Distance & Walks Event Group Plan

The depth of high performing athletes in the Distance and Walks events in New Zealand has always been strong. There is no exception this year leading into the 2024 Olympics in Paris, with 4 athletes conditionally selected to represent New Zealand in this year’s World Championships, there is also great depth under this group of athletes with an astonishing 6 athletes selected into this year’s PDS program and 4 athletes included in regional programs.

This ongoing success is achieved through innovative programs and camps; athlete selection in High Performance programs; coach development; athlete/coach engagement and collaboration; plus, many community-based initiatives.

The Event Group Lead, with the assistance from the Event Group Coach will lead the implementation of the Event Group Initiatives while working closely with the Event Group Co-ordinator who will oversee each initiative and offer platforms for athletes/coaches to provide feedback after each initiative is implemented.

Contact: Maria Hassan – Event Group Lead maria@athletics.org.nz
Contact: Craig Kirkwood – Event Group Coach craig@kirkwood.kiwi.nz
Contact: Kim Mickle– Event Group Co-ordinator kim@athletics.org.nz


  1. Initiative: 2023 Annual ‘Emerging Talent’ Distance and Walks Camp

    Dates: 2pm Sunday 1 October to 12pm Tuesday 3 October 2023
    Location: Hanmer Springs
    Purpose: To provide a 3-day (2-night) collaborative training and development camp for emerging talent athletes (16-19 years of age) to develop their essential foundations required for long-term distance and walks success. An athlete’s coach is also encouraged to attend.
    Athlete cost: TBA
    Registration: Application-based (limited spaces) with the registration opening date TBA shortly.

  2. Initiative: 2023 Inaugural ‘Stepping Up’ Distance and Walks Camp

    Dates: 2pm Thursday 23 November to 12pm Sunday 26 November 2023
    Location: Tauranga
    Purpose: To provide a 4-day (3-night) collaborative training and development camp for athletes (18+ years of age) who are pushing for top 10 Under-20 or senior national-rankings, targeting a top 10 Under-20 or senior national out of stadia result, and are NZ-based who, together with their coaches (who are encouraged to attend), are committed to ‘stepping up’ to achieve international representation and/or to significantly improve their national and/or international ranking performances. A key focus of the camp is to provide opportunities to connect with fellow NZ-based athletes and coaches.
    Athlete cost: TBA
    Registration: Application-based (limited spaces) with the registration open now. Click here to register https://anzhpdistanceandwalks.events.mygameday.app/ 

  3. Initiative: High Performance Hui

    Duration: 3 days
    Location: AUT Millennium, Auckland
    Dates: 24-26th October 2023
    Purpose: The purpose of this camp is to provide connection, education and collaboration between ANZ High Performance staff and Programmed athletes and their coaches.
    Registration: Invite required.

  4. Initiative: High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD)

    Opportunities: There will be two specific HPAD opportunities for targeted athletes across event groups. There will be a multiple day domestic camp and an Australian tour held each year which Performance Development Squad (PDS) and/or Performance Potential Squad (PPS) athletes will have a priority invitation to attend.
    HPAD Lead: Tim Driesen (tim@athletics.org.nz)

Community Initiatives:

  1. Establishment and delivery of CAD level 1 Distance module
  2. Regional/club coach development delivery by request.

Contact: Mike Trathen – Coach Development Lead miket@athletics.org.nz