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Approved Meets

Athletes wishing to qualify for World Para Athletics Rankings, which will be used for qualifying performances for Athletics New Zealand International Para Athletics Teams, must compete at World Para Athletics Sanctioned Meets.

Please click here to view upcoming Sanctioned Meets in New Zealand. 


Please click here to view all approved meets in Australia.

Other International Meets

To view all other World Para Athletics approved meets please click here.

International Paralympic Committee Licensing Progress

Any athlete wishing to compete internationally, appear on the World Para Athletics Rankings, or attend international classification must have a valid IPC Athlete License. Athletes seeking an International Paralympic Committee Athlete Licence must adhere to the following steps for new and renewing athletes:

New Athletes

  1. Complete the relevant sections of the International Paralympic Committee Eligibility Code Form – Click here to download the form
  2. Once you have completed the relevant sections of the form please send the below items to Scott Newman.
    • The signed complete Form;
    • Copy of current NZ Passport; and
    • Recent head shot

Renewing Athletes

Athletes who currently have an international classification through World Para Athletics will have their license renewed by Athletics New Zealand. For more information please contact Scott Newman.

International Classification

The World Para Athletics classification system serves two key purposes:

  1. Determining eligibility
    The system defines who is eligible to compete in World Para Athletics competitions.

    To be eligible for Para Athletics, a person must have an eligible impairment type and the impairment must be judged to be severe enough to have an impact on the sport of athletics. Minimum Disability Criteria (MDC) are described in the World Para Athletics Classification Rules and Regulations.

  2. Sport Class Allocation
    The system describes methods for dividing eligible athletes up into sport classes. The aim is that each class should consist of athletes who have impairments that cause approximately the same amount of activity limitation in the key athletic disciplines – running, wheelchair racing, jumps and throws.

More Information on International Classification can be found here.

Athletes with a Physical Impairment – International Classification

Athletes wishing to represent Athletics New Zealand at an international event must hold a World Para Athletics International Classification. Their opportunities are conducted by World Para Athletics.

Athletes with a Vision Impairment – International Classification

Athletes wishing to represent Athletics New Zealand at an international event must hold a valid international classification. International Classification are conducted by World Para Athletics. There are various opportunities for athletes with a Vision Impairment to be classified these can be viewed by clicking here.

Athletes with an Intellectual Impairment – International Classification

Athletes with an intellectual impairment who wish to obtain an international classification, must first apply for an INAS classification. Once athletes have obtained an INAS Classification athletes are eligible to apply for a World Para Athletics Classification. For more information on obtaining an INAS Classification please click here.

For more information on International Classification opportunities for Athletes with a Physical, Vision or Intellectual Impairment please contact

Provisional/National Classification

For more information and to access forms on Provisional Classification (Colgate Games, club meets and provincial/regional events) and National Classification (national level events eg. New Zealand Secondary Schools, New Zealand Championships, Australian Championships etc) please contact

World Para Athletics Implement Weights

To view a complete table of Para Athletics Implement Weights Click Here