Performance Development Squad (PDS)

PDS Programme Description

Stage of Development: Developing Performance
Athlete Age: Approximately 16-19 years old
Support Numbers: Approximately 20 athletes
Programme Description: A two year programme for emerging athletes demonstrating future performance potential. PDS members receive invitations to relevant camps; and planning support to assists with learning the fundamentals of developing performance
Athletics NZ High Performance Primary Contact: Tim Driesen
Programme Selection Guidelines: Selection is dependent on athlete performance potential (performance level and progression) and relevant age/stage development needs
Athlete Selection Timeframes: Once per year – Post New Zealand domestic season (April)
Programme Review Timelines: Yearly, after New Zealand domestic season
Programme Exit: At the end of the two year programme; however, a second year of involvement will only be offered if the athlete/coach demonstrate an engagement and commitment to their development. If this is not the case, de-selection may occur after the first year.

Athletics NZ Available Support

  • Individual Development Planning support
  • Invitation to PDS and relevant event group camps
  • Funding support may be available to attend Athletics NZ PDS or event group camps

HPSNZ Available Support

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Current PDS Athletes (2022/23 names to be added soon)

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