Combined Events Group Plan

The Combined Event group have the unique opportunity utilise any of the initiatives available throughout the year. We encourage all Combined Event athletes and coaches to look through the event specific EGP’s and select the initiatives that will assist in Combined Events. The EGL will be in contact with athletics/coaches throughout the year with upcoming specific Combined Event opportunities.

Specific Combined Event initiatives will be made available soon. For any questions, please contact the Event Group Lead.

Contact: Terry Lomax – Event Group Lead
Contact: Kim Mickle – Event Group Co-ordinator


  1. Initiative: High Performance Hui
    Duration: 3 days
    Location: AUT Millennium, Auckland
    Dates: 24-26th October 2023
    Purpose: The purpose of this camp is connection, education and collaboration between ANZ High Performance staff and Programmed athletes and their coaches.
    Registration: Invite required.

  2. Initiative: High Performance Athlete Development (HPAD)
    Opportunities: There will be two specific HPAD opportunities for targeted athletes across event groups. There will be a multiple day domestic camp and an Australian tour held each year which Performance Development Squad (PDS) and/or Performance Potential Squad (PPS) athletes will have a priority invitation to attend.
    HPAD Lead: Tim Driesen (

Community Initiatives

  1. Regional based development opportunities where athletes and coaches connect formally/informally around training opportunities.
  2. Delivery of CAD level I & II modules
  3. Regional/club coach development delivery by request

Contact: Mike Trathen – Coach Development Lead