Club Support

Welcome to the Athletics NZ Club Support section. The aim of our support section is to supply club volunteers with information and resources to help with the running of their club. We have taken a ‘whole club’ approach to this section, that covers everything from setting up a new club, to introducing new activities and programmes.

The Athletics NZ Affiliated Club Handbook is a great starting point for club administrators. It provides an overview of Athletics NZ staff, programmes and events, as well as a few resources to support your club throughout the season. Further information about these areas can be found throughout our website.

Regional Sports Trusts

As well as support from your local Centre and Athletics NZ, we also recommend using the network of Regional Sports Trusts across the country. These bodies all have staff dedicated to both club and coaching capability, and offer a variety of resources like templates, guidance and even practical workshops.

Feel free to browse the websites outside of your club locality if you can’t find exactly what you need straight away.



The information in our Club Support section has been obtained from a variety of sources and should act as a guideline to create your own club-based tools. It is important that the tools are not just adopted but reviewed and updated to align with your club surrounds and activities. While care has been taken in collecting and presenting the information, it is general by necessity. All information in the Club Support section, including any proposed methodologies, is provided without warranty of any kind. In particular, the Club Toolkit is made available on the basis that to the extent permissible by law Athletics New Zealand, any contributing organisations, and any persons or entities employed, engaged by or otherwise acting for any of them, have no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss of any kind arising from any use of, or reliance upon, any information in the Toolkit.