2023 Para Athletics World Championship

Athletics Schedule

Sunday 9 July
03:00 Opening Ceremony    
Monday 10 July
05:01 Men’s 100m T37 Heats Joe Smith
20:00 Men’s 400m T36 Heats Will Stedman
Tuesday 11 July
04.46 Women’s Shot Put F37 Final Lisa Adams
04:50 Men’s 100m T37 Final Joe Smith 
05.04 Women’s 100m T47 Heats Anna Grimaldi
19.34 Men’s 400m T36 Final Will Stedman 
Wednesday 12 July
05:00 Women’s 100m T47 Final Anna Grimaldi 
05:09 Men’s 100m T64 Heats Mitch Joynt
05.40 Women’s 100m T36 Heats Danielle Aitchison
19:26 Women’s Javelin F46 Final Holly Robinson
Thursday 13 July
05:25 Men’s Long Jump T36 Final Will Stedman
06:17 Women’s 100m T36 Final Danielle Aitchison 
Friday 14 July
20:10 Women’s 200m T36 Heats Danielle Aitchison
Saturday 15 July
05;25 Women’s Shot F46 Final Holly Robinson 
Sunday 16 July
05.15 Women’s 200m T36 Final Danielle Aitchison TBC
19:20 Women’s Long Jump T47 Final Anna Grimaldi
Tuesday 18 July
04:16 Men’s 200m T64 Final Mitch Joynt




Name Event Round Time/Position
Anna Grimaldi 100m T47 Heats 12.31 (-0.5) NZ and Area Record – 2nd
Anna Grimaldi 100m T47 Final  12.32 (-0.1) BRONZE
Anna Grimaldi Long Jump T47 Final 5.96m (-1.0) – NZ record SILVER
Danielle Aitchison 100m T36 Heats 13.68 (0.4) – Equal CR, NZ and Area record – 1st
Danielle Aitchison 100m T36 Final 13.84 (1.3) – SILVER
Danielle Aitchison 200m T36 Final 28.50 (-2.7) – NZ and Area record – GOLD
Holly Robinson Javelin F46 Final 38.97m – 4th
Holly Robinson Shot Put F46 Final 11.59m – Area record – SILVER
Joe Smith 100m T37 Heats 12.08 (0.6) – Area record – 3rd
Joe Smith  100m T37 Final 12.10 (0.1) – 8th
Lisa Adams Shot Put F37 Final  14.84m – Championship Record – GOLD
Mitch Joynt 100m T64 Heats 12.06 (-0.2) – 7th
Mitch Joynt 200m T64 Final 23.32 (-0.3) – NZ and Area Record – BRONZE
Will Stedman 400m T36 Heats 55.63 – 1st
Will Stedman 400m T36 Final 53.62 – SILVER
Will Stedman Long Jump T36 Final 5.71m (0.5)- Area Record SILVER

Latest News and Key Information

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