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21 August 2023 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Round-Up: 21 August

Tom Walsh hurled a best of 22.05m to finish fourth in the men’s shot put final at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest. Credit: (Michael Dawson).


19th World Athletics Championships, Budapest, 19/27 August:
For the second consecutive World Athletics Championships, Tom Walsh the 2017 world champion, finished fourth in the shot put final. He had a best of 22.05m, 7cm shy of Joe Kovacs and the bronze medal. Ryan Crouser won in a championship record 23.51m with Italian thrower Leonardo Fabbri producing a personal best of 22.34m for the silver medal. Jacko Gill was sixth with 21.76m.

Walsh said: “I’m really happy with the type of shape I’m in both physically and mentally, so to not take advantage of that is pretty frustrating. Two fourths in a row (at World Championships) is not a lovely position, that’s for sure.

“I think anyone is capable of in the men’s shot put right now, so it was not unexpected that Fabbri would throw a long way. It is awesome for him and frustrating for everyone else involved. Very rarely do you have a perfect build up whoever it is, so Ryan threw really well with his last throw. I definitely didn’t feel like he was out of reach for any of us into the last round, I’m just disappointed in myself not putting a throw together. I felt like I could have really pushed him and made him work for it.”

19 August: Tom Walsh SP qualification 21.73m (1GB) Q, final 22.05m (4), (x, 21.69, 21.93, 21.40, 22.05, 21.51). Jacko Gill SP qualification 21.49m (3GA) Q (20.83, x, 21.49), final 21.76m (6) (20.33, 21.46, 21.76, 21.33, 21.02, 21.28). George Beamish, 3000m steeplechase heats 8:16.36 (2H3) Q. Sam Tanner 1500m heats 3:46.93 (4H2) Q. Tiaan Whelpton 100m heats 10.26 0.0 (6H1) DNQ. Connor Bell DT qualification 63.72m (7GB) q.

20 August: Rosie Elliott 400m heats 52.88 (8H3) DNQ. Hamish Kerr HJ qualification 2.22m DNQ (2.14 -, 2.18 o, 2.22 o, 2.25 xxx). Zoe Hobbs 100m heats 11.14 +0.2 (3H7) Q. Sam Tanner 1500m semi-final 3:36.58 (8H2) DNQ.     

National Women’s Decathlon Championship, Mt Sac Hilmer Lodge Stadium, Walnut CA, 12/13 August
: Maria Sartin 5417 points PB (6). New Zealand national record. (100m 13.01 -1.2 PB, LJ 5.35m 0.0 PB, SP 7.99m, HJ 1.37m, 400m 57.27, 110m H 16.60 -1.1, DT 19.86m, PV 2.10m, JT 21.15m, 1500m 5:00.14).

Commonwealth Youth Games, Port of Spain, 10 August: Mc Fitu Tukuniu 700g JT 59.23m (6).

BMW Louyet Meeting, Huizingen, 12 August: Maddison-Lee Wesche SP 18.88m (1), (18.00, x, 18.25, 18.88, x, x). Maddie Wilson HJ 1.72m (5).

Bute Highland Games 10km Road Race, Rothesay Isle of Bute, 12 August: Katherine Camp 35:18 (8).

Sunshine Coast Marathon, Mooloolaba, 13 August: Jason Hunt 2:28:57 PB (1).


Auckland Road Championships, Bruce Pulman Park, Takanini – 20 August 2023
Katrina Andrew, the 2019 national 10km road champion, won the senior women’s title in a PB 35:20. Jess Wright was second in 37:11 and Olivia Gold third in 39:27.
Liam Bird won the senior men’s title. The 71-minute half marathon and 15:28 5000m runner clocked a PB 32:45 to head in Louis Young who also ran a PB of 33:10.

Lisa Cross was the fastest master woman over 5km in 19:13 and Rodwyn Isaacs was the best of the master men over 10km in 33:06.

Senior 10km:
Liam Bird (North Harbour Bays) 32m 45s PB 1, Louis Young (NHB) 33m 10s PB 2, Richmond Walker (Whippets) 34m 11s 3.
Masters 10km: Rodwyn Isaacs (Pakuranga) 33m 6s 1, Nick Moore (Owairaka) 33m 10s 2, Mark Boyce (Whippets) 33m 32s 3.
U20 8km: Charles Buchanan (Whippets) 26m 28s 1, Dion Wallwork (Pakuranga) 28m 34s 2, Thomas Forrest-Dawson (Oratia) 29m 47s 3.
U18 6km: Ben Oxford (Pakuranga) 19m 25s 1, Joshua Gordon-Glassford (Whippets) 19m 51s 2, Connor Boulton (Pakuranga)19m 53s 3. 5km race walk: Richie Trathen (Pakuranga) 26m 20s 1.
U16 4km: Nikko Kelly (Oratia) 13m 38s 1, Noah Lazayres (Auckland City Athletics) 13m 44s 2, Samuel Rickerby (ACA) 13m 50s 3. 3km race walk: Drew Smal (Pakuranga) 23m 28s 1.
U14 3km: Kona Kelly (Oratia) 10m 24s 1, Oliver McGuinness (Pakuranga) 10m 40s 2, Tighe Healy (Papakura) 10m 44s 3.

Senior 10km: Katrina Andrew (Whippets) 35m 20s PB 1, Jess Wright (NHB) 37m 11s 2, Olivia Gold (NHB) 39m 27s 3.
Masters 5km: Lisa Cross (TTT Runners) 19m 13s 1, Rachel Penney (Pakuranga) 19m 52s 2, Pip Tuckey (TTT) 19m 57s 3.
U20 5km: Amelia Green (NHB) 18m 8s 1, Charlotte Brown (Glen Eden) 18m 40s 2, Olivia Rooney (Whippets) 19m 20s 3.
U18 5km: Scarlett Robb (ACA) 17m 37s 1, Sascha Letica (Takapuna) 17m 48s 2, Zara Pomfret (ACA) 18m 15s 3. 5km race walk: Yandri Fourie (Pakuranga) 32m 20s 1.
U16 4km: Imogen Barlow (Pakuranga) 14m 34s 1, Denika Clooney (TTT) 14m 52s 2, Greta Hunter (ACA) 15m 19s 3. 3km race walk: Ruby Walsh (RWA) 23m 10s 1.
U14 3km: Ray Zhang (Owairaka) 10m 52s 1, Leah Marais (Pakuranga) 10m 58s 2, Morgan Day (Pakuranga) 11m 19s 3. 3km race walk: Day 23m 5s 1.

Waikato Bay of Plenty Road Championships, St Peters School – 20 August 2023
Kerry White ran a personal best 36:57 to win the senior women’s 10km title from Sarah Gardner 37:40, Jessie Speedy 37:48 PB and Deb Fuller 37:53 PB.
Michael Voss, 2019 national 10km silver medallist, won the senior men’s 10km title in 31:30 from Logan Rodger 34:10, Regan Bones 34:38 and Ben Bidois 34:48.
Master men 10km Steve Rees-Jones 33:51, Will O’Connor 34:17, Brad Dixon 36:03.
U20 8km Joseph Morgan 26:43. U16 6km George Wyllie 19:20, Elliott Pugh 19:20, Finnley Oliver 19:40. U16 4km Sam Ruthe 12:49. U16 4km Nisha Moorfield 15:13.
U18 5km Boh Ritchie 18:14. Master women 5km Veronica Maree 20:55, Vicki Rees-Jones 21:31, Rachel Ball 21:41.
U14 3km Jack Stirling 10:43, Max Stirling 10:47 and Daisy Ruthe won in 11:29.

Hawke’s Bay Gisborne Road Championships, Ruahapia Road – 20 August 2023
Zach Manning won the senior 10km in 35:10 from Jonathan Moore 36:32. Master men 10km Neville Smith 38:55. Amanda Waldron ran a PB 38:36 for the senior women’s title from Jade Valler 40:15.
Sofia Lumbreras U20 5km 18:16, Mackenzie Speers U18 5km 20:36. U16 4km Nic Ratcliffe 14:05, Hagen Thompson 14:09. Caitlin Kirk 16:03. Luis Douglas U20 8km 34:47. Callum Hawkins U18 6km 20:27. Nicole Sattler master women 5km 19:33.

Wellington Road Championships, Wainuiomata – 19 August 2023
Seamus Kane won the senior 10km in 31:33 from Callum Stewart 31:51 PB and Nathan Tse 32:12. Esther George ran a PB 35:32 to win the senior women’s 10km from Emma Perron 35:47 PB and Deborah Lynch 36:33.
Master men 10km Daniel Clendon 33:11, Rowan Hooper 34:00. Master women 10km Floor Kaars Sijpesteijn 39:41, Natalie Hardaker 39:50.
U20 7.5km Josh Jordan 23:57, Lorcan Rabbitte 24:12, Joshua Fitzgerald 25:25. U18 5km Max Poland 15:39, Max Doherty 15:53, Connor Kemp 16:06.
U20 5km Eliza Squire 19:39. U18 5km Poppy Healy 18:25, Jessica McKenzie 18:58.
U16 3.5km Logan Hopfler 11:02, Juliet Moorhead 12:29. U14 2.5km Jacob Williams 7:57, Olivia McDowell 9:02.

Otago Road Championships, Cycleway – 19 August 2023
National 10km road champion Janus Staufenberg won the senior 10km title in 31:32 from Liam Chesney 32:41 PB and Alex Witt 33:28. Olivia Thornbury won the women’s 10km in 36:46, Liliana Braun was second in 38:16 and Margie Campbell third 39:21. Master men 10km Jamie Ward 42:05. Master women 5km Taryn McLean 19:53. U20 8km Matthew Bolter 26:27, U18 6km Rocky Allan 22:03. U20 5km Becky De La Harpe 19:18. U18 5km Lisa Lokman 20:40.
U16 4km Henry Hodgson 15:24 and Lila Rhodes 18:43. U14 3km William Bolter 13:03 and Eva McLean 14:05.


Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 15 August: Adam Berry 17:31, Tom Mowbray 17:34, Ben Bersma 18:13. Christine Adamson 22:23.
Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 16 August: Dann Finlayson 18:04, Andrew Harvey 18:56, Joel Martin 18:56.

Sprig & Fern 10km, Brightwater, 19 August: Caleb Scott 38:46, Curtis Moore 39:39, Brian Kemp 39:49.

Forest Run Fest, Bottle Lake Forest, 20 August: Half marathon; Craig McConnochie 1:23:46, Glenn Jaques 1:24:10, Chris Norman 1:24:41. Hannah Oldroyd 1:23:40, Hozumi Niki 1:34:56, Emma Timmis 1:35:56. 10km; Josh Nichol 38:00, Daniel Wordsworth 39:10, Flavio Vianna 40:01. Penny Mouat 40:45, Lucy Murphy 44:10, Emily Trevail 46:45.

Hammer throw champion from the 1960’s Daryll Gilliland of Napier passed away on Saturday 5 August 2023 aged 76 after suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.
He was the New Zealand junior champion in 1964 and 1965 and in his first year as a senior was second at the 1966 championship. Gilliland then won the national senior title for three consecutive years 1967 to 1969. He also set the New Zealand record four times. During the early 1970’s he rallied with the 1974 Christchurch Commonwealth Games in mind, taking the silver at the national championships in 1970, 1971 and 1973 and a third in 1972. However, he missed a place in the team and retired at the age of 27.