Para Event Group Plan


To consolidate on developing a world-leading domestic programme capable of repeatable medal winning performances in 2024 and beyond.


Medal campaigns resulting in podium results.

Build on and develop performance environments to ensure we deliver repeatable and sustainable success through:

  • High Performance Planning – access to resource and assistance to support performances
  • Prioritising coaches – support and develop coaching networks to grow future HP athletes
  • Individual Support – supporting athletes throughout the performance pathways
  • Long term approach – bridging performance gaps by focusing on developing athleticism and performance behaviours

ANZ HP Para Lead Raylene Bates will lead the implementation of the Event Group initiatives while working closely with Tim Driesen (HPAD Lead) who will oversee the HPAD programmes.

2023/24 High Performance Initiatives

  1. Initiative: High Performance Hui

    Duration: 3 days
    Location: AUT Millennium, Auckland
    Dates: 24-26th October 2023
    Purpose: Connection, education and collaboration between ANZ High Performance staff and Programmed athletes and their coaches.
    Registration: Invite required.

  2. Initiative: High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD)

    Opportunities: There will be two specific HPAD opportunities for targeted athletes across event groups. There will be a multiple day domestic camp and an Australian tour held each year which Performance Development Squad (PDS) and/or Performance Potential Squad (PPS) athletes will have a priority invitation to attend.

2023/24 Community Initiatives

PNZ Regional Pilot Programme


Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) will collaborate with Athletics New Zealand (Athletics NZ), Parafed Gisborne Tairawhiti, Parafed Northland, Inclusive Activity Murihiku, Athletics Hawkes Bay Gisborne, Whangarei Athletics Club, and Athletics Southland to enhance the capability and capacity in Gisborne, Northland, Southland to develop new community Para athletics opportunities for disabled people. The Strengthen and Adapt investment will be focused on allocating human resources and programme resources to co-design, promote, monitor and evaluate a community Para athletics programme for a 20-week period.

The objectives of this project include:

  • Increased participation in Para athletics;
  • Enhanced Athletics Centre (Centre) and/or Club operating approach to ensure a community pathway for disabled people in Gisborne, Northland, Southland;
  • Increased number of Centres and/or Clubs with inclusive organisational practices, and awareness of diversity and inclusion of disabled people;
  • Addressed geographical gap in the provision of Para athletics in regions across New Zealand. To develop the depth and quality of athletes and coaches within the community to support the ongoing delivery and development of para events.

Project Outcomes

  • Increased number of disabled people participating in Para athletics in each region, including previously inactive participants.
  • Established connections with new and existing stakeholders to coordinate Para athletics opportunities.
  • Enhanced a community Para athletics offering (e.g. Run Jump Throw and/or alternative) that fosters consistent and quality experiences for disabled people
  • Established community athletics environments where disabled people can participate in Para athletics regularly (e.g. once a week/fortnight post-pilot) in Gisborne, Northland, Southland.
  • Participants satisfied with the level of access to Para athletics opportunities in each region.
  • Activators satisfied with the level of training and support for delivering a community Para athletics programme.
  • Parafeds/similar organisations and Centres/Clubs satisfied with the level of collaboration and support for facilitating a community Para athletics programme.
  • Athletics NZ satisfaction with the establishment of a community pathway for disabled people in Gisborne, Northland, Southland.

Inclusion Training and Para Education Online: Monday 4th & Monday 18th September


Southland 23rd/24th September 2023
Gisborne 7th/8th October 2023
Northland 14th/15th October 2023

Registration: Open to all within each region. Information and event registrations for this camp will be available later in the year and will be promoted on the Athletics NZ website.

PNZ Para Sport Collective

Long Term Outcomes:

  • Para athletes and coaches across Para sport build an ongoing connection with other Para athletes and coaches to support their Para sport and life journey
  • The Para sport pathway (pre-HP) is strengthened in a collaborative and sustainable way
  • Para athletes and coaches have access to knowledge and skills to support their development
  • Para athletes and coaches get increased visibility of the opportunities along the pathway to the Paralympic Games
  • NSOs have more capable and confident Para athletes and coaches
  • Para athletes are available as champions for promotion of Para sport.

Para Sport Collective schedule

In person camp 1 26 – 28 May 2023 AUT Millennium, Auckland
Virtual connect June 2023 Zoom
Virtual connect July 2023 Zoom
Virtual connect September 2023 Zoom
In person camp 2 October 2023 Christchurch
Virtual connect November 2023 Zoom
Virtual connect January 2024 Zoom
In person camp 3 February 2024 Auckland
Virtual connect March 2024 Zoom

Applications now closed.

Other Initiatives

  1. Annual Development Camp (North Island)
    The purpose of this initiative is to provide a shared-training environment for developing para athletes and coaches from around New Zealand.
    Locations: Wellington, Taranaki & Auckland (Venues TBA)
    Date: November/December 2023
    Registration: Open to all. Information and event registrations for this camp will be available later in the year and will be promoted on the Athletics NZ website.
  2. Regional based development opportunities where athletes and coaches connect formally/informally around training opportunities.
  3. Delivery of CAD level I Para Athletics modules
  4. Regional/club development delivery through Mark of Inclusion Excellence for clubs.
  5. 2023 Gio Down Under Series
    Athletes and coaches captured across the ANZ-HP Athlete Pathway will be invited to attend the 2023 Gio Down Under Series. The purpose of this camp is to provide a shared training and competitive environment for high level para wheelchair athletes and coaches from across the motu.
    Location: Canberra & Sydney
    Dates: January 2024 (TBC)

Contact: Raylene Bates – ANZ-HP Para Lead (