I am a new club administrator where do I start?

You have access to both online and offline support to help you set up and maintain your club membership portal throughout the season.

Does a club need to have their details registered on the Membership Portal?

It is compulsory for all clubs to enter their bank account details into the Membership Portal so they can facilitate online memberships. Clubs can submit their Bank Account details to SportsTG using the submit your bank details form here.

How does a club pay their registered member fees?

For online memberships, payment is automatically made directly to Athletics NZ and your centre when the member purchases their membership via the online platform. If you think your club needs to facilitate manual transactions, please contact the Athletics NZ Membership Administrator first for approval. You will then be supplied with instructions on what is required.

What can Athletics New Zealand do with my information on the database?

The Membership Portal enables us and our member clubs to comply with the Incorporated Societies Act 1993. To communicate more efficiently and effectively with and to better understand the needs and preferences of our community. The current Membership Declaration is available here {link to resources} and Athletics New Zealand will never disclose your information to third parties without your consent (unless expressly allowed under the Privacy Act).

Does a club pay their Centre and Athletics NZ fees directly?

Because online payments are automated, you won’t need to pay Athletics NZ or your centre, unlike manual transactions. We automatically receive our portion of the membership fee when you receive your settlement each week. Only the clubs split of the membership fee will be paid directly into your nominated bank account.

Can I opt out of communications?

All registered participants have the option to opt in or out of any regular communications distributed by Athletics NZ, their centre or club, just click unsubscribe at the bottom of the email or ask your club administrator to change your mailing preferences.

Two children registered under the same record accidentally.

If a child’s record has a subscription/payment for both them and their siblings, then the second child wasn’t added correctly through the portal. We are able to make a manual adjustment for this so both records read correctly. If it occurs, please contact your local Super User and Athletics NZ for further guidance.

What if our club does not have a credit card?

Most people have access to a credit or debit card whether it is theirs or a family members. Evidence from clubs who are online registrations only show this is not a major issue. Furthermore, we are working towards having alternative options for direct payment transfers available soon. Some clubs have purchased a prepaid card for members to transfer funds onto and use for their online payment.

Is my payment information secure?

SportsTG uses Braintree for its card payment gateway, Braintree is a level 1 Payment Card Industry compliant service provider. At the point of payment you can select for your cards to be securely stored for faster checkout next time or to opt out of storing your payment details.

What is the SportsTG Administration fee and can we pass it on

Just like other online payments, there is a small charge that covers the use of the secure card payment gateway, the credit card fees and an administration fee to SportsTG who process the payment allocations. This is applied to each level (club, centre and Athletics NZ). Most clubs absorb this 4% administration fee, and some raise their fee’s slightly to cover it. This is by far the least complicated method.

Alternatively, you can choose not to absorb the charge, this adds the fee to your portion to cover the deduction of 4% which is then charged on the total amount. This means the club will still receive slightly less than your subscription fee. Further, our settings sometimes get reset to match yours, therefore also passing on our administration fee.

Which Club members need to be registered?

It is only fair to expect consistency across the community. As an affiliated club, you are agreeing to abide by the Athletics NZ constitution and requirements which state you will register all members including volunteers. This is also a requirement to be an incorporated society.

How do we know when someone registers?

The Membership Portal can send notifications to the primary club email address when a member purchases a membership. Any new members joining the club online for the first time will be given an “Online Status”, this can be used as a check list to ensure each are welcomed to the club in person. They should then be given an “Active” status.

Some clubs download or print weekly lists of members who have paid or who are sitting as unpaid. They then know who to hand out welcome packs to and who to remind for payment each week. This can also then act as a register or roll for club nights.

How do we know who has paid and if their money has reached our account?

When a member pays, they will immediately become financial in the Membership Portal. Each week a settlement report is produced telling you which members payments have reached your account, go to Membership > Financial > Settlements to view these. The best way to check your recent transactions is to go to Members > Financial > Payments this will show you a list of paid transactions. An unpaid list can be found by going to Membership > Financial > Subscriptions, clicking the filter button and filtering for status equalling unpaid.

What does our Membership Portal administrator need to do?

Once set up, you may need to help athletes register and ensure everyone in the club has registered, and if not, remind them to do so. Therefore, your primary administrator tasks should be condensed to the start of each season rather than spread throughout the duration. It is also recommended to keep an eye on the registrations and payments throughout the season.

What if a member decides they want to leave?

You may follow the refund procedure in accordance with your club’s constitution and the Athletics NZ refund policy (link to refund policy in finance section). You will need to contact your regional super user and Athletics NZ should you wish to process a refund.

I want to enter an event that is asking for my 4-digit Club Code. What is it?

You can view a comprehensive list of correct Club Names and Club Codes by clicking the below

Club Names and Codes

Centre Names and Codes