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26 February 2024 • Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup: 26 February

Triple jumping siblings Ethan (right) and Welre (left) Olivier impress on their debut performance in New Zealand at the ITM in Christchurch.


International Track Meeting, World Athletics Continental Tour Bronze, Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub – 24 February 2024

Josh Hawkins, eight times national sprint hurdles champion set the scene for a record breaking and meeting record packed programme. After two false starts, Hawkins was quickly into his stride with a faultless clearance of the barriers to clock a time of 13.93 in the 110m hurdles. Tatsuki Abe of Japan won in a meeting record 13.71 +2.0 from compatriot Tetsuro Nishi 13.73. Hawkins in third shaved a hundredth of a second off his New Zealand resident record set in winning the national title in Wellington last year.

Hawkins was stoked with the outcome.

“It was the perfect set up for a fast time. It is so good to have the boys come over. I just took the momentum from that,” he said.

Ethan and Welrè Olivier from South Africa – competing in their Pakuranga club colours – didn’t disappoint putting on one of the best displays of triple jumping seen in New Zealand. Ethan was out to 16.85m +2.5 and a 16.31m +1.3 while Welrè cleared 16.35m +3.0 and 16.33m +1.4 for a meeting record and New Zealand resident record. This breaks one of the oldest records in the books, Dave Norris’ 1965 record of 15.94m set in Palmerston North.

Sixteen-year-old Cooper Wightman from Selwyn set a New Zealand U17 800m record of 1:50.46 in finishing fourth in a fast run 800m taken out by Sam Tanner in a PB and meeting record 1:46.14. Luke Boyes of Australia, who did the bulk of the pace-making, was second in 1:46.74 and Thomas Cowan third in 1:50.26.

Holly Robinson set a F46 national Para Athlete 4kg shot put record of 12.17m.

Other meeting records were set by: Taju Hongo (Japan) 100m 10.22 +1.3, Tatsuki Abe (Japan) 110m hurdles 13.71 +2.0, Matthew Denny (Australia) discus throw 65.79m, Fukuda Shota (Japan) hammer throw 67.31m, Tomohiro Shinno (Japan) high jump 2.27m, Chisato Kiyoyama (Japan) 100m hurdles 13.21 +1.5, Elizabeth Hedding (Australia) long jump 6.48m +2.0, Maoko Takashima (Japan) triple jump 13.70m +1.9, Imogen Skelton and Nagisa Takahashi (Japan) high jump. 1.87m.

After knocking on the door for the past 12 months Nick Palmer finally cracked the 20–metre barrier in the shot put sending the 7.26kg implement out to 20.07m. His fifth round effort made it first with 20.06m which he improved to 20.07m in round six.

Palmer, who joins Tom Walsh and Jacko Gill as members of the New Zealand 20 metre club, was “over the moon” to have finally made it.

“It’s a big relief. It feels like I’ve been pushing this for years now, so to it and do it at home is awesome. It is a big milestone,” he said.



100m: Taju Hongo (Japan) 10.22 +1.3 (meeting record), Hiroto Fujiwara (Japan) 10.50, Lex Revell-Lewis 10.52 PB, Nick Andrews (Australia) 10.58, Hayato Yoneto 10.58 PB, Troy Middleton 10.66 PB.

200m: Yudai Nishi (Japan) 20.55 +3.5, Jun Yamashita (Japan) 20.78, Lex Revell-Lewis 20.86, Angus Lyver 21.05, Zach Saunders 21.17.

800m: Sam Tanner 1:46.14 PB (meeting record), Luke Boyes (Australia) 1:46.74, Thomas Cowan 1:50.26, Cooper Wightman 1:50.46 PB (NZ U17 record), Russell Green 1:51.04 PB, David Lee 1:51.37 PB, Ethan Smolej 1:51.66, James Ford 1:51.73, Daniel Prescott 1:52.68 PB.

110m hurdles: Tatsuki Abe (Japan) 13.71 +2.0 (meeting record), Tetsuro Nishi (Japan) 13.73, Josh Hawkins 13.93 (NZ resident record), Tayleb Willis (Australia) 13.96, Chen Xiang Ang (Singapore) 14.32, Masaki Tomooka 14.52 PB.

Shot put: Nick Palmer 20.07m PB (x, 19.48, x, x, 20.06, 20.07), Nathaniel Sulopo 16.14m, Harrison McGregor 15.54m PB, James Moore 15.45m PB, Cameron Moffitt 12.65m.

Discus throw: Matthew Denny (Australia) 65.79m (meeting record), Lawrence Okoye (GB) 63.30m, Nick Perry (GB) 62.94m, Robbie Otal (USA) 60.44m, Masateru Yugami (Japan) 59.23m.

Hammer throw: Fukuda Shota (Japan) 67.31m (meeting record), Timothy Heyes (Australia) 63.96m, Damian Wells (Australia) 61.37m, Todd Bates 55.45m, Harrison McGregor 41.57m.

Long jump: Liam Adcock (Australia) 7.73m +2.3, Hibiki Tsuha (Japan) 7.62m +2.4 also 7.37m +0.8, Koki Fujihara (Japan) 7.60m also 7.54m +1.4 (meeting record), Shay Veitch 7.38m +1.0, Felix McDonald 7.20m +2.6.

Triple jump: Ethan Olivier 16.85m +2.5 also 16.31 +1.3, Welrè Olivier 16.35m +3.0 also 16.33m +1.4 (NZ resident record, breaks Dave Norris’ long standing 1965 record of 15.94m set in Palmerston North, meeting record), Aiden Hinson (Australia) 16.25m +2.6 also 15.81m +1.2, Julian Konle (Australia) 16.18m +2.0, Yuki Yamashita (Japan) 16.11m +2.6 also 15.84m +1.4, Andre Anuar (Malaysia) 15.81m +1.9, Liam Glew (Australia) 15.31m +2.7, Scott Thomson 14.86m +3.3 also 14.71m +1.9. High jump: Tomohiro Shinno (Japan) 2.27m (meeting record), Takashi Eto (Japan) 2.24m, Yuto Seko (Japan) 2.20m, Naoto Hasegawa (Japan) 2.16m, Sho Katsuda (Japan) 2.11m, Ryo Sato (Japan) 2.11m, Adam Stack 2.06m.


100m: Ebony Lane (Australia) 11.27 +2.5, Mei Kodama (Japan) 11.52, Portia Bing 11.53, Arisa Kimishima (Japan) 11.66, Stephanie Power (Australia) 12.02.

200m: Remi Tsurata (Japan) 23.06 +3.3, Georgia Hulls 23.16, Ella Connolly (Australia) 23.27, Portia Bing 23.39, Stephanie Power (Australia) 24.46.

800m: Rebekah Aitkenhead 2:06.53, Holly Manning 2:07.39, Stella Pearless 2:07.09, Rosa Twyford 2:08.66, Samantha Lascelles 2:12.29, Poppy Healy 2:12.64.

100m hurdles: Chisato Kiyoyama (Japan) 13.21 +1.5 (meeting record), Abbie Taddeo (Australia) 13.30, Victoria Rausch (Luxembourg) 13.54, Christina Ryan 14.51 PB, Holly Gray 14.70.

Shot put: Natalia Duco (Chile) 16.22m, Grace Tennant (Canada) 16.04m, Natalia Rankin-Chitar 15.73m PB, Nora Monie (Cameroon) 14.90m. Holly Robinson F46 4kg SP 11.66m.

Discus throw: Ashley Anumba (Nigeria) 57.13m, Taryn Gollshewsky (Australia) 56.31m, Nora Monie (Cameroon) 56.16m, Tatiana Kaumoana 54.57m, Babette Vandeput (Belgium) 51.76m, Natalia Rankin-Chitar 49.37m PB, Zharna Beattie 47.78m PB.

Hammer throw: Lauren Bruce 70.59m, Nanessa Sterckendries (Belgium) 67.54m, Raika Murakami (Japan) 60.51m, Nadja Kumerich 53.08m, Elizabeth Hewitt 52.39m. Long jump: Elizabeth Hedding (Australia) 6.50m +2.5 also 6.48m +2.0 (meeting record), Samantha Dale (Australia) 6.46m +2.2 also 6.40m +2.0, Maya Takeuchi (Japan) 6.43m +2.5, Brooke Buschkuehl (Australia) 6.30m +2.9, Ayaka Kora (Japan) 6.09m +2.3 also 5.81m +1.4, Kelsey Berryman 6.06m +1.9.

Triple jump: Maoko Takashima (Japan) 13.70m +1.9 (meeting record), Desleigh Owusu (Australia) 13.64m +3.1 also 13.41m +1.3, Kayla Cuba (Australia) 13.59m +2.0, Annabelle Parmegiani (Australia) 12.81m +1.8, Hannah Collins 12.44m +1.7, Elana Withnall-Dickson (Australia) 12.22m 0.0.

High jump: Imogen Skelton 1.87m PB (meeting record), Nagisa Takahashi (Japan) 1.87m (=meeting record), Keeley O’Hagan 1.84m, Erin Shaw (Australia) 1.81m, Alexandra Harrison (Australia) 1.81m, Maddie Wilson 1.72m, Naomi Waite 1.67m.

Para Athlete Results: William Stedman T36 LJ 5.47m +1.8, 100m 12.03 +4.8. Rorie Poff F34 SP 7.69m, Josh Chisholm F40 4.86m.

Holly Robinson F46 4kg SP 12.17m (National record), Una Kinajil-Reding F46 4kg SP 8.09m, Caitlin Dore F37 3kg SP 9.64m. Danielle Aitchison T36 100m 13.61 +2.6, Sarah James T53 100m 18.90.

ITM Pre-Meet, 24 February: Sophie Mercer 100m 12.96 +1.4. Jacinta Hoglund 200m 26.46 +1.0. Zharna Beattie DT 46.35m. Liz Gleadle (Canada) 600g JT 53.56m. Mya Phillips DT 38.23m, 600g JT 39.41m PB. Charlotte Blake 500g JT 33.00m.

Sarah James T53 100m 19.85 +1.4, 200m 36.19m +1.0. Holly Robinson F46 600g JT 36.31m. Kevin Syriak 100m 11.22 +0.9, 200m 22.65 +1.6. John Wells 200m 22.21 +1.6. Masaki Tomooka 110m H

1.067m 14.90 +1.2, Todd Bradshaw 15.91, Cameron Moffitt 16.01 PB. Jared Neighbours DT 44.92m, JT 50.07m. Andy White (Canada) 800g JT 67.59m. Douw Botes 800g JT 68.62m PB. Bill Quigley 700g JT 40.58m. Ciaran Dunnion 800m 1:58.63.


McKinnon Shield, Mt Smart Stadium – 24 February 2024

Abby Goldie 100m 12.05 -1.5, Briana Irving 12.18, Symone Tafuna’i 12.32, Maia Masters 12.72, LJ 5.38m +0.8. Sophie Hancock 400m 57.41, Chantal MacDonald 58.92. Zarah Rattray 100m H 15.45 +0.8. Karmen Maritz 3kg SP 13.75m, DT 43.97m. Savannah Scheen DT 49.42m. Joe Dolphin 100m 10.54 +2.3, Kadin Taylor 10.65. Jeremiah Rogo 400m 49.90 PB, Matthew Eady 51.35. Luke Hitchcock 800m 1:52.06. Noah Retford 110m H .914 15.10 -0.9. Joseph Dunn 110m H 1.067m 15.68 -0.9. Brian Wilson F20 5kg SP 6.76m. Daniel Mullens 1.5kg DT 44.79m PB. Charli Gardiner-Hall F37 3kg SP 8.28m, DT 24.73m. Zachary Orbell T35 100m 13.57 +1.3 (NZ Para record).

Pole Vault Competition, AUT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 24 February 2024

Hannah Adye 3.60m, Maya Grundy 3.30m, Elaine Zhai 3.30m, Milana Henderson 3.20m. Max Teuruaa 3.50m PB.

Special Summer Throws Competition, AUIT Millennium Stadium, North Shore – 21 February 2024

Jacko Gill was out to his second best ever shot put of 22.07m, just 5cm short of his PB set at last year’s Sir Graeme Douglas International Presented by Harcourts Cooper & Co. His series 21.82, 21.11, 21.40, 22.07, 21.60, 21.36.

Connor Brady 4kg SP 14.67m, Alex Hallie 10.35m. Brian Wilson F20 5kg SP 6.47m. Kate Hallie 3kg SP 13.53m. Sionann Murphy F37 3kg SP 8.22m.


Athletics Waikato Bay of Plenty Meeting, Tauranga Domain – 24 February 2024

Kerry White 800m 2:17.82, Ruby Barnes 2:18.50, Maia Poutawera 2:18.59 PB and 200m 26.45 +1.8, Charo Heijnen 2:18.85, Eleanor Pugh 2:19.00 PB, Ella Smart 2:20.53. Sam Ruthe 800m 1:59.82, Charles Roil 2:00.51, 200m 22.96 +3.1. Celine Pearn 100m H .838 14.49 +3.7. Bronwen Rees-Jones 2000m St .762 7:31.13 PB. Ben Bidois 3000m St .914 9:47.53. George Wyllie 1500m 4:00.50, Callum Murray 4:01.98. Melelosaline Lose DT 46.30m. Caelan Harris F44 1.5kg DT 21.22m, 6kg SP 6.74m.


Athletics Wellington Summer Series #2, Colin Pugh SportsBowl, Lansdowne – 24 February 2024

Mate Poduje 100m 11.46 +1.9, LJ 6.20m +3.0 also 6.09m -0.5, HJ 2.00m. Aleksandra Domanski 100m 12.86 +1.4, LJ 4.92m +0.6. Matthew Rodger 100m 11.43 +1.9, Saravee Sos 11.48, 200m 23.15 +1.7. Jacqueline Wilson MW75-79 5000m RW 36:15.68. Clive McGovern MM70-75 5000m RW 32:02.90. Liam Lamb mile 4:14.55, Max Karamanolis 4:25.32, William Larkin 4:40.89.

Ana Ellison-Lupena DT 41.23m, 3kg SP 10.65m. Corran Hanning F12 DT 37.34m, SP 10.98m. Nikora Wharehinga-Sime 1.75kg DT 36.01m PB. Conor Sharkey U/16 DT 38.21m. Hugo Jones HJ 1.85m.


Athletics Otago Meeting, Caledonian Ground – 24 February 2024

Schuyler Orr 100m 11.13 -0.2 and 10.94 +1.4, Hadlee Edmunds 11.43 and 11.50. Liam O’Donnell 400m 51.72 PB. Matthew Bolter 1500m 4:07.98. Catherine Lund (18) 3000m Steeplechase .762 10:35.57 PB (Under World U20 Championships performance standard of 10:38.00). Samuel Harris PV 4.00m. Luke Moffitt TJ 13.19m -0.4, Toby Martin 12.58m +0.2. Keira McNeill TJ 10.46m -0.1. Embla Wihk 4kg HT 43.06m. Alexa Duff 600g JT 34.85m. Sarah Evans 500g JT 32.57m. Phil Napper M70 400m 68.95, 1500m 5:32.63 both Otago M70 Masters records.


UND Tune Up, High Performance Centre, Grand Forks ND, 17 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m H 8.89 (2H2).

ACC Track and Field Championships, The Track at New Balance, Brighton MA. 22 February: Will Anthony 5000m 13:52.07 PB (5), Toby Gualter 14:12.82 (11). 23 February: Emma Douglass 800m 2:07.36 (1H2). 24 February: Will Anthony 3000m 7:58.79 (10), Toby Gualter 8:17.48 (23RB). Emma Douglass 800m 2:10.48 (8).

Ohio Valley Conference, CrossPlex Athletic Facility, Birmingham AL, 22 February: Angus Monro mile 4:14.86 PB (5).

Big Sky Conference, The Podium, Spokane WA, 23 February: Theo Quax 800m 1:50.45 (1H1). 24 February: Theo Quax 800m 1:50.94 (5), mile 4:03.43 (3).

Mountain West Championships, Convention Centre, Albuquerque NM, 23 February: Annalies Kalma 200m 24.56 (2H10), 400m 54.69 (1H7). 24 February: Annalies Kalma 400m 53.91 PB (2) (NZ Indoor Record, breaks her own record of 54.16 set two weeks ago in Albuquerque). Murdoch McIntyre 3000m 8:34.10 (13RB).

Lone Star Conference, Mosier Facility, Norman OK, 23 February: Leah Belfield 60m 7.45 (1H1), 200m 24.80 (1H7). 24 February: Leah Belfield 60m 7.51 (2).

Atlantic 10, Sports Centre, Virginia Beach VA, 23 February: Nick Moulai 5000m 14:50.09 (2RB). Samantha Korck 800m 2:17.19 (3H4). 24 February: Charlie Hazlett mile 4:17.94 (6).

Atlantic Sun Championships, Alachua County Events Centre, Gainesville FL, 23 February: Emma Ferguson 800m 2:12.58 (4H2). 24 February: Sequoya Prentice 3000m 10:14.88 PB (5RC).

American Athletic Conference, CrossPlex, Birmingham AL, 23 February: Macey Hilton 800m 2:14.96 (5H1), mile 4:57.94 (4H1). Tamara Reeves 5000m 16:24.86 PB (3). Alice Taylor Pentathlon 3612 points PB (6) (60m H 9.60, HJ 1.76m, SP 10.75m PB, LJ 5.28m, 800m 2:31.14). 24 February: Macey Hilton mile 4:53.32 (5), 3000m 9:51.11 (3RB). Tamara Reeves 3000m 9:34.66 PB (3). Josie Taylor HJ 1.78m (2).

Big South Championships, Rector Fieldhouse, Blacksburg VA, 23 February: Sam Waldin 5000m 14:43.74 (1). Joanna Poland 800m 2:15.89 (3H2). 24 February: Sam Waldin 3000m 8:31.10 (3).

Big 12 Championships, Sports Performance Centre, Lubbock TX, 23 February: Krystie Solomon 800m 2:07.66 (5H1). 24 February: Isabella Richardson 3000m 10:11.43 (23RB).

Big East Championships, Dr Conrad Worrill Centre, Chicago IL, 23 February: Liam Back 5000m 14:22.53 (5). Kiera Hall 800m 2:11.15 (5H1). Zane Powell mile 4:11.07 (5H1). William Johnston mile 4:17.29 (8H1). 24 February: Zane Powell mile 4:13.07 (8). Kimberley May 3000m 8:54.43 (1RB).

SEC Championships, Randal Tyson Centre, Fayetteville AR, 23 February: Brianna Lee 800m 2:12.51 (8H2).

The Summit League, Bison Sports Arena, Fargo ND, 23 February: Hinewai Knowles 60m H 9.01 (5H1). Alexandria Maples WT 18.37m (6). 24 February: Alexandria Maples SP 12.34m (13).

Ken Shannon Last Chance, Dempsey Indoor, Seattle WA, 23 February: Chloe Browne 3000m 9:43.26 (13RB). Bella Browne 3000m 9:43.48 (2RC). 24 February: Kaia Tupu-South SP 16.86m (2).

Ivy League Heptagonal Championships, Harvard-Gordon Track and Tennis, Cambridge MA, 24 February: Maia Ramsden 3000m 9:19.76 (1).


Hvězdy v Nehvizdech, Sportovní Hala, Nehvizdy, 20 February: Tom Walsh SP 21.96m (1) (21.81, 21.76, 21.96, x, x, 21.41).


World Indoor Tour Gold, Gallur, Madrid, 23 February: Tom Walsh SP 22.03m (2) (21.04, 21.18, 21.80, 21.95, x, 22.03). Rajindra Campbell won in a Jamaican indoor record of 22.16m. Tom was the overall winner of the World Indoor Tour in men’s shot.


ISTAF Indoor, Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin, 23 February: Zoe Hobbs 60m 7.27 (3H2), 7.19 (2).


Perche Elite Tour, Complexe Kindarena, Rouen, 24 February: Imogen Ayris PV 4.43m (2CompB) (4.23xxo, 4.33o, 4.43o, 4.53xxx).


Regional Championships, Crest Sporting Complex, Sydney, 17 February: Liam Webb 200m 22.38 -0.5 (3). SOPAC, Sydney, 18 February: Liam Webb 400m 48.25 (3).



Fox Trot 5km, Viaduct Harbour, 20 February: Greg Darbyshire 16:55, Owen Mitchell 17:33, Keith Burrows 17:38. Jacey Cropp 19:38, Amanda Bethell 21:41, Emily Richardson 21:57.

Rat Race 5km, Takapuna, 21 February: Andrew Harvey 19:00, Tom Hanrahan 19:42, Kevin Knowles 21:12. Sarah Park 24:15.

YMCA 10km Series, Auckland Domain, 22 February: Leon Dickison 40:59, Daniel Yep 41:29, Sam Walker 42:25.


Wellington Scottish Waterfront 5k #16, Oriental Bay, 20 February: Ben Twyman 16:24, Dougal Thorburn 16:41, Bert Prendergast 16:47. Jarred Campbell 19:57, Bex Hutchinson 19:59, Sarah Fountain 23:34.


The Honest Lawyer 5km, Monaco, 19 February: Matthew Moloney 17:38, Naoki Kobayashi 18:25, Chris Sharland 18:30. Kat Holmes 23:41.

Waimea 5km Series, Richmond, 21 February: Curtis Moore 18:27, Chris Sharland 18:28, Joshua Barley 19:11. Colette Read 22:56, Hazel Hunt 22:58, Renee Hunt 23:19.


Christchurch Motorway Half Marathon, 25 February: Jeremy Brens 1:18:37, Mark Toplis 1:19:08, Jacob Ridder 1:19:20. Sabina Piras 1:26:16, Sarah Bryant 1:29:41, Tracey Wiseman 1:30:06. 10km; Tom Galloway 32:57, Michael Madden 41:37, Andrew Jones 41:59. Maddy Conway 43:08.


56th Leith Harbour Free 5 and 10, 25 February: 10km; Josh Lovely 36:24, Ben Pigou 36:29, Bryan Staunton 40:50. 5km; Sandor Toth 17:56, Nic Bathgate 21:11, Jamie Ward 21:12. Claire Muskett 21:36, Ange Bishop 22:20, Cilla Dickinson 23:51.