (5).

Zlata Tretra, Ostrava, 20 June: Tom Walsh SP 22.27m (1), His sixth best ever. (Series: 20.73, 22.27, 22.19, 21.06, x, -).
Michal Haratyk (Pol) was second with 21.77m and Tomáš Staněk (Cze) third with 21.04m.
Walsh said the big thing for him was improving on his last competition where he threw 22.18m in Poland.

“Itwasnotaonemanshowtoday even thoughtheresultsuggestsitwas.Wewerefightingfor the winactually,” he said. “The strong rain that came in the fourth round made it tougher in the circle.”

Walsh will spend a week in Phoenix Arizona training with Ryan Whiting before going to the Prefontaine Classic at Stanford University in California on 30 June. A strong field, including Ryan Crouser, has entered for the competition at the Cobb Track and Angell Field where seven of the nine entered have thrown over 22 metres. At last year’s Prefontaine Classic Crouser won with 22.53m and Walsh was fourth with 21.84m.

Meeting International EAP, Nivelles, 22 June: Joshua Hawkins 110m H 14.00 (-1.5) (1).

UQ Winter Series, Brisbane, 9 June: Josh Ledger 300m 34.67 (2). Caitlin McQuilkin-Bell 2000m steeplechase 6:57.88 (1).
Bankstown Winter Meeting, Sydney 9 June: Mackenzie Keenan 400m H 60.81 (4).
Jumps Invitation Meeting, Cairns, 21 June: James Steyn PV 5.00m (3), Nicholas Southgate NH. Eliza McCartney PV 4.60m (1), Olivia McTaggart 3.90m (4), Imogen Ayris NH.
Oceania Invitational, Townsville, 21 June: Edward Osei-Nketia 100m 10.35 (+0.2) (1), Dominic Overend 10.98 (4), 200m 22.37 (+0.3) (5R2). Joseph Millar 200m 21.94 (+0.3) (3R2). Josh Ledger 200m 21.99 (+0.3) PB (4R2). Rowan Blaikie 400m 49.32 (1), Mikael Starzynski 50.44 (2). Simon Rogers 800m 1:56.15 (1). Max Attwell 110m H 16.20 (+1.8) (5), DT 36.33m (6), JT 51.00m PB (2). Hamish Kerr HJ 2.24m (1), Marcus Wolton 2.00m (3). Matthew Wyatt LJ 7.12m (0.0) (3). Joshua Lush T20 LJ 6.40m (0.0) PB (4). Ryan Ballantyne SP 18.82m PB (1). Marshall Hall DT 58.42m (2), Alexander Parkinson 55.52m (3). Ben Langton Burnell JT 66.77m (1).
Zoe Hobbs 100m 11.47 (+0.7) (1), Natasha Eady 11.98 (2), Brooke Somerfield 12.00 (3), Georgia Hulls 12.15 (4), 200m 24.17 (+0.3) (2). Fiona Morrison 200m 25.28 (+0.3) (3), 100m H 13.80 (+1.8) (1). Mackenzie Keenan 400m 55.78 (1). Katrina Anderson 800m 2:07.23 (1). Keeley O’Hagan HJ 1.80m (2). Briana Stephenson LJ 5.52m (0.0) (1). Torie Owers SP 16.23m (1). Siositina Hakeai DT 55.73m (1). Lauren Bruce DT 51.84m (2). Dyani Shepherd-Oates DT 38.60m (4). Tori Peeters JT 54.81m (2). Holly Robinson F46 JT 41.90m (4).

Road and Trail Races Around the Country
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 19 June: Davide Fontana 16:36, Mike Wanden 16:37, Damon Nicholas 17:43.
Run Auckland 10km, Henderson Park, 23 June: Julian Ng 38:00, James Parker 38:16, Davide Fontana 38:53. Karen Donaldson-Barron 40:58. 5km; Brad Barron 18:50, Mark Carryer 20:25, Lawrence Cornett 20:41. Abigail Edwards 23:26.

The Honest 10km, Evans Bay, 16 June: Ben Twyman 33:24, Dean Ford 37:09, Hayden Snell 37:36. Tamara Winkler 41:51, Charlotte Kerr 43:00.

Invercargill Estuary Half Marathon, 16 June: Buddy Small 1:19:50, Dwight Grieve 1:21:00, Craig Iversen 1:21:50.