Performance Development Squad (PDS)

PDS Programme Description

Stage of Development: Developing Performance
Athlete Age: Approximately 16-19 years old
Support Numbers: Approximately 20 athletes
Programme Description: A two year programme for emerging athletes demonstrating future performance potential. PDS members receive invitations to relevant camps; and planning support to assists with learning the fundamentals of developing performance
Athletics NZ High Performance Primary Contact: Tim Driesen
Programme Selection Guidelines: Selection is dependent on athlete performance potential (performance level and progression) and relevant age/stage development needs
Athlete Selection Timeframes: Once per year – Post New Zealand domestic season (April)
Programme Review Timelines: Yearly, after New Zealand domestic season
Programme Exit: At the end of the two year programme; however, a second year of involvement will only be offered if the athlete/coach demonstrate an engagement and commitment to their development. If this is not the case, de-selection may occur after the first year.

Athletics NZ Available Support

  • Individual Development Planning support
  • Invitation to PDS and relevant event group camps or tours
  • Funding support may be available to attend Athletics NZ PDS or event group camps

HPSNZ Available Support

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Current PDS Athletes

HPSNZ Support Level Athlete Event Location Coach Club
Identification Kiera Hall Distance Christchurch Angie Petty Port Hills
Identification Karsen Vesty Distance Hawke’s Bay Richard Potts Hastings AC
Identification James Ford Distance Auckland Perry Cunningham Takapuna
Identification Christian De Vaal Distance Auckland Nick Codyre Pakuranga Athletics
Identification Adam Stack Jumps Christchurch James Sandilands Christchurch Old Boys AC
Identification Mia Powell Sprints Auckland James Mortimer Waitakere City
Identification Lex Revell-Lewis Sprints Auckland Nuree Greenhalgh Waitakere City
Identification Talia van Rooyen Sprints Auckland Melanie/Johan van Rooyen North Harbour Bays
Identification Liam Ngchok-Wulf Throws Auckland John Eden Papakura Athletics Harrier Club
Identification Suzannah Kennelly Throws Auckland Mark Kennelly Papatoetoe Athletics Club
Identification Harrison McGregor Throws Tauranga Kirsten Hellier Athletics Tauranga
Identification Nadja Kumerich Throws Auckland John Eden North Harbour Bays
Identification Max Abbot Throws Christchurch Hayden Hall Karori Amateur AC
Identification Douw Botes Throws Auckland John Eden Papakura
TBC Angus Lyver Combined Events Christchurch James Sandilands Palmerston North Athletic and Harrier Club
TBC Addira Collette Sprints Manawatu George McConachy / Lauren Collette Palmerston North Athletic and Harrier Club
TBC Chayille Collette Sprints Manawatu George McConachy / Lauren Collette Palmerston North Athletic and Harrier Club
TBC Sarah James Sprints Christchurch Blanche Hebert  New Brighton Olympic Athletic Club 
TBC Una Kinajil-Reding Throws Christchurch Hayden Hall Papanui Toc H
TBC Paddy Walsh Sprints/Jumps Auckland Hamish Meacheam North Harbour Bays
TBC Sionnan Murphy Throws Auckland Walter Gill Takapuna
TBC Zachary Orbell Sprints/Jumps Auckland Johan Fourie Papakura Athletics and Harrier Club
TBC Rorie Poff Throws Christchurch Hayden Hall Papanui Toc H
TBC Jaxon Woolley Sprints/Jumps Tauranga Kerry Hill Tauranga Athletics 
TBC Gabrielle Wright Sprints Auckland James Kugler TTT Runners
TBC Percy Maka Throws Auckland John Maka Western Elite Throws Academy
TBC Blessing Sefo Throws Auckland John Eden Waitakere City Athletics
TBC Ben Walker Jumps Nelson Chris Walker Athletics Nelson
TBC Rafe Couillault Jumps Auckland Brent Booker Papakura 
TBC Boh Ritchie Distance Hamilton Ange Russek Hamilton City Hawks
TBC Jonah Cropp Walks Christchurch Rozie Robinson Sumner Running Club

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