Welcome to the Athletics New Zealand Officials’ Zone!

Athletics events do not run themselves. Any country with a competition programme will need Officials to conduct competitions according to the rules and ensure that athletes have every chance of achieving their best performance.

For most officials the journey begins at low key competitions in their local club night, for which we have basic online guides to assist. The next level is interclub competitions within your region, where some introductory formal training is required. Beyond this, further training can lead to officiating at national level events, and even the opportunity to officiate at professional “Permit” meets and international competitions. Athletics New Zealand want to make sure that Officials are recruited, trained and given the necessary structure and support to perform their duties.

As the standard of competition rises, more highly trained Officials will be required. Are you available or interested?

  • Official Membership
  • Resources
  • Opportunities to Officiate
  • Training Courses

Official Membership

Athletics New Zealand Official and Volunteer Membership was conceived to establish a set of standards for all officials and volunteers affiliated with Athletics New Zealand.

There are two types of membership available: Official Membership and Volunteer Official Membership. There is a small cost associated with an annual Official Membership (approx. $25) and Volunteer Official Membership is free. This year’s memberships run from 1 April 2020 through to 31 March 2021.

Find out more below, and click here to apply for Official Membership or Volunteer Official Membership. If you have any questions please contact Officials Development Manager Trevor Spittle

Official Membership

  • Full access to Athletics NZ Workshops, camps and programme resources at a reduced cost
  • First selection for National Championship Appointments
  • Complimentary biennially Officials Association modified World Athletics Rulebook
    Additional Rulebooks sold at $15.00
  • First Name Badge complimentary, Additional Name Badge sold at $15.00
  • Membership required to apply for and attend World Athletics RDC Official development courses
  •  Membership required to apply for Prime Ministers Scholarships
  • Endorsement for International Competitions

Volunteer Official Membership

  • Access to Officiating Courses
  • Secondary selection for National Championship Appointments

National Officials Advisory Group (NOAG)

This regulation was changed September 2020

The NOAG consists of four members, each appointed for a two-year term – two rotating off each year.

The term commences 1 July each year. New members are sought in May each year.

The group is responsible for various processes including Controlling the ANZOES which is World Athletics approved education scheme, appointments of Technical Delegates and Officials to National events, education, discussion and recommendations on any World Athletics Rule changes, ANZ Regulation changes, etc. Currently the main work is working with Educators training new Officials. It works closely with Athletics New Zealand Officials Development Manager Trevor Spittle.

Members are happy to discuss issues and give advice but would first ask members to talk to their Regional Officials Administrator. The current National Officials Advisory Group Committee Members are:

Geoff Annear, Paul Craddock, Ruth Liong, and John Phillips.


Over the years Athletics New Zealand has worked with various members developing many resources to assist with Officiating. These range from basic level guidelines to the details forms required to run an efficient meeting.


Introduction to Officiating

  • Basic Officiating
  • Download
  • Athletics New Zealand Officials Education Scheme (ANZOES)
  • Download

Rules & Interpretations

  • World Athletics Rules
  • World Para Athletics Rules
  • World Para Athletics Records & Applications Forms
  • New Zealand Record Application Forms
  • Athletics New Zealand Competition Regulations

General Resources

  • Accident report
  • Download
  • Jury of Appeal form
  • Download
  • Incident report
  • Download
  • Verbal Protest form
  • Download
  • Referees Incident Notes
  • Download
  • Protest to Referee & Appeal to the Jury Guidelines
  • Download
  • Radio List
  • Download
  • Officials Protocols
  • Download
  • Seven Qualities of a Good Official
  • Download
  • Practical Experience Card
  • Download
  • Notes for Guidance Champs T&F
  • Download


  • Track Umpires (Team)
  • Download
  • Track Umpires (Positions)
  • Download
  • Track Umpire Report Form
  • Download
  • Track Umpire Report Form - WPA
  • Download
  • Relay Infringement Report Form
  • Download
  • Relay Infringement Report Form - WPA
  • Download
  • 2000m Outside Steeple Lap Scoring
  • Download
  • 2000m Inside Steeple Lap Scoring
  • Download
  • 3000m Lap Scoring sheet
  • Download
  • 3000m Steeple Lap Scoring
  • Download
  • 5000m Lap Scoring Sheet
  • Download
  • Steeple Chase information
  • Download
  • 10,000m Lap Scoring Sheet
  • Download
  • Multiple Lap Scoring Sheet
  • Download
  • Chief Timekeepers Record
  • Download
  • 4 x 400m Relay Tracking Form
  • Download
  • 4 x 100 Relay Guidelines
  • Download
  • 4 x 400 Relay Guidelines
  • Download

Race Walking

  • Race Walking Judges Card
  • Download
  • Race Walking Judges Summary (A3
  • Download
  • Race Walking Judges Red Card
  • Download
  • Race Walking Judges Summary
  • Download
  • 10Km Race Walk Lap scoring sheet
  • Download
  • 20Km Race Walk Lap scoring Sheet
  • Download
  • 50Km Race walk Lap scoring sheet
  • Download

Field Events

  • Chief Judges Procedures
  • Download
  • Resolving Ties
  • Download
  • Chief Judges Briefing High Jump
  • Download
  • Chief Judges Briefing Pole Vault
  • Download
  • Chiefs Judges Briefing Horizontal Jumps
  • Download
  • Chief Judges Briefing Throws
  • Download
  • Vertical Jumps Recording Sheet
  • Download
  • Field Recording Sheets
  • Download
  • Discus Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Hammer Team of Officials
  • Download
  • High Jump Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Javelin Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Long Jump Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Pole Vault Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Triple Jump Team of Officials
  • Download
  • Field Recording Tips
  • Download

Out of Stadia

  • Out of Stadia Umpire Report Form
  • Download
  • Out of Stadia Notes For Guidance
  • Download


  • Children's Hurdles, Implements
  • Download
  • Equipment specifications
  • Download
  • NI & SI Schools Hurdles & Implements Specifications
  • Download
  • NI & SI Schools Para Implements
  • Download
  • NZSSAA Hurdles & Implements Specifications
  • Download
  • NZSSAA Para Implement Specifications
  • Download
  • Non Stadia Equipment check list
  • Download
  • Technical Implement Check Form
  • Download

Call Room

  • Athlete only sign
  • Download
  • Banned items sign
  • Download
  • Bay signs
  • Download
  • Call Room receipts
  • Download
  • Entering Field of Play
  • Download


  • Official Uniform Guidelines
  • Download
  • Official Uniform Purchase – please email Kathryn Fraser

Opportunities to Officiate

There are opportunities to officiate at regional and national events throughout the year – please refer to the table below. Call-outs for officials will be sent on email to our officials database, on our social media, and listed on our competitions calendar. For information on opportunities coming up, or to make sure you are included on these updates, please contact Officials Development Manager Trevor Spittle.

Region Event Application Site Link Date Contact
Auckland Night of Fives Click Here 18 Dec 2020 Daniel
Taranaki North Island Colgate Games Click Here 8-10 Jan 2021 Pauline
Tasman South Island Colgate Games Click Here 15-17 Jan 2021 Angela
Hastings Potts Classic Click Here 23 Jan 2021 Sharee
Whanganui Cooks Classic Click Here 30 Jan 2021 Alec


International Track Meet &

Combined Events Nationals

Click Here 6 – 7 Feb 2021 Brian
Hamilton Porritt Classic Click Here 13 Feb 2021 Heather
Wellington Capital Classic Click Here 20 Feb 2021 Vaughan
Taranaki NZ Masters TnF Champs Click Here 26 Feb 2021 Karen
Auckland Sir Graeme Douglas International Click Here 27 Feb 2021 Daniel
Hastings NZ Track and Field Nationals Click Here 5-7 Mar 2021 Sharee
Palmerston North Grade 12/13 Interprovincials Click Here 3-4 Apr 2021 Robyn
Taranaki NZSSAA Champs Click Here 10 – 12 Dec 2021 Karen

The officiating pathway

In New Zealand we have a great team of Officials delivering events around the country weekly and annually. Many of our officials go on to officiate at important international competitions, and have an awesome time doing so. There are often minimum education standards to meet before applying for these roles, so contact our Officials Development Manager for more information on this.

The introductory step to officiating internationally is via Oceania Athletics Association events, which are often held in beautiful locations around the pacific.

Oceania Athletics Association

Expressions of interest for Officials – Opportunity Information Pending and will be added here when available

International Appointments

We also have the following New Zealand officials who have been appointed Internationally at World Athletics, World Para Athletics and Oceania Level.

World Athletics ITO  2018/21 Trevor Spittle 
Oceania Athletics Association ITO (Area)  2018/21 Anthony Curry, Ruth Liong, John Phillips
Oceania Athletics Association IRWJ (Area)     2018/21 Geoff Annear, Grant Lord, Tony Sargisson
World Para Athletics ITO  2018/21 Ruth Liong, Trevor Spittle

Training Courses

Training Courses

World Athletics approved Officiating training is carried out at various locations around the country by our Regional Officials Educators. You can find contact information for the Officials Educator for you Region in the list below, along with information about upcoming courses.


Region Course Date Contact


Para Course at Nga Puna Wai. Start 9:00am 1:00pm

Lead by Ruth Liong, World Para Athletics Technical Delegate for Paralympics Tokyo 2020

Learn the rule variations for para athletes. It will be assumed you know the World Athletics rules and hence will only be discussing the variations.

Participants will be asked to assist at the Inter Cub meeting where Para athletes will be competing.

Sunday morning will be a classroom session discussing the rules and practical side.

Travel & accommodation will be provided, so please apply now. (Closing date 20 December 2020). Apply to


Trevor Spittle

Northland     Jenny Ferris
Auckland     Paul Craddock

Waikato Bay of Plenty


Heather O’Hagan

Taranaki     Deborah Sumpter-Fern

Hawkes Bay Gisborne


Sharee Jones

Manawatu Whanganui     Brian Curry
Wellington     Vaughan Oates



Brian Cockeram

Canterbury     Ruth Liong
Otago     Karen Palmer
Southland     Lillian Tudor