2022-2026 Strategic Plan

The Athletics New Zealand 2022-2026 Strategic Plan was created with input from members, clubs and centre representatives, and other stakeholders who are essential to our sport.

The output of our consultation is a Strategic Plan that is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. The Strategic Plan is available to view and download here.

It includes five Strategic Goals to focus our resources and efforts, while making sure the day-to-day priorities, such as supporting clubs, centres, athletes, coaches and officials, are still front of mind:

  1. Year on year increase in rangatahi (12-18 years) participation and member retention in athletics
  2. Introduce flexible membership options that match needs and support growth
  3. Introduce new and improved events
  4. Implement best practice athlete wellbeing and member welfare support across athletics
  5. Increase in reliable and sustainable revenue

We have big ambitions for the future of athletics and want to be proud of what we achieve as a community.