Doreen Porter-Shann


21 July 1941


100 yards


Western Suburbs Athletic & Harrier Club

Doreen Porter was the star sprinter in the 1960’s, and the centre of attention at the 1962 Perth British Empire and Commonwealth Games. But as she prepared for the final there was nothing casual about her. Settling into the blocks before the 100 yards final she looked tense.

On her left, in lane one was Dorothy Hyman, the European champion, for whom the gold medal was obviously a certainty and on her right two other Englishwomen, Betty Moore and Dorothy Ardern. Porter’s start was slightly sluggish, Hyman was away and unstoppable, Porter and Moore went neck and neck and into a head wind and Porter forged ahead for the silver medal.

She finished second in the second semi-final in 11.0, and earned the silver medal in the final in 11.3. She also finished sixth in the 200m final in 24.8 and won the bronze medal in the 4 x 110 yards relay in 46.9s with Nola Bond, Avis McIntosh and Yvonne Cowan.

In the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games she was NZ Olympian #197, finishing ...